Brady Hoke on the Dan Dakich Show This Afternoon

Brady Hoke on the Dan Dakich Show This Afternoon

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I know Dan Dakich is a hot button around here but it was a good interview with coach Hoke.

They touch on # 98 being reissued, Tom/Mark Harmon, the ND rivalry, Tommy Rees and Hoke helping young Dakich with his cross-over dribble.

Due to internet filtering at work I have to post the podbay link. Start at the 10:30 mark.

Here is the original podcast page for those of you not hindered by stupid work filters...

Update on The Summer of Spike and Dan Dakich on Michigan

Update on The Summer of Spike and Dan Dakich on Michigan

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Some lighter reading material for your lazy Sunday summer morning:

Spike Albrecht starred at his dad's basketball camp in Crown Point, Indiana, last week.

In a couple of days, it’s back to the grind for Albrecht. He heads to Michigan next week, where he’ll start classes and start to answer the question that everyone’s asking: Can he play like that consistently for the Wolverines?

Michigan has a highly touted point guard, Derrick Walton, who is expected to immediately challenge him for the position.

It’s a wide open competition and Albrecht is looking forward to it. He also doesn’t want to just be remembered for that one half. He didn’t score a point in the second half against Louisville and he admitted that he was a little tired.

“One of my coaches told me, ‘don’t let scoring 17 points in the national championship game be the best thing in my career,’ ” he said.

Spike will just have to prove it again.

(Also interesting that maize-and-blue were the color scheme for the kids' camp, even though his local high school does everything red-and-white.  Michigan über alles Farben.)

Dan Dakich also returned to his alma mater in The Region and talked about his son Andrew choosing Michigan, among other things, delivering a couple tweetable quotes (one of which excerpted below):

Your son, Andrew, is going to play at Michigan as a preferred walk-on. How did that happen?

He always wanted to play in the Big Ten. Michigan always followed us around at AAU. I was talking to (Michigan assistant) Jeff Meyer about him at the Big Ten Tournament and he asked where he was going. I said either Purdue or Butler as a walk-on.

So they invited him to campus and he just fell in love with it. I fell in love with it. I said, “Son, if you don’t commit, I’m going to commit for you.” He said, “It’s a lot of money.” I told him not to worry about that. It’s perfect for him. Spike (Albrecht) and Mitch McGary are there. They’ve got a good point guard coming in. He might never get to play, but it’s still a great opportunity.

Why has Michigan been able to tap into Indiana so much?

Purdue and Indiana made a mistake using up all their scholarships and not taking Glenn Robinson (III). They are always there, recruiting these kids. It’s a comfortable place for them.

And a couple notes on his twitter life (no, he doesn't have Canseco's team writing them for him).

Suck it, Dakich

Suck it, Dakich

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The B1G office informed me that it will have no comment beyond what John Beilein said yesterday on the @grob_1 incident with Jordan Hulls.

— Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) February 5, 2013


"I feel real bad about it, but it was accidental contact," John Beliein said about the Glenn Robinson III situation yesterday. #Michigan

— Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) February 5, 2013

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