OT - Report: Brian Rafalski Set to Retire Wednesday

OT - Report: Brian Rafalski Set to Retire Wednesday

Submitted by hockeyguy9125 on May 23rd, 2011 at 5:52 PM

Reports going around the news that Red Wings D-Man Brian Rafalski will retire on Wednesday...


Probably because of the knee and back problems that have really hurt him the past few years. I did not see this coming, but this will probably be a better situation than a not healthy Rafalski for the future. The ultimate positive spin to this: That is $6 million more for Ken Holland to play with/make some magic happen.

OT: Greatest Red Wings memory

OT: Greatest Red Wings memory

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on May 12th, 2011 at 2:28 PM

In honor of the possibility of another great Red Wing memory tonight, I'm just wondering which game or moment has defined your allegiance to arguably the most successful professional organization in sports over the last twenty years. 

Mine is McCarty's goal against Philly in 1997. My grandma was a diehard fan and McCarty was her favorite player. Everytime I watch that video now I have a hard time fighting back tears. 


Wings Sharks Game 6 8:00PM EDT Modano in, Ryane Clowe Out.

Wings Sharks Game 6 8:00PM EDT Modano in, Ryane Clowe Out.

Submitted by TheDirtyD on May 10th, 2011 at 8:24 AM

Pre-Game on Versus starts at 7:30. Puck Drop shortly after 8:00. FS-D is carrying the game as well. 

Complete TV info: VERSUS (HD),TSN (HD),RDS (HD),CSN-CA (HD),FS-D (HD)

EDIT: Modano is in for Franzen. Ryane Clowe is out for Sharks with an "upper body injury". Ryane Clowe is the Sharks leading scorer in these playoffs and plays on the line that was causing Detroit the most problems with Couture and Heatly. 

The Wings and Sharks faceoff tonight in a huge game 6. Momentum is favoring Detroit, while the heat is turned up a bit on the Sharks. Questions heading into tonight’s game. Will Franzen play? Modano is itching to play another game, I'd imagine he will play as The Mule logged 0 minutes of playing time in the 3rd. Can the big power line with Thornton and Marleau come up big in this game? The difference for the Sharks has been the play of Couture, Clowe and Boyle. As all three have scored timely goals for the Sharks. The Wings playing at home with the last change should help them out a lot. The home team has been the team to register more scoring chances and shots on goal. Also the sharks are 0-6 on the PP in the last two games. The Joe will be rocking tonight. Detroit wings the first game in this series by more than one goal 5-3. Detroit gets the empty net goal at the end.

Any one else have any other thoughts on tonight’s game.

What is everyone drinking tonight while watching this dandy of a game?

OT: Red Wings win Central Division

OT: Red Wings win Central Division

Submitted by BlueDragon on April 3rd, 2011 at 7:31 PM

Earlier tonight, the Detroit Red Wings clinched the Central Division title by defeating Minnesota Wild 4-2.  This year is the 20th consecutive year the Red Wings have gone to the playoffs.  Today is also the 9th time in the last 10 seasons that the Wings have won the Central Division.

Statistical Breakdown:  http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/boxscore?gameId=310403005

OT: NHL - Wings vs Lightning

OT: NHL - Wings vs Lightning

Submitted by pasadenablue on February 17th, 2011 at 7:59 PM

Wings are playing at Tampa.


This is the first regular season game between the Wings and the StevieY-led Lightning.  Both teams are first place in their respective divisions.



Wings are up 1-0 on a Dan Cleary goal, midway through the first, and have killed off three consecutive minors.


Streams here: http://www.myp2pforum.eu/threads/52452-NHL-Today!-February-17th-2011

OT - Red Wings Reportedly Close to Signing Evgeni Nabokov (EDIT: Possible Terms)

OT - Red Wings Reportedly Close to Signing Evgeni Nabokov (EDIT: Possible Terms)

Submitted by hockeyguy9125 on January 20th, 2011 at 1:34 PM

TSN reporting (along with an explosion of Twitters) that the Red Wings and free agent goalie Evgeni Nakokov are close to terms on a deal.


However, there is a big snag to this...he would have to clear wavers. I have a hard time believeing he would make it all the way through (Tampa Bay comes to mind as someone in need of a goalie).

For sake of argument lets say it does go through, is this the end of Chris Osgood's career or does he try to get to another team? Do you think it will improve Jimmy Howard's play or will Nabokov actually challenge for the starting role in the playoffs? I really hope not because while he has been a good goalie in the regular season, he is complete dog shit in the playoffs (or Olympics) so I do not want him anywhere near the ice for the Wings in the playoffs.

EDIT: A couple of interesting tweets from Bob McKenzie at TSN

- My guess, and it's only that, is DET and Nabokov have a deal they can live with, but remains to be seen whether contract is legal per CBA

- Guessing there is something in deal to "discourage" other teams from claiming Nabby on waivers, but will it fly with NHL? Just a guess tho.

EDIT 2: From TSN, also being spread around the internet

According to those sources If completed, Nabokov will receive $570,000 for the remainder of the year, which pro-rated works out to roughly $250,000 on the Red Wings cap.

It is very hard to believe, for that money and cap hit, he will make it through wavers to the Wings.

OT - Nick Lidstrom named All-Star game captain

OT - Nick Lidstrom named All-Star game captain

Submitted by pontoon on January 18th, 2011 at 11:19 AM


Nick Lidstrom and Eric Staal are going to be the captains for the NHL all-star game.  I'm glad the NHL got this one right and really glad they didn't go with Crosby and Ovechkin.  

OT: How Canadiens view Detroit - Red Wing article in Edmonton Sun

OT: How Canadiens view Detroit - Red Wing article in Edmonton Sun

Submitted by Search4Meaning on November 11th, 2010 at 3:55 PM

When an article starts like this, it just has to make your day:


"DETROIT — Welcome to Detroit, where the forecast, as always, is muggy, with a chance of murder.

When you’re trying to breathe a little life back into your year, this is not the place to visit. And not just because they use more white chalk at crime scenes than they ever did in the schools."

Wow!  Thanks Robert Tychowski of the Edmonton Sun for that upbeat start.

Link:  http://www.edmontonsun.com/sports/myoilers/2010/11/10/16078546.html

OT - Modano Will Sign With Red Wings

OT - Modano Will Sign With Red Wings

Submitted by hockeyguy9125 on August 2nd, 2010 at 11:30 PM



According to the Free Press*, the Detroit Red Wings will announce the signing of Mike Modano Thursday. This adds third line depth with Jiri Hudler and the Red Wings become a very serious threat (more so than before) in the West. I really like their chances and my desire for hockey season just went up ten fold.

*Yeah the freep sucks, but they are the only outlet with the story at the moment so I am linking it.

Why Detroit is the Ultimate Sporting City

Why Detroit is the Ultimate Sporting City

Submitted by Seth on June 9th, 2010 at 12:30 PM

John Bird and [best name ever for a Southern blogger] Winfield Tufts of the Georgia Tech blog From the Rumble Seat have been publishing an ongoing series comparing the sports teams and fans of various cities. The series has been linked on MGoBlog, which was how I found it. Apparently, my commentary on there (most of which is repeated below) was enough that John and [I love it!] Winfield offered me an opportunity to reply with some thoughts as to the rivalries and traditions of Detroit area sports, to which I dutifully applied the Misopogonal treatment.

You can find the article here (as well as learn my real name). Below is the entirety of my response to John.


Hey, John. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this. Any time you're on a To: line with the likes of Cook and Kurt you're like one step short of Fu-Te Ni in this town.


Well, there's um THE GAME. The one ESPN called the greatest rivalry in sports. The one where 100,000+ people pack into some 90-year-old stadium or other in late November and the hits rattle the whole country. Michigan has a history of taking its greatest players (Charles Woodson, Desmond Howard, et al.) out of Ohio State's backyard, then using them to beat the best Buckeye teams. The Buckeyes have a history of deserving it.

Key moments: Two Heisman Trophies were won on long returns, a guy named Tshimanga Biakabutuka had so many yards that everyone in both states learned how to spell his name correctly, and in 2006 the teams came in ranked No. 1 and 2 a day after Bo Schembechler died, and no less than three universes were born.

Michigan also has a "we respect you, now die" rivalry with Notre Dame, a sibling rivalry with Michigan State that's as heated in-state as it isn't outside of it, and the Little Brown Jug game with Minnesota, which I guess is significant if only because we were trading a goofy object as a trophy long before it was cool to do so.

Turtle turtle turtleLike Michigan, the Red Wings' consistent historical success has created strong enmities among the detritus left in our wake. Some, like Colorado, Chicago and Toronto, are returned to sender (after packing the envelope with cast-off car parts), though there are others who call themselves our rivals whom we have to be reminded of, like St. Louis, or Anaheim, which I think is in Switzerland or something.

Key moments: A vicious, face-rearranging hit from behind, by Colorado forward Claude Lemieux on Wings speedster Kris Draper in the 1996 playoffs, set up a game that got its own name. "Fight Night at the Joe," March 26, 1997, one of the most legendary nights of hockey in NHL history, featured 11 goals, a goalie fight, and revenge served cold as Red Wing grinder (and Draper's best buddy) Darren McCarty turned Lemieux into a turtle, and then later scored the game-winner on an overtime breakaway.

Though no one rivalry really stands out, Tigers/White Sox is the on-again, off-again hate-hate relationship for baseball [added: which as of June 9, 2010 stands at 1,000 to 999 in favor of Detroit]. It was on-again until we traded South Chicagoan Curtis Granderson and the "Wrong Sox" went into a Darrell Evans-in-Atlanta Era "let's pick up every washout veteran on the market" mode.

Tigers/Chisox brawlHistorically, we were very early Yankee-haters, and also had a short but epic late-'90s us-or-them thing going with Toronto. When we do make it to the World Series (eight times), the Cubs or Cardinals have a knack for being there waiting. Oh, and we hate losing to Cleveland. Do they know we hate losing to Cleveland?

Key moment: You guys in Atlanta like pitchers' duels, right? Game 7 of the 1968 World Series, St. Louis: the Tigers send out Mickey Lolich, on two days rest after pitching twice already in the Series, to face Bob Gibson, who was coming off a World Series record 17-strikeout outing. Victor....Lolich, who took the game 4-1.

When the Pistons have our 'fros up, we're the Crassus of the NBA's First Triumvirate, the Smoltz (Warren, MI) to Boston and LA's Glavine/Maddux, the Zeke to their Magic and Bird. When not, we're content to play foil for whatever bull they're peddling in the Cut-Windy City.

Key moments: The late-'80s Pistons earned their nickname "Bad Boys" in the 1987 series with Boston, a 7-game dogfight so gritty it might have made hockey players blush. In '88, Isiah Thomas, playing on a severely sprained ankle, scored 25 points in the 4th quarter of Game 6 against the Lakers, and might have won the Championship right then and there, but for a questionable call that gave L.A. a pair of game-ending free throws.

The Lions' biggest rivalry has been no less intense despite being wholly one-sided for the last 53 years. That rivalry is with their fans, who continue to fill the stadium every Sunday as the Lions have continued to find ways to torture us for it.

Key moment: After definitively proving himself the worst GM in the history of sports, in 2005, the Lions re-signed Matt Millen to a five-year contract extension that made Millen, at the time, the highest-paid executive in the NFL.



The nice part about being the most Jake, bee’s knees, barney-mugging, cat’s pajamas town this side of the Atlantic during the decade that major sports shaped themselves  (1920s) is that Detroit has had a long time to come up with traditions (kind of like how we Jews have accumulated 3,000 years worth of holidays).

The list of traditions starts like this: “Hail to the Victors,” the opening salvo to Michigan's acclaimed fight song which we like to think of as the second-most popular diddy in the United States behind the one written by Francis Scott Key.* The Victors is best enjoyed while leaping to touch the “M Club Supports You” banner before home games.


* Key's lesser-known hits from the same night include Can I Have My Doctor Back? You Can Stop Firing, It's Been 25 Hours -- I Think You Got It, and Get Me the Fuck Off This Ship.


No list of Detroit traditions can be complete without flying mollusks, i.e. our penchant for hurling octopi on the ice during Red Wings playoff games. The ‘Legend of the Octopus’ dates back to the 1952 playoffs, when eight legs symbolized the eight wins needed to win the Stanley Cup. The tradition has remained unique to the Red Wings due to two remarkable features: 1) we have our own closely guarded code for when it is appropriate to toss an octopus, something copycat tossers have yet to figure out, and 2) they are actually really slimy and gross and smelly and nobody would touch those things if it wasn’t already a 50-year-old tradition.

Less famous is the tradition of Red Wing lady fans tying a red string in their hair for each playoff win, and a white for each playoff loss (due to the playoffs often lasting two or three months, the ribbons are now usually tied to a hat or wrist).

A relatively recent tradition has been the dressing up of the city’s signature sculpture, “The Spirit of Detroit.” The iconic sitting man by the late Detroit-area sculptor Marshall Fredericks (our resident Michelangelo) tends to rock a giant jersey of whichever local team seems to be making a championship run.

The non-big sports have been pretty big in Detroit for long enough to have their own established traditions. One is “The Monster,” a Links series golf course at Oakland Hills Country Club that hosted the 2004 Ryder Cup and 2008 PGAChampionship, its name stemming from being a really hard course before the big courses started Tiger-proofing. Express 27 "Blues" -- 52142 -- this is my boat!Sailing is a big thing here, too, as much as sailboat racing can be a thing outside of the British Empire. The Port Huron-Mackinac sailboat race, organized by Detroit-based Bayview Yacht Club, is one of the largest freshwater races in the world (the other being the Chicago-Mackinac).

If there’s anything redeeming about Lions football it’s this: when your wife and mother-in-law are arguing over the proper temperature to cook stuffing, you are not in the kitchen, because you are in the living room, because since 1934, the Detroit Lions have been playing Thanksgiving Football. We give thanks.

The Tigers' traditions, like their rivalries, seem to be fleeting, though old ones start back up from time to time (like rookies getting washed with champagne after their first MLB homer, started by Lance Parrish in the ’80s and brought back this year). The longest tenured that is currently active is the chant, “Eat ’em up Tigers, eat ’em up!” which originated with a local panhandler. A more entertaining street entertainer around Detroit-area home games is a rhyming drummer who makes disparaging quips, quite intelligently, about passers-by who decline to give him change.

“Gum Time,” mostly a feature of 2006, was the Tigers’ version of the rally cap, stemming from starting pitcher Nate Robertson’s (now with the Marlins) stuffing of lots of Big League Chew in his mouth to spur comebacks (this worked).

There is one Tiger tradition that has lasted the ages, and like the city, it is simple yet classic. It’s a D. It’s in an Olde English font. We wear it. Always.

The Pistons’ most prominent traditions have a strong whiff of annoyance: an announcer with a jeering way of claiming Detroithas possession, and giving the opening introductions to Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” We know this does not speak well of us, but we enjoy are comfortable with that.

A few Detroit traditions have died but are still remembered fondly. One was an annual just-before-Opening Day exhibition against AAA Toledo. Another – this one ruined by an uncaring Roger Stern – was family-friendly MLK Day basketball with the Pistons. Other dead traditions are best left to history, such as drunken brawls at the Silverdome during Lions losses.

Michigan’s marching band also has a neat tradition of playing “Temptation” followed by “The Hawaiian War Chant,” because, according to tradition state law Hammurabic code “You can’t have one without the other.”

Ultimately, Detroit’s greatest tradition is probably its fans (our announcers always say so), and, with certain very big exceptions, our media. The two are connected. Allow for elaboration:

From the late, great Ernie Harwell to the passionate Bob Ufer, fatherly Jim Brandstatter, and friendly team of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond, we have been singularly lucky in broadcast voices.

We boasted several nationally renowned sportswriters throughout the 20th century (the last being the pre-sappy-period Mitch Albom), and these in turn gave way to probably the most robust and intellectual blogging base in the country, from Pride of SB Nation Bless You Boys, to the NHL blogging clearinghouse Kukla’s Korner, and of course the preeminent MGoBlog.

Yet our most cherished blogging treasure is a slightly unstable woman named Samara Pearlstein who dies inside with every Tigers out, and whose mix of self-drawn artwork and effervescent writing creates perhaps the most poignant sports commentary on the Internet.

Make no mistake: our major newspaper columnists are generally utter crap, and our talk radio (now down to one station) trades almost solely in polemics. Yet the blogosphere over Southeast Michiganhas been strong enough that when a Brazilian guy said he had never seen a Red Wings game, the fanbase raised enough money to fly him to Detroitand rectify that five times over (donating the rest to charity). And just this week, not 24 hours after his call blew the first perfect game by a Tiger in our century-plus history, Tigers fans cheered Jim Joyce for owning up to his mistake. That kind of mercy doesn’t come from Yahoo boards.

Also (shameless appeal) this once came off the line in Detroit:

(the car, not the passengers. We wish we could produce those passengers)

That's it. That's my case for Motown. We are not the most populous city anymore, but we fill our stadiums, and since half of Detroit's population has split to the four winds, when our teams are in town we tend to fill everyone else's stadiums as well. That is why, when your poll closes, I believe it will end like this: "Michigan, the Champions of the West."

What a great ending.