MGoBlog vs. the Stars

MGoBlog vs. the Stars

Submitted by Yeoman on March 24th, 2014 at 8:44 PM

Ever wonder how the collective knowledge of MGoBloggers stacks up against the big names and professional blowhards of the business?

As many of you know, Saint_in_Blue has once again set up a bracket contest at ESPN for the blog. There are 440 entries (well, 455, but 15 of them are blank and I'm going to ignore them).

ESPN and CBS have posted "celebrity brackets" at their websites and here's how we measure up after the first weekend. (Scores are normalized to the standard 1-2-4... pts/game method used at CBS and most private contests--ESPN multiplies these scores by ten, to no effect.)

  • 436 of 440 have scores of 33 or better. (Jimmy Kimmel)
  • 424 of 440 have scores of 36 or better (Fran Fraschilla)
  • 418 of 440 have scores of 37 or better (Gregg Doyel)
  • 349 of 440 have scores of 40 or better (Colin Cowherd)
  • 221 of 440 have scores of 43 or better (President Obama)
  • 181 of 440 have scores of 44 or better (Jay Bilas, Dick Vitale, Dennis Dodd)
  • 133 of 440 have scores of 45 or better (Doug Gottlieb)
  • 37 of 440 have scores of 48 or better (Andy Katz, Jim Cramer--yes, that Jim Cramer)

Yes, it's true...four of you are doing worse than Jimmy Kimmel.

I won't name names.