Today's MBB Recruit Visits

Today's MBB Recruit Visits

Submitted by MGoShoe on August 3rd, 2010 at 10:44 PM

2012 basketball recruits Denzel Valentine (offered), Nick Stauskas (not yet offered), and Matt Costello (offered) visited Ann Arbor and got to watch today's basketball practice. scored interviews with Valentine and Stauskas.  Regarding Costello:

Matt Costello was also in Ann Arbor today and we will try to get an update with him as soon as possible. 

Whether or not either of these young men ever make it to Michigan, the experience they had seemed very positive and the comments they had provide an interesting look into how Coach Beilein and his staff are operating.


What did you think of the plans for the new practice facility? It was very impressive.  I thought it looked nice, very up-to-date.  It’s going to be a great-looking building when it’s done.  If I went there, it’ll be done by the time I get there.

What did you think [about practice]? I liked it.  They started off with skills and stretching and it was just a real organized practice.  Most coaches just do the generic warmup, do drills, then you play, but it was real organized and set up.  I like how coach Beilein ran it.


What did you think of the campus? It was crazy.  Their facilities there were really nice and they told me that by the time I came their whole basketball facilities would be redone and they’re planning to renovate the arena.

What did you think of practice? In the practice, Beilein seemed really relaxed, and I guess that would be kind of good not to have a hothead for a coach.  For most of the practice they spent a lot of time on fundamentals, like passing, dribbling, shooting and that kind of stuff.  Then they got up and down for a little five-on-five and what I noticed was that they like to shoot 3′s a lot.  About 80 percent of their shots were from 3.

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