OT: On this day, 15 years ago...

OT: On this day, 15 years ago...

Submitted by pasadenablue on March 26th, 2012 at 6:11 PM

What does the date March 26, 1997 mean to you?


Today is the 15 year anniversary of what I consider to be the single most significant game in modern Red Wings history.

In a single game, the Wings were able to exorcise the demons of a playoff series past, launch themselves towards their first of four Cups over the next 11 years, and cemented the Wings-Avs rivalry as one of the best of its era.

I still remember listening to this game on my walkman radio while following my parents around as they got their taxes done by a real accountant.  The rush of elation and joy after McCarty scored in OT was something I'll never forget.  I was hooked on the Wings for life.  We'd won the game AND we'd won the fight.  And that bastard Claude Lemieux had answered for his crimes.  And even Patty Roy had gotten his face bloodied.  It was sublime.


Here's what I believe is a mostly-full replay of the game (minus commercials/intermissions).  Embedding for that vid is not allowed by yootoob.



For the fight alone, here you are: