Ranking Offensive Lineman - A Perspective on the Shuffling

Ranking Offensive Lineman - A Perspective on the Shuffling

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Much has been said about the offensive line over the last few weeks (really year). Much more has been said about Hoke's approach to shuffling lineman between positions, without a clear beat on who will start on the O-line. I think the coaches already know who the starting offensive linemen are for Appalachian State and Notre Dame, respectively. I think what we know about the shuffling reflects the team's "the best players will play" approach. 

Here's some support: 

From Mlive


"I've only been sacked, like, twice since camp started. And that's a positive."


Not perfect support, but does provide some insight. Speaks to there being some cohesion amongst the bunch, whoever makes up that bunch, against what most believe will be a pretty good defense. 

I posted this excerpt yesterday from the Detroit News


"I feel there’s not going to be any issue at all,” Kalis said. “We’ve had some practices where we are moving guys off the ball, and that kind of stuff we didn’t really have last year. (First day of camp) we were just pushing guys off the ball — we were breaking 10-, 15-, 20-yard runs every single time. Obviously you’re going to be stopped for (shorter yardage plays), but it was an awesome feeling to know, ‘Wow, if we keep working hard and do what we’re coached to do, on game day it’s going to be fun.’


And more:


"It's going to be totally different. It’s going to be fun. We’ll be fine. Just wait til (the season opener against) Appalachian state. We’ll quiet everybody down a little bit."


Strong statement from someone many believe to be underperforming. NSFMF?! 

So instead of just looking at who is practicing together when the coaches decide to give folks in the media access, I believe we are seeing pieces of a larger plan - the coaches preparing for "what ifs" by getting the best five on the field. That's my explanation for why we hear about known commodities (Glasgow and Magnuson playing alongside Dawson and Cole). I believe we're also seeing the Fort at work with the coaches keeping things under wrap and instructing the players (ex. Dawson) to do so as well. 

That said, here's how I rank our top 9 offensive linemen, with the top five making up my projected starting lineup for Notre Dame: 

1.Glasgow (experienced and versatile) 

2.Magnuson (experienced and versatile) 

3.Braden (natural athletic ability, prototypical size) 

4.Kalis (highly regarded recruit, fire tested) 

5.Bosch (highly regarded recruit, fire tested) 

6.Cole (slides Magnuson over to guard where he played some last year if Bosch goes down)

7.Miller (replaces Glasgow at center; Glasgow can play anywhere on the right side if needed) 

8.Dawson (gives the coaches an option on the right or left side of the line. Dawson may eventually move above Miller, which would keep Glasgow at center in case Braden or Kalis goes down or two players get injured on the left side of the line)  

9.Kugler (highly regarded HS center, DNA, no experience) 

Thoughts?  Am I being dreamy here? 

Under Armour White Team OL vs DL Video

Under Armour White Team OL vs DL Video

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Lots of reps for Michigan commits in this video.  Hard to tell with a video like this because it seems like the DL has the advantage, but Kugler and Dawson looked solid.  LTT is still raw.  Poggi looks quick.  Hunt looks good. 

Dorian Johnson did not look like the #2 OT in those reps.


DetNews: Where Michigan stands with four top offensive line recruits

DetNews: Where Michigan stands with four top offensive line recruits

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 To go along with gordiebell's OL analysis earlier there is an interesting article today by Sam Webb in DetNews about David Dawson, Cameron Hunt, Kenny Lacy, Na'Ty Rodgers and his interpretation of UofM recruiting's stance towards them.

  link: Where Michigan stands with four top offensive line recruits

David Dawson Shines At Columbus Camp

David Dawson Shines At Columbus Camp

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Kyle Meinke has an article filled with glowing praise for 2013 OL recruit David Dawson.


Trieu said while Morris draws the most attention, Dawson has made the most gains this offseason and is becoming a force in the Wolverines' heralded 2013 recruiting class. "He's really taken it to another level," Trieu said. "He plays tackle normally, but I project him as a guard in college, and that's what he played in Columbus. He looked fantastic."


Full article here (warning - MLive): http://annarbor.com/sports/um-football/ol-david-dawson-the-most-impressive-michigan-commit-at-columbus-recruiting-event/[email protected]

One of the mantras here on MGoBlog is that it's very hard to predict the success of OL recruits once they transition to college, but this 2013 OL class is looking great so far.