This Month in MGoBlog History: December 2008 - Will Big Will Recommit?

This Month in MGoBlog History: December 2008 - Will Big Will Recommit?

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November 2008


December  1 - Monday

Cripple fight. Who was the worst: 2007 Notre Dame or 2008 Michigan? Brian says it was 2007 ND.

Blogpoll ballot week 14.

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2007: A Spinning Coaching Carousel Ends in Rich Rodriguez

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2007: A Spinning Coaching Carousel Ends in Rich Rodriguez

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November 2007


December 1 - Saturday

Well the month starts with an ESPN Gameday report from Kirk Herbsteit that Les Miles to Michigan with Jon Tenuta as DC is official. The rest of the month must be all about finalizing the details, right?

Wait...what? Miles has signed a contract...extension with LSU.

Yep, it’s over. Press conferences are scheduled.

Angelique was on ESPN News to say it’s over. Bill Martin didn’t talk with Miles’ agent that morning.

Press conference video. Maybe it’s not over?

More statements from Miles, these unequivocal. It’s over.

December 3 - Monday

So what happened? Best guess is that LSU gave Miles an ultimatum, but he had not gotten any assurance from Martin. Once Herbstreit broke the “Miles to Michigan” news, Miles had to commit one way or another. If that hadn’t happened so quickly, he might have had time to use his contract extension with LSU as leverage.

Schiano has not been contacted! But ‘M’ has reportedly shown interest in Brady Hoke. This can’t be believed though.

December 4 - Tuesday

Maybe Miles will be in play after the national championship game? Maybe Ron English will have a one year internship as head coach? Brian doesn’t believe that Martin was unavailable on Saturday because he was sailing. That’s too far fetched.

So Miles’ contract extension hasn’t been signed yet, so maybe there’s a sliver of a chance?

Unverified Voracity Writes Open Letters. At least encourages open letters to Martin. The fires are stoked by a letter from a former player regarding the Miles debacle. Also, no one has a clue about who will be considered next.

Profiles in Heroism: Paul Johnson.

Kirk Ferentz is the leading candidate...again.

December 5 - Wednesday

So the rumor that Martin was sailing over the weekend has been moved to “likely”.

If Martin was a president, he would be William Henry Harrison. If he was a world-changing invention, he would be a Segway. If he was a football coach, he would be Charlie Weis.

Tom Dienhart says Brady Hoke is the leading candidate, so that’s obviously wrong.

Blogpoll will be delayed for technical reasons.

Profiles in Heroism: Kirk Ferentz.

Ferentz would not be a disaster of a hire, but he would be a disappointing one. He's no more moral than dozens of coaches across the country. He's increasingly incapable of keeping the kids he recruits under control. He lost to Iowa State and Western Michigan this year. He represents the closest thing to an extension of the Carr era available out there

And now the sailing rumor has been moved to confirmed.

December 6 - Thursday

Martin says he’s following a process, and he’s confident in the direct it’s going.

For Martin to simultaneously go "well, I never!" when LSU made their dastardly offer before the agreed-upon speaking-time and claim he's being "very aggressive" is ridiculous. It's ludicrously ridiculous and many other words that end in "ous" and generally indicate something improbable.

Profiles in Heroism: Greg Schiano.

December 7 - Friday

Schiano met with Martin in New York, was basically offered, and...turned the job down.

Brian is bothered that it has come to this.

So now what? Schiano's out, Ferentz is out twice, Miles is (probably) out, and Brian Kelly is allergic to cats and Carr is demanding his pet Siamese Wuffles be appointed offensive coordinator. Or something. Jeff Tedford would probably say "thanks, but no" and Michigan is looking at... who? Brady Hoke or an interim Ron English? Someone shoot me. If it comes down to that, there's one clear choice: make a run at Miles. If that requires firing Martin, then fire Martin.

Profiles in Heroism: Chris Peterson.

Broken link to something in this post, but Brian says that if you’ve been living under a rock, stay there.

Blogpoll Week 16.

Sean Payton is a candidate? No, that’s already shot down.  

Recap of Miles interview with Dan Patrick.

December 10 - Monday

Well, Miles is in play again. Apparently, Mary Sue Coleman has gotten involved, and there is an offer on the table. The anti-Miles faction is pushing Brady Hoke.

Unverified Voracity Has Flashbacks because App St. is playing winged helmets (Delaware) in the national championship game. Also, John Wienke is looking around at other schools.

Steve Sarkisian gets mentioned, and to Brian’s delight, Jeff Tedford.

Profiles in Cronyism: Brady Hoke. There are a lot of different emotions going on in the comments that have been left over the years.

Overall Attractiveness: Awful. Awful, awful, awful. The worst possible candidate. The mere idea this guy -- who's never even been a coordinator anywhere and has his MAC team performing at a level well below the program's historical baseline -- could get the job is infuriating. Only at Michigan could this happen, and if it does I guarantee you that Bo is going to haunt the mofo that signs the contract.

December 11 - Tuesday

Despite renewed interest between ‘M’ and Miles, the LSU AD is saying no way; who would want move out of the south?

Terry Foster says Marvin Lewis is a candidate which is obviously false. This is partly because he is expected to be fired before the end of the season.

And again, Miles is no longer a candidate.

An imagined phone conversation between Miles, Martin, and Coleman.

December 12 - Wednesday

Again, what is going on? Also, Jim Grobe is a hot new rumor.

I would like to believe in the magic of smokescreens, but when a phone call with Les Miles, Mary Sue Coleman, and Bill Martin that should remain secret hits WTKA, then here, then the Free Press the problem with the search is not its obscurity but its transparency. And it's transparent that Michigan is flailing, divided amongst itself, and rapidly running out of plausible options.

December 13 - Thursday

Adrift. Here is a good recap of where things stand:

  • Carr retires, claiming the timing of said retirement has nothing to do with helping or harming anyone's chances at the job.


  • Kirk Ferentz is the first hot candidate. I still believe if he was willing to accept a paycut (and, possibly, Carrassistantpalooza) he'd be the coach and the search would have been brief. A few days after Carr retires, he's out again.


  • Les Miles is now a "done deal" for about a week.


  • ESPN and Kirk Herbsreit create the brief Miles-Tenuta era. Flowers sprout across the state. Wolves stop their eternal thirst for deer meat and sit down to have a nice cup of tea with representatives of the local ungulate population. GM announces six plant openings. Honda declares bankruptcy.


  • Sailboat Bill Martin sails on sailboat as Frantic Telephoning Agent Guy frantically telephones Sailboat Bill.


  • Miles announces he's staying at LSU. Flowers die. Honda buys ad space on Jennifer Granholm's forehead, tatoos "Suck It, America" on said forehead, crushes auto industry wholesale. Deer viscera everywhere.


  • New hot candidate: Kirk Ferentz. That dies again.


  • Actual new hot candidate: Greg Schiano, who reportedly turns down a contract offer comparable to the one he turned down from Miami last year. Reports that Schiano had tentatively accepted an offer before reversing course twist the knife.


  • Another new old hot candidate: Miles, who has a conference call with Mary Sue Coleman and Martin.


  • Miles shoots down hopes once more with a tersely-worded press release. Off camera, Skip Bertman holds a gun to his wife's head, Jack Bauer-style. Flowers die again.


  • Toyota tatoos something unspeakable on Granholm's butt. Wolves start eating people.

Andy Moeller got a DUI.

Next rumor up: Delaware head coach KC Keeler. This went so far that he had to deny reports. If anyone is interested, he is 44-11 over the last four seasons at Sam Houston St.

December 14 - Friday

And in the midst of all this, Brian decided it was a good time to switch things up and start using WordPress.

Mailbag covers Brian’s thoughts on Jim Harbaugh, Jim Grobe, and how he would have handled things if he were in charge.

Next rumor up: Rich Rodriguez. Apparently, Coleman and Martin were in Toledo negotiating with Rodriguez.

December 15 - Saturday

Rodriguez has legs.

What a weird guy to come up: Rodriguez was a WVU player under Don Nehlen, a name that may not ring bells among Michigan fans of my age or younger. Nehlen, however, was a Schembechler assistant and retains ties to the program. So he's got a tenuous connection. However: Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, etc. If there's a guy with obvious skeletons in the closet, it's Rodriguez, who's walked a fine line with guys of questionable character at WVU.

Brian goes to WVU Scout board to find a poster who had reliable information during the Rodriguez-to-Bama deal the previous year and the Beilein hire. This guy is fed up with Rodriguez and sounds like he expects him to be gone.

Rodriguez and his agent are refusing to talk or giving unlikely excuses. WVU posters are now saying he is slightly leaning toward staying.

Now the Scout insider is saying that Rodriguez is staying.

December 16 - Sunday

John Wienke has decommitted and will likely go to Iowa.

And now message boards have fully reversed course.

The rest of the board is either getting slammed with trolls or stuff is leaking out all over the place. Bob Lichtenfels at Scout is also reporting Rodriguez to Michigan based on a phone call from OMG shirtless mobile QB recruit Terrelle Pryor. I think this might be done.

Rodriguez to Michigan is official. He met with the WVU team earlier in the day.

December 17 - Monday

WVU fans camped out at the airport and got a few (terrible) pictures of the Rodriguez family leaving. Most importantly, the pictures included Calvin Magee and Tony Gibson, obviously indicating that they will be joining Rodriguez in Ann Arbor.

More big staff news as a recruit shares that Mike Barwis will also be coming to Michigan.

Unverified Butter Voracity Time. This post hasn’t aged well with comments on Rodrigues being “Bo’s last gift to the program”, he will adapt to Ryan Mallett, and he will be here for more than three years.

Profiles in Heroism: Rich Rodriguez.

Overall Attractiveness: There were three, maybe four, obvious A-list candidates who seemed feasible going into the year: Miles, Tedford, Rodriguez, and possibly Schiano. After flailing about for a solid month, they locked down an A-list candidate. There are no complaints from this sector. There is an apology pending.

Rodriguez is everything a Michigan fan could want in a hire; to get him after the month-long disappointment train that was the coaching search is manna from heaven.

Along with Magee and Gibson, Rodriguez also wants to retain Jeff Casteel, Bruce Tall, and Bill Stewart.

Buy shirts!

December 18 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Replaces Signs. Apparently, Rodriguez would have stayed at WVU if certain demands were met. These were fairly reasonable, but the athletic department did not agree.

Recruiting recap. The class has been kept together very well; however, all uncommitted prospects have faded away. The biggest news is Terrelle Pryor.

When Rodriguez left for Michigan, Pryor might have been the first guy to know. Pryor called up Bob Lichtenfels, told him the news, and said "put Michigan on my list." Some low-level internet buzz suggests he's not just interested, but likely to commit.

Basketball Recruiting. MI F Jordan Morgan has committed. It is also likely that SG Laval Lucas-Perry will transfer from Arizona.

December 19 - Wednesday

Apparently, there were rumors on WVU boards that Rodriguez would still come back. These have been put to rest with his immediate firing (his resignation was effective January 3).

Brian’s behind on his day.

K’len Morris is transferring from the basketball team.  

Brian culls other blogs for Rodriguez reaction. It’s a lot of sour grapes, which is retrospect sound sadly prophetic.

December 20 - Thursday

Brian gives an introspective, self-depreciating post as an apology and recap of the events of the last month.

A question: was this blog useful at all during the coaching search?

The traffic numbers indicate that it was at least interesting, but in the end the stuff on this blog couldn't have been more wrong. There was a ten minute window during which

  • MGoBlog had a post in which it noted the WVU message boards had done a sudden 180, and

  • said 180 had not reached the mainstream media.

If you managed to visit the blog in this brief window you had accurate insight into Michigan's next coach you could not have gotten elsewhere. The cost was a nonstop avalanche of stuff that induced panic, made Bill Martin a sailboat pariah, and made everyone depressed for the better part of a month.

Then, bam: Rodriguez! Don't we all look foolish. Most especially me.

 December 21 - Friday

To everyone’s surprised, Rodriguez has fired all current assistant coaches. Maybe Steve Stripling will be retained.

Brian’s Christmas and New Year schedule.

A “stocking stuffer” post of various Michigan college football articles. Also, Varsity Blue reports that Fred Jackson will be retained.

December 27 - Thursday

Content for the rest of the month will be delayed by a day.

December 29 - Saturday

UFR: Offense vs. OSU.

What does it mean for Florida?

If Henne is not healthy we have no chance. If he playing at his apex we have a shot. Our running game is uncreative and full of fail and, like everything Mike Debord does, makes babies cry. We should use our killer wideouts and attack the Florida secondary, the Gators' weak point, but we might have to do so with the burned out husk of Henne or Mallett's suck festival.

December 30 - Sunday

UFR: Defense vs. OSU. Big day from Tim Jamieson with a +7.

December 31 - Monday

Florida Preview.

Loss will cause me to... UFR WVU games.

Win will cause me to... UFR WVU games.

The strictures and conventions of sportswriting compel me to predict:

We lose bad. This team has been disjointed and disinterested most of the year, and now they know they're in this bowl they don't deserve to be in against a team that's probably a lot better than them; the coaching staff is getting replaced wholesale, to boot.

And we're playing some sort of awful hybrid Michigan kryptonite, and it's a 100% road game, and it appears that one or both of Hart/Henne will not be 100%. Woo! Shoot me.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • 4 Michigan fans attend.

  • They're pretty pissed off.

  • Florida, 35-17.

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2006: Who's #2?

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2006: Who's #2?

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November 2006


December 1 - Friday


UFR: Offense vs. Ohio St. The bad field conditions were a big factor for the offense. Also:



Well, if you had told me we would score 39 points I would have kissed the man.


Recruiting Board Update. Looking back, the 2006 season has paralleled the 2016 season in many ways. Here is a huge divergence. Instead of have long lists of 4 and 5 stars ready to commit. We have this situation:


The most notable change is at linebacker, where Michigan appears to be scrambling. They've got offers out to a number of three stars who are considering teams like Nebraska and Wisconsin and Iowa, certainly not shabby but also not OSU or USC or Florida.


And this:


There is also the matter of Michigan's most recent commitment, Grand Rapids CC OT Mark Huyge, who Michigan snatched from the clutches of directional Michigan schools with an offer.


December 2 - Saturday


Inevitable USC Blowout Open Thread.


December 3 - Sunday


A comparison of ‘M’ against Florida in regard to who should go to the championship game.



Lloyd Carr, an eloquent public speaker, tireless defender of his players, and playoff advocate


Urban Meyer, a inveterate whiner who goes purse shopping when not running the local chapters of NAMBLA and the Communist Party. Also points too much.


Sided With Who During Civil War?





Brian wants to know if the world has gone crazy (because Florida was chosen to play in the championship game).


Two short posts with vague updates during the bowl selection show.


December 4 - Monday


Lots of reaction from the previous day’s decision to put Florida in the championship game. Lots of ridiculous explanations for votes.


On Notice: Fiasco Edition. I’ve never heard this about McDonough:


GARY DANIELSON: I can't summon my mental faculties to give him what he deserves. It would be a string of personal insults bordering on the obscene. So I'll let Braves & Birds say it:

Gary Danielson's performance last night was an absolute disgrace. I understand that he's reputedly a human being who is paid to have opinions, but I've rarely seen an announcer turn the fourth quarter of a football game into a 30-minute advertisement for one school. The fact that Danielson (a) was not recruited by Michigan (and thus went to Purdue) and (b) is working for the one network that exclusively covers the SEC surely had nothing to do with his open rooting for Florida and his subjective, idiotic comparison of the two team's schedules. Regardless of the result of the vote this afternoon, Danielson is going to go down in Michigan lore along with Sean McDonough, who performed a similar role in 1997 during CBS's broadcast of the Nebraska-Tennessee Orange Bowl to facilitate the Huskers picking up part of the national title.

Brian is looking for USC tape. I doubt he still needs it now.


December 5 - Tuesday


Blogpoll ballot week 15.


Unverified Voracity!!!!!With Exclamation!!!!! The Big Ten’s Saturday night games program went well, and it will be expanded in 2007. This might mean the ‘M’ will be forced to host night games.


New shirts, but the links are broken.


December 6 - Wednesday


Blogpoll week 15.


Hello: Austin Panter. First JUCO since Russell Shaw!


Excerpts from Gary Danielson and Kirk Herbstreit on 1270 (no actual content any more).


Hello: Brandon Herron. He’s a project and a redshirt is likely.


December 7 - Thursday


Hockey at the halfway point. The season seems mediocre so far. TJ Hensick and Jack Johnson have been the standouts. It’s likely they will compete for the CCHA title, but not much else beyond that.


Urban Meyer spent the past few weeks campaigning for Florida to get in the title game. He even said that if it was a ‘M’ vs. OSU rematch and ‘M’ won, OSU should go get rings made and still call themselves the champions. Lloyd Carr referred to this as inappropriate and...the media attacked Carr.


December 8 - Friday


Unverified Voracity Needs Shoulders. Post season awards have been given out,  and there is an interesting article about Mitch Mustain’s recruitment, and his dealings with ND and Weis.


December 11 - Monday


Brian begins reviews of his preseason predictions. He begins with the bottom of the Big 10. So far, his predictions for Illinois and Northwestern have been accurate.


Recruiting Board Update including news that Marell Evans committed.


New commitment is that of Evans, a two-star with no reasonable argument that he might have been overlooked. He doesn't play for an obscure high school (Varina is a state power), he hasn't been injured or forced to play out of position, and he doesn't have offers that belie his ranking. Michigan snatched him away from Temple, Buffalo, and Middle Tennessee.


Brian tried to make improvements to the blog, but it failed.


December 12 - Tuesday


Here is the 6 team playoff post that Brian referenced in UV a few days ago. I like these two aspects of it:


B. No autobids. As a natural consequence of things there will often be conference champions in the playoff, but as much as I think Wake Forest is a cute story, they would be dead weight in a tightly constrained playoff field like this one.


D. Pick your poison. Seed only as far as you have to, then let teams draft their opponents. In this current format, the #3 team would have a choice between the 5 and 6 teams with the #4 getting the leftovers. The #1 team would get its choice of the first round survivors.


December 13 - Wednesday


Blogger roundtable covering ‘M’ and the Rose Bowl. I didn’t realize that Tressel didn’t cast his vote in the final coaches’ poll.


Recruiting Board Update with a still working James Rogers highlight video. Still lots of confidence that OT Matt Romine will commit in January.


Unverified Voracity Still Talkin’ Playoffs. Renovations are in the works for Crisler, though it is rumored to go from 14,000 to 10,000. Also, an odd mention of ‘M’ history in an article about Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor.


On Sunday, Dolphins' coaches reached still further back into the past and let Taylor be a 1960s University of Michigan style "monster man," lining up wherever he pleased.


December 14 - Thursday


Freep has confirmed rumors that Jake Long will return.


CFB bloggers used to give each other awards (maybe they still do). Brian runs down some nominations.


Brian reviews his preseason predictions of MSU and Wisconsin.


December 15 - Friday


A very long post in response to another article about Brady Quinn’s Heisman candidacy and media bias in relation to Notre Dame.


December 18 - Monday


Brian’s believes he went too far in his attack in the previous posts and offers his retraction.


Recap of the basketball game against NIU. The team looked good; Courtney Sims looked explosive. Probably a sign of good things to come.


Post on why coaches aren’t more aggressive on 4th down. The conclusion?


When you get thrust into the poker of the NFL for the first time, the stakes are high, the depths dizzying, and the consequences of a gamble that backfires severe. The natural inclination of the n00b is to cower and make the safe play. Most of them never live long enough to get out of the kiddie pool and start making moves.


December 19 - Tuesday


Jason Bailey has left the hockey team for the Ottawa 67s. It wouldn’t be much of a loss, except bench is already thin.


Unverified Voracity Hires Wisely. Kerry Coombs has been hired from Colerain High School to be on Brian Kelly’s staff at Cincinnati. He has been friendly to Michigan (Corbani Mixon and Mister Simpson), but this is still seen as a good thing because it could help draw players away from OSU.


December 20 - Wednesday


Recruiting Board Update. Not much going on. OL recruiting is looking pretty weak. They’re offering middling recruits none of which will end up committing. For everything else that will go wrong in the coming years, the recruiting was not going well in these last years of Lloyd.  


Preview reviews continue with Penn St. and Purdue. Brian’s predictions remain fairly accurate, which he asks his readers to remember when he gets to Iowa.


December 21 - Thursday


Hockey Recruiting Overview. It’s going to be a very strong class with some familiar names.


Then there's Swede Carl Hagelin, a late pickup who would normally be Wyzygowski or a MacVoy, a grinder who's stapled to the fourth line or wearing a suit for the duration of his career. Not so for Hagelin. Says Elite Prospects:

Hyfsad driv i skridskoåkningen och fina offensiva instinkter. Okej målsinne.

See! Awesome.

Other members of the class are Louie Caporusso, Bryan Hogan, and Matt Rust.


Unverified Voracity Transfers to Delaware. Former ‘M’ QB Jim Harbaugh is now the coach at Stanford. Also, an interesting statistical discussion from I Blog for Cookies about which recent offensive coordinator (Parrish, DeBord, and Malone) had had the most success. The advantage goes to DeBord, but it’s highly likely that that has something to do with him being paired with two of the best defenses in recent memory.


December 22 - Friday


Recruiting update with lots of excitement. CA S Michael Williams is leaning toward ‘M’ over ND, but most importantly, he said he’s being recruited as a nickleback. Also, TX RB Sam McGuffie is very high on Michigan.


Brian’s taking some time off for the holidays.


December 29 - Friday


A drive by drive breakdown of how UCLA beat USC - First Half. I must admit to not reading all of this one.


December 30 - Saturday


Brian’s commitments to AOL Fanhouse, being in LA, and liveblogging the Alamo Bowl have made content slow in coming.


UCLA beating USC - Second Half.


December 31 - Sunday


Vicious Electronic Questioning with Brian Grummel on USC and the Rose Bowl. Here are some names you might have forgotten from this USC team: QB John David Booty, RBs Chauncey Washington and C.J. Gable, WRs Dewayne Jarrett and Steve Smith, OT Sam Baker, DE Lawrence Jackson, NT Sedrick Ellis, LB Brian Cushing, and S Taylor Mays.


Rose Bowl Preview.


Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Arrington has a big day.

  • Booty is sacked five times.

  • 27-20, Michigan.




This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2005

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2005

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on December 11th, 2015 at 6:58 AM


November 2005


December 1 - Thursday

A guest post from Jon Chait about the state of the defense. TL;DR The Carr/Herrmann plan to play a defense that just limits big plays has failed and will continue to fail. 

Unverified Voracity Yay University College with speculation on bowl games and lamentations about hockey players recruiting others, but never playing with them (Cammalleri to Tambellini to Cogliano). Also, I never realized that Brian was a big Pistons fan.

December 2 – Friday

A look at what the football team would lose on offense because of graduation. The biggest concern is from losing Avant and Stenavich, but overall, there shouldn’t be a lot of damage going into 2006.

December 4 – Sunday

The bowl game has been announced. ‘M’ will face perennial Big XII power Nebraska (that already looks weird) in the Alamo Bowl.

December 5 – Monday

Blogpoll ballot box.

Michigan basketball beats Notre Dame. Graham Brown is very important to this team.

Unverified Voracity Red Raider on the Black Sea with a spectacularly terrible rendering of Lloyd Carr in wood. Also, Mike Leach likes pirates.

Football Recruiting Board update. Demarco Murray drops ‘M’. Ricky Stanzi added to the board. Perry Dorrestein commits.

December 6 – Tuesday

A look at how graduation will damage the defense. Conclusion? Not much. Cornerback depth was a concern. Maybe Johnny Sears and Chris Richards will be the answer! (Also, Brian went to Sunday School for 10 years. Who knew?)

Unverified Voracity Sarcastic Hurray discusses hockey players being pulled away during the GLI, and Nick Mangold and A.J. Hawk having normal, everyday college student stuff stolen from their apartment.

UFR: Offense vs. Ohio St.  Yikes, up 21-12 with 8 minutes left in the 4th. Poor interior play and a desire to punt doomed this game.

December 7 – Wednesday

Blogpoll programming note and a blogpoll roundtable that provides some interesting background on Brian.

December 8 – Thursday

Regular blogpoll items.

Unverified Voracity No Rebounds for You (!) recounting bad plays on Courtney Sims name. I guess that’s something that happens when you have a good game against Delaware St. Also, Louie Caporusso commits.

UFR: Defense vs. Ohio St. This is an interesting take going into a very good 2006:

What does it mean for next year?

I don't know. Watson is the only player who we'll miss, but if Michigan doesn't take advantage of an experienced secondary with two fast corners by playing a more aggressive brand of defense it won't matter. Other than the outside linebackers, everyone on the team executed what they were supposed to do.

The caveat: their tasks were designed to minimize their shortcomings instead of take advantage of their talents. It's obvious that the Michigan coaches did not trust their team to play both aggressively and responsibly, so they went with the responsible, cut off the big plays, and superficially improved the defense by slowing the game down. The truth is somewhat murkier (and something I hope to explore in the offseason).

The good news is that Michigan does seem to swing towards more aggressive play when they have veterans at their disposal, something which will be true of both the offense and defense next year.

December 10 – Saturday

MGoBlog turns 1. What have we learned?

The colon and its bastard cousin the semicolon are useful for breaking up the monotony of "clause, yay more sentence, but what if not sentence?"

When you're down on your luck, kitten idolatry is a pick-me-up and how. Especially when one of 'em's got a rifle.

Brian accurately predicts where the next 10 years would lead…

In short, hurray football! Hurray blog! I hope you thought this enterprise was worthwhile and useful... at least parts of it, anyway. The future holds many things, probably tables and ALL CAPS EXCLAMATIONS!!! and zone-bemoaning. I hope you'll, you know, read it and stuff.

December 12 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: I Feel Much Better. The basketball team beat South Florida, and it’s possible they might have a good year. Can they muster the defense they need?

December 13 – Tuesday

Brian rants about the problems with analyzing NCAA football data.

An update on how the hockey team has progressed thus far.

And for whatever reason, a picture of Tim Tebow, slightly shirtless.

December 14 – Wednesday

Recruiting update. ‘M’ might have a great shot with Ryan Mallet in the ’07 class. Also of interest is that Brandon Minor was listed as the #1 Fullback in the country.

December 15 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Stop Being Nice To Us. National optimism continues to grow about the basketball team’s 7-0 start.

December 16 – Friday

A Pistons post about how much they changed since Larry Brown left. Not sure what it has to do with Clinton Portis in the title; I think there is a picture that has been lost that would help explain it.

Unverified Voracity: Disappointment is Tennessee. The title comes from a Pierre Woods quote referring to Tennessee missing the playoffs for the first time in many, many years. If only everyone knew what was to come in three short years… Also, Lloyd Carr advocates for a 16 team playoff.

December 19 – Monday

Ha, Brian didn’t check the tip time of the Michigan-UCLA basketball game and missed it. He didn’t miss much though.


Brian continues his work on an analysis of every play from the college football season. Unfortunately, the pictures are not available, so there’s not much relevant info left.

Unverified Voracity: THEY ARE FIRE NOW!!!! talks about how ‘M’ wouldn’t be playing Minnesota or Northwestern in 2009 and 2010, and how because of that, those two would probably be the worst teams in the conference. Again, little did anyone know what was to come.

To the surprise of everyone, “uber-recruit” Carlos Brown commits.

Recruiting board update. What will Jonas Mouton do? Will Aaron Gant commit? (spoiler, he goes to OSU) If he does, it will likely mean Dionte Allen is coming in ’07.

December 21 – Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Madness, Baby. What do to without college football? Also, bowl game gift allotments are bumped up to $500.

College football as characters from South Park. I can’t say I’ve ever watched the show, so I leave it here without comment.

UV Addendum.

December 22 – Thursday

Game preview, Alamo Bowl vs. Nebraska. NU came in ranked 110th in rushing yards, but…

Michigan is not exactly Ohio State in the rush defense department, however, finishing the year a thoroughly meh 43rd nationally. Undoubtedly you've heard this before: Massey, weak tackling secondary, outside linebackers who think outside the box but run inside of it, etc, etc.

December 25 – Sunday

Christmas break.

December 30 – Friday

The Alamo Bowl did not go well. The refs were a big reason why:

I'm at a loss as to why the Alamo Bowl couldn't have found some illegal immigrants from Botswana who thought they were watching a bizarre form of rugby to officiate. Or a pack of ravenous hyenas prone to consuming wounded participants. Or people who enjoy "Everybody Loves Raymond." I don't want to go too far: none of these three groups of totally incompetent, unqualified people would have been an improvement. But they wouldn't have been any worse, and they would have come cheaper.

The bigger deal here though is just how awful 2005 was, but in comparison to what 2008 would bring, it seems pretty ok. Now it just looks like an off-year, a reset. We have come through so much since then that when I read the following, I partly feel like scoffing at it, but I also want to go back and plead with 2005 ‘M’ fans to not take it for granted. Mostly I want to curl up in a ball and not think about what was soon to follow.

Here's your UFR: screw 2005

So: here lies 2005, killed by its own incompetence and that of others. Its gift to future generations is the phrase "well, at least it wasn't 2005." Try it: "well, we may have lost to MSU, but at least it wasn't 2005." "Well, I may have inoperable pancreatic cancer, but at least it isn't 2005." "Well, that rapture thing happened, my bet on Hinduism came up craps, and now I'm faced with hell on earth during Armageddon, but at least it isn't 2005."

December 31 – Saturday

After that, it seems the appropriate way to end the year is a post about possible nicknames for a Tulsa player named Germany.