OT: Red Wings Sign Nyquist

OT: Red Wings Sign Nyquist

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on August 20th, 2013 at 10:39 AM

In what is shaping up as a great off season the Red Wings have reached a 2-year deal with Gustav Nyquist. The deal is for $1.9 mil or $950k cap hit. This signing looks like a steal to me, and I think this kid has a break out season in 2013-14.

UPDATE: The #RedWings have agreed to a two-year deal with Gustav Nyquist.

— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) August 20, 2013

I know we are close to the season but thought this wasn't crazy off topic.

Edit: I know it's the Freep but only news outlet with an article so far.


OT - What should the Red Wings do next?

OT - What should the Red Wings do next?

Submitted by mgobaran on July 10th, 2013 at 9:37 AM

NHL.com has a list of the Top 25 remaining free agents, and it got me thinking, do the wings persure any of these guys?

What are your thoughts? Should the Wings be done for the offseason, sign another Free Agent or two, or are you calling for a blockbuster trade (i.e. Boston trading Seguin to Dallas)?


My thoughts...

1. I would like to get Brunner back on the team. I think he got his whits back about him late in the season last year, and will push to be a top 6 forward on this team.

2. Brad Boyes is a name that jumps out at me. I love his playing style, and he put up 35 points last year on a line with Tavares. I think he could help the wings on the top two lines in scoring and in the physical dept as well. Personally, any Ex-Blues player is welcome on my team. Those "Pesky Blues" have been a thorn in the Wings side for years. I like the type of players that team puts on the ice, and how those guys play the game. Boyes is no exception.

3.Other names that intrigue me are Nik Antropov and Simon Gagne. They are older and coming off injuries, but if they were to have a healthy season, either one could contribute to make this team better.

4. Whatever they do, please do not bring back Cleary!

5. If we don't sign anyone, we need to get young in a hurry. Bring up some kids before they are ready if need be. From what I hear, the likes of Farraro, Jurco, & Riley "the Drunken Teletubby" Sheahan are a year, to a year and a half away. I think bringing a kid up early could speed up the process. Spell them with the likes of Eaves and Miller, and get them some experience in the League.

6. I don't think we should go defense. That is all.

7. PIPEDREAM!!!! Trade everything for Stamkos!! And while we are at it, trade Ken Holland for Yzerman too. That would be a great way to spice up this new-divisional rivalry with Tampa. 

Obligatory Hockey Meme

At least we aren't going to have this happen too often anymore...

OT: Plans Unveiled for Wings New Arena

OT: Plans Unveiled for Wings New Arena

Submitted by Sac Fly on June 19th, 2013 at 2:45 PM

According to Freep and Detroit News sources, Illitch Holdings met with the DDA this afternoon and a tentative deal has been reached for an 18,000 seat multi-purpose event center. The arena would be located kitty corner from Comerica Park. 

It's still very early in the project, so no word yet on the future of JLA. Illitch Holdings hopes to get the deal finialized by the end of the year.

More here

Pavel Datsyuk wants to play for Detroit beyond next season

Pavel Datsyuk wants to play for Detroit beyond next season

Submitted by Randy Marsh on May 31st, 2013 at 3:43 PM

For any hockey fans still suffering from post-knockout sadness, Pavel say "I hope so we agree and I sign new deal."

There were rumors that he was going to play the final year of his contract coming up before going back to Russia to finish his playing career there.


OT: Red Wings vs Hawks Game 6 Open Thread

OT: Red Wings vs Hawks Game 6 Open Thread

Submitted by I Bleed Maize N Blue on May 27th, 2013 at 7:06 PM

Hoist one for the fallen.

Elimination game #2.  The Hawks squirmed out a bit from under the Wings' boot, but the Wings can still eliminate them with a win at the Joe, which will be rockin'.  Don't really want to go back to Chicago for game 7, so they need to bring more energy.  And stay out of the damn box!


Let's Go Red Wings!


The Blockhams in "HOCKEY HANGOVER"

The Blockhams in "HOCKEY HANGOVER"

Submitted by Six Zero on May 9th, 2013 at 1:08 PM



(Click the Image to See Full Size Version)


Would be a whole lot easier to get up had they won, right?


Tomorrow's Friday Fun will be in color.  Might be fun.

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Red Wings Camp Update

Red Wings Camp Update

Submitted by Sac Fly on January 13th, 2013 at 10:08 AM

Quick Wings update today about the upcoming training camp. The MOU was signed yesterday so camp will begin today at Compuware Arena until Wednesday. Practices will open today at Noon and 1:00 and Monday at the same times. Tuesday practice will start at 9:30 with the Red-White game at 6pm. 

Helm, Eaves and Datsyuk are out. Mike Knuble has been given a tryout. Filppula is skating again after an MCL sprain in Finland, Carlo Colaiacovo expects to be ready after a shoulder injury. Nyquist and Tatar are staying in Grand Rapids, while Brendan Smith has been recalled. 

OT (Wings): Great old Jordin Tootoo article

OT (Wings): Great old Jordin Tootoo article

Submitted by pasadenablue on July 9th, 2012 at 2:43 AM



There's the link.  I gotta say, I'm starting come around on that signing.  He's that hard-nosed guy nobody wants to play against, but you love on your own team.  Hopefully, the veteran presence of Hank and Pav can keep him from taking too many bad penalties.  And imagine a line of him, Miller, and Abdelkader.  That would be an absolute bitch to play against.  Until someone took a penalty I guess.  But for those moments, it would be glorious!