Students now can buy single football tickets

Students now can buy single football tickets

Submitted by bdsisme on August 8th, 2014 at 3:15 PM

In the ongoing effort to fill the stadium, students received the following email this afternoon:


This season, we are offering students the ability to purchase a limited number of single-game tickets for the 2014 season. Student Football Season Ticket Holders had priority access last week and can continue to take advantage of this offer.
Michigan vs. Appalachian State single-game tickets will be $20 each, while single-game tickets for the remaining five games will be $40 each (Penn State sold out during last week's Student Season Ticket Holder priority window) . All seats have an assigned location and will be located in the student section behind current Student Season Ticket Holders. Validation fees will be waived for single-game tickets purchased.

Desperate times call for desperate emails [student football tix]

Desperate times call for desperate emails [student football tix]

Submitted by bdsisme on April 18th, 2014 at 1:26 PM

An email I received in my inbox this afternoon piqued my interest.  Let's look at how many emails I have received as a student urging me to buy student football season tickets, shall we?



Year # of emails
2011 1
2012 2
2013 1
2014 5

Hmmm.  This year's home slate, the $295 price tag, and the stadium experience is proving a hard sell to many students, eh?  For those interested, here's the email some students received today (note this is the first time they've ever extended the deadline to my/my friends' knowledge):

Dear [Student],
Thank you for being a Michigan Football SuperFan! According to our scanned data, you attended 5 or more home football games on-time last season (prior to or at kickoff). As a result, you have been granted SuperFan priority for the 2014 season.
Earlier this week (Tuesday, April 15) was the deadline to renew your season tickets for the 2014 season. However, since you have proven your loyalty this past season, we would like to offer a one-time extension of the season ticket renewal deadline in order for you to continue your devotion as a Michigan Football Superfan.
We know you are busy closing out the Spring semester and may have questions regarding the new seating policy for the 2014 season. By extending the renewal deadline to Friday, April 25, we hope you are now able to guarantee your seat as a Michigan Football Student Season Ticket Holder.

DSR: "David Brandon is the Devil"

DSR: "David Brandon is the Devil"

Submitted by bdsisme on December 12th, 2013 at 11:54 AM

A diatribe at Detroit Sports Rag gained some RTs on twitter (though it may be excessively derisive).  Recently-realized WARNING: Brian hates this writer (read Brian's 2005 column here).  Just like in 2005, I'm not sure if everything is 100% accurate -- he talks about how DB worked for Bain Capital, when I believe DB was merely hired by a headhunting firm to head up Domino's (who was owned by Bain).

Because of Michigan’s status as a public university, Michigan residents can get rid of this eyesore of Ann Arbor next fall. In the spring, when the major parties announce their candidates for Regent, ask the candidates if they will support someone who believes himself to be bigger than the university he swears to love? If the candidate supports Brandon, vote the other way. Enough is enough. It’s time to put someone in charge on South State Street who can relegate their self promotion to the backseat, behind the greater good of the Michigan Athletic Department. Until then, Michigan fans will continue to be nickel and dimed – with all of it being siphoned into David Brandon’s bank account.

[Also of note, Brian was on DSR's podcast on December 4th: .]