DRob vs. remaining Big 10 Defenses

DRob vs. remaining Big 10 Defenses

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 4th, 2010 at 3:13 PM

When watching the game Saturday, and contemplating the remainder of the season, I had two thoughts:

  1. The combination of Denard, our receivers, and our O-Line would be able to score on all of the remaining Big 10 defenses.
  2. Few, if any, of the remaining Big 10 offenses would be as potent as Indiana and Chappell.

Now, obviously enough, the entire season hinges on these two factors. But I am wondering which defenses, if any, you see giving Denard and Michigan trouble, being potentially able to stop us. Secondly, which offenses, if any, do you expect to give our defense the greatest trouble?

Regarding the first, I could see Penn State, Ohio State, and Iowa defenses giving Michigan's offense trouble.

Regarding the second, I could see Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan State offenses giving our defense a lot of trouble.

If true, that means that of the remaining seven games, it breaks down into three groups:

  • The following seem reasonable wins:  Purdue, Illinois
  • The following seem tossups:  Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State
  • The following seem likely losses:  Ohio State, Iowa.

Most here have seen Wisconsin giving us more trouble than Iowa. That may be true: Brian has talked about last year's record for Iowa being an aberration.

Regardless, I'd like someone more knowledgable that I am to comment on the respective defenses and offenses likely to give Michigan the most trouble.