David Moosman: Offensive Lineman, Shakespearean Actor

David Moosman: Offensive Lineman, Shakespearean Actor

Submitted by a2bluefan on December 6th, 2009 at 2:25 AM

So yesterday, I received an email flyer from UM School of Music, Theatre, and Dance regarding their production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. I'm scrolling through it and I see credits for a photo that's included.... and a familiar name jumps off the screen. Hey! Is that OUR David Moosman? Checked the photo again... and I do believe it is. Cool!

See the flyer here (Moosman standing in the rear), and if you're in Ann Arbor next weekend, go see some Shakespeare. The performing arts at UM are absolutely top-notch. I live in A2, so I'm going!

According to the program (PDF file), Moosman plays the part of Tommey, a soldier.

Moosman Snaps

Moosman Snaps

Submitted by speakeasy on September 26th, 2009 at 2:08 PM

I'm all for heads up football and players thinking outside the box to help the team.
That being said, I think I may prefer Moosman be a little more judicious in his snapping of the ball when he thinks IU is offsides. It kept one drive going in the 1st half, but that last one was a killer. It took us from 3rd and 4 to 4th and 26.
Thank god Zoltan saved the day.

Michigan Injury Report for Indiana

Michigan Injury Report for Indiana

Submitted by Tim on September 24th, 2009 at 7:42 PM
I don't want to push the MGoPodcast off the top of the front page, so I'll just post this as a Diary for the time being. Brian can promote it to the front page later if he sees fit. As far as what the news means, it's kind of a mixed bag:
  • Everyone already knew Molk was out. That's nothing new
  • Rodriguez has already said that Moosman will start at center in Molk's place. His sill being included on the injury report probably just means he'll play despite not being quite 100%
  • Tim McAvoy is unlikely to figure into the offensive line rotation any time soon, unless there are more injuries. His ability to (almost) play is not a big factor one way or the other.
  • Rodriguez had previously thought Williams was fine, and the fact that he probably won't play isn't encouraging. Still, that hopefully won't be a factor against Indiana, and it will also give the younger guys some playing time. Maybe we'll even see Emilien on defense to spell Kovacs!
Without further ado, your injury report for the Indiana game:

University of Michigan Football Injury Report

For the Indiana Game (Sept. 26)



David Molk (foot)


Doubtful (25% chance of playing)

Mike Williams (ankle)


Probable (75% chance of playing)

Tim McAvoy (knee)

David Moosman (shoulder)


In addition, Coach Rich Rodriguez announced the captains for the homecoming game against Indiana: linebacker Stevie Brown, quarterback David Cone, wide receiver Greg Mathews and punter Zoltan Mesko.

Michigan prospects for 2010 NFL draft via National Football Post

Michigan prospects for 2010 NFL draft via National Football Post

Submitted by Callahan on June 30th, 2009 at 12:25 AM


The subject of which Michigan players are true NFL prospects has been posted a few times on this board over the last six months. Wes Bunting at National Football Post has been evaluating every FCS team for potential prospects for the 2010 NFL draft. (For those that aren't familiar with NFP, it's a site created by a group of former and current NFL execs, agents and players.) Today, he finally hit Michigan. [Note: these guys are just draft eligible, so some juniors who are just not coming out early are mentioned.] Some points of interest:

-- He doesn't love Brandon Minor as much as we do, although the review is based on last season, obviously, and not on the fact that his offensive line was young and inexperienced and will not be so much this season.

-- He evaluates Schilling as a potential "solid all-around" left tackle in the NFL, which is interesting considering I don't think he's ever played left tackle here.

-- The last line is the understatement of the millennium.