Connor Jaeger Documentary

Connor Jaeger Documentary

Submitted by waterismysky on April 22nd, 2014 at 10:41 AM

My name is Kiel Nowakowski. I'm a Class of 2012 graduate, and I wanted to share with you guys the project I've been working on for the past year. Together with my filmmaking partner, a longtime friend and former Iowa swimmer, I'm making a documentary film about the world of competitive swimming. One of our main "characters" will be Michigan swimmer (former swimmer, technically) Connor Jaeger.

Those of you familiar with our swim program will know Connor. For those that don't, Connor is a 2012 Olympian, 3-time NCAA champion, and was one of the captains of this year's team. Because of NCAA rules, we haven't been able to announce his involvement in our project until very recently.

A brief bit about me/us: I'm a lifelong Michigan fan (it was the only school I applied to), and my partner, Brian Tremml, swam at the University of Iowa, where he also studied film; this project is his baby. We're from Holland, Michigan (same hometown as Desmond Morgan, but we went to Holland High and he went to West Ottawa) and have been friends since middle school. We reconnected after college in order to make this film, and we currently live in Iowa City.

We're currently running a Kickstarter campaign, and this is the part where I ask you to please check it out; the video and link are below. As a near-obsessive MGoBlog reader, I know as well as you do that Michigan people care a hell of a lot about our school, athletes, and our people in general. We really want to get the Michigan community on board with this project, and I know that MGoBlog represents a good chunk of that community. I hope you'll take a moment to look over our project and share it with anyone you think might be interested. You can check out our website too,

Thanks, and go blue

OT: Post-Signing Day Film recommendation: "Undefeated" - Oscar-nominated HS football documentary

OT: Post-Signing Day Film recommendation: "Undefeated" - Oscar-nominated HS football documentary

Submitted by Michigasling on February 3rd, 2012 at 1:05 PM

As a post-signing day bonus, I was invited to a preview of the Oscar-nominated documentary Undefeated, about the 2009 season of the Manassas Tigers, a downtrodden football program in North Memphis, one of those dying neighborhoods we know so well (the Big Plant closed and nothing came to take its place).  In the 100+ years of its existence, the team had never been in a play-off game.  In 2004, a man from a better neighorhood volunteers to coach, starting out with only 17 players, outdated equipment and no real budget.  To raise funds for the program, the team would accept invitations to bus out of town to let themselves be pummeled by larger, more successful programs in order to take home $3,000 or so for their empty coffers.

In 2009, a couple of Hollywood filmmakers read a story about one of the players.  They moved to Memphis for six months and filmed 500 hours of practices, games, and the lives outside of football.  The player they'd originally read about (the big OT nicely numbered 77* in the picture below) is only one of the stories they stumbled upon.  In the Q&A after the film, the filmmakers said they hadn't set out to make "a football film" and had intended to focus on education.  And they could never have expected the scenes that would unfold in those 500 hours of hanging around with the cameras rolling.  (They said that they would never have caught that footage without first establishing trust, and their fading into the background was helped by their small, un-Hollywoodish cameras.  Especially with kids now so used to phone-cameras everywhere.) 

I hate going to over-hyped films, because then I'm usually disappointed.  But for those of us who follow recruiting so closely and the dramas of the kids that might come, don't come, do come, some who leave or are asked to leave, about kids for whom football can be their only way out, and for those of us who hear about how certain coaches "touch" kids (in the Hoke-ish tradition) and anguish over how many strikes = out, this is a film well worth your time.   

*And yes, their colors are a kind of a blue and a kind of yellow, and that M on the yellowish pants looks slightly familiar at a distance and in the dim lighting, but there are greater reasons for seeing the film.  General release is posted as February 17.  Hope it comes to your neighbs.