John U. Bacon weighs in on Izzo & Dantonio

John U. Bacon weighs in on Izzo & Dantonio

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On the difference between Izzo and Dantonio's situations

"I would make a distinction between Izzo's situation and Dantonio's," Bacon said. "As far as I know, Coach Izzo's got three situations to answer for. One of course is Travis Walton, the one being discussed, also Adreian Payne and Keith Appling were both part of an incident with a woman that looks horrible, and what happened will be a question worth answering for sure. We don't know about that. In Dantonio's case, he's got a ten-year pattern of 16 players accused of sexual assault over this stretch.

"I'm not dismissing in any way Izzo's situation, but it seems to be at least contained. Now, how bad that is, we're going to find out. I don't see Dantonio's as contained. I see it as a pattern that has been rolling out for a decade, class after class, and that, to me, is a different situation."

I'm not sure why Bacon is stating that Izzo has his situation "contained". Contained, because from what we know thus far, he's only dealing with Walton and Appling/Payne? That seems like a strange choice of phrase since we just found out more info yesterday when it was reported that Walton was living with Izzo when both of his issues happened. And who were the other two basketball players involved in the gang rape with Walton?  That doesn't seem like a contained situation to me. I do know that Izzo was frazzled and lost after these last two games and now he can expect to get grilled about Walton's living arrangement with him going forward.

Dantonio clearly has a massive culture and image problem to deal with and I'm fairly confident that more damning evidence will come out on the football team. And this narrative from spartys that Dantonio was so upright because he booted four assaulters last year is nonsense. Those guys were only booted from the team because of the Nassar ugliness and ESPN snooping around campus. Unlike Izzo, Dantonio has the sad luxury of not having to go in front of the media 2-3 times a week until the end of March.

Michigan @ MSU: A look at injuries

Michigan @ MSU: A look at injuries

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Just a quick note on reported injuries from both teams heading into Saturday's games.

Michigan looks to be in considerably better shape than MSU going in (!KNOCK ON WOOD!).

Michigan tailback Chris Evans is questionable Saturday and WR Grant Perry is now probable.

Notable injuries for MSU include starting offensive guard/tackle David Beedle-59 and starting cornerback Darian Hicks-2.

True freshman Thiyo Lukusa (6-5, 335 lbs) will likely be Beedle's replacement?


MSU: "Those Who Have Stayed Are Already Champions"

MSU: "Those Who Have Stayed Are Already Champions"

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Looks like our friends from EL are out trolling again... I can't help but think they'll regret every word come Oct. 29

Oh boy...

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) August 25, 2016

Dont forget:


Since my boys tweeting about it.. Y'all boys got 100 days until y'all feel the same pain y'all been feeling.. #-48 I ain't forgot

— RJ Williamson (@RogerThat_26) July 21, 2016
Pride comes before the fall or something like that

Dantonio Moonwalks Away From Satellite Camp "Abuse - Control" Comment

Dantonio Moonwalks Away From Satellite Camp "Abuse - Control" Comment

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Dantonio now appears to be moonwalking away from his slap at Michigan regarding abuse of remote camps and the ensuing NCAA ban that's up for the imprimatur of the NCAA Directors. 

He said the “abuse” comment was over his concern that every program would be diving head-first into multiple camp stops each summer.

“That speaks to how many people are headed in that direction this year,” Dantonio said, “not just one specific university. That’s what everybody had on the docket. Everybody was on the docket for that, including us.”

Pretty funny stuff.  I am pleased that he apologized for weasel-worded his way around his misstep, even if he did so by stretching the truth a bit.…


SIAP: Yards against Staee this year - two notable outliers

SIAP: Yards against Staee this year - two notable outliers

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Hat-tip to an MGoLurker buddy for pointing this out. 
  • Western Michigan -- 383
  • Oregon -- 432
  • Air Force -- 428
  • Central Michigan -- 340
  • Purdue -- 301
  • Rutgers -- 349
  • Michigan -- 230
  • Indiana -- 389
  • Nebraska -- 499
  • Maryland -- 289
  • Ohio State -- 132
Looked through recent topics and didn't see this anywhere. Thought it was pretty interesting. As lurker buddy said, "Could this be just Dantonio's insane obsessive hyper-game-planning for the two biggest games?"
I hope this means they'll give up 450 and 4 TDs to Penn State.