Borges: Gardner Plays Like RGIII and the Offensive Line Situation

Borges: Gardner Plays Like RGIII and the Offensive Line Situation

Submitted by hart20 on June 13th, 2013 at 3:44 AM

Tom Dienhart interviewed Borges about this upcoming season and Borges had some good things to say about Gardner and updated Dienhart about the state of the offensive line, amongst other things. Link to full interview:

Best parts: 


Q: So you finally get to use your full playbook, right?
A: ......our plan was to install our offense and do what we did at San Diego State and Auburn and those places. We have studied some stuff and have some things that will allow us to spread the defense out.


Q: Who does Devin Gardner remind you of?
A: He’s not really like anybody I have had. I’ve had so many prototype drop-back passers. He isn’t like (former Auburn quarterback) Jason Campbell, who was athletic but he really wasn’t a runner. I haven’t had a lot of real runners. He’s different. He’s hard to compare to someone else. He’s more like an RG3 type of guy. He’s a little taller than RG3 but plays a lot like him.


Q: What would you like the run-pass percentage to be?
A: We’d like to be around 50-50. Maybe favor a little more run than pass....


 Will the interior of offensive line be ok? Three starters are gone.
A: It’s a little concerning but not that much. Jack Miller has been here a while, knows the system and has pushed for that position (center). He’s ready to take that step, I think. Ben Braden, Kyle Kalis and Graham Glasgow, those three inside guys are kinda fighting for those two spots at guard. And Graham is still fighting for that center spot, too. It isn’t like we don’t have good candidates. And the difference now is we have more of them. Before, we were shorthanded. There weren’t enough players you could put in the game and feel good about it. But I think we are much better off.


Q: Roy Roundtree is gone. Who do you like at receiver?
A: Jehu Chesson and Amara Darboh had very good springs. On a daily basis, they demonstrated some big-play ability. Going up to get some high balls or running by some people. Run after catch. It was nice to see them take that next step. You don’t know if they can do it with the lights one....


I'd definitely recommend clicking on the link and reading the rest of the interview as I didn't include it all.