Louisville Cyborg Luke Hancock - Almost a Wolverine

Louisville Cyborg Luke Hancock - Almost a Wolverine

Submitted by alum96 on April 9th, 2013 at 9:19 AM

I will admit when I was reviewing Louisville the guy who got hot the Witchita game was an afterthought but of course last night he was the difference maker especially in the first half when we were out front by a ton and he single handidly brought back Louisville with a 4-4 3 pt barrage.

I looked him up during the game and saw he was at George Mason despite making it into the NCAA tournament with the team transferred to Louisville.  At that moment someone in liveblog mentioned he was a Michigan recruit post transfer.   I was a bit shocked.  

But here is the post




How a small twist in fate could change things so much eh?  If he had come to be Blue, not only would he have not been there to be a cyborg to destroy our lead (and not get a 4th foul called on him and instead draw a 4th foul on Mitch - not that I'm bitter), but he would have been on our side hitting some 3s.   Could see him as Stauskas backup (or starter while Stausksas came off bench as a freshman) and you know how lethal the 3 point shot is in our offense with the dish and drive by Burke. 

Anyhow its another feather in Beilen's cap of "identifiying talent" in my eyes.  A lot like Burke - someone who was a decent player who Beilen saw something in, but then again so did Rick Pintino.  

But who knew back then this would be one of the biggest decisions in the fates of the two teams! Wow.