Great Big Michigan Weekend Muppets

Great Big Michigan Weekend Muppets

Submitted by JWG Wolverine on February 19th, 2018 at 1:16 AM

Ok, it is far past midnight, and Brian allowed the day to pass without giving the world some well-deserved muppets.

Sometimes, the conversation of muppets being over-used and losing their value comes up ("No Muppets until we beat OSU and MSU!"), and I agree that there are situations in which muppets can be a little more questionable.

However, this cannot be a questionable time for muppets. Softball picked up some quality wins, Swimming got a B1G Championship, basketball beat #8 ohio state, Nebraska was upset, giving us a better shot at the double bye in NYC...

and hockey SWEPT #1 Notre Dame.

That's right, ALL IN ONE WEEKEND.

In addition to all of this justification for muppets, calling for them has been pretty unanimous, especially in the POSBANG following the hockey win. Even though it isn't nearly as magical when I do it instead of Brian, I couldn't have lived with myself tomorrow if I had let this weekend pass without the well-deserved post being made at least by anyone.

For that reason, without further ado, Muppets? Muppets.

They are waiting for you in the comments below.


OT: Muppets - Which came first?

OT: Muppets - Which came first?

Submitted by beenplumb on September 29th, 2011 at 3:03 PM

As my 'joined' date suggests I've been a pretty regular user (and infrequent poster) for almost a year now, and a regular reader / follower for even longer. I've been attending Michigan football games for over five years since my days of visiting U of M football games in the students' section of the Big House (I'm a Grand Valley graduate, but having spent my freshman year at U of M - Flint, had their equivalent of an M-Card which granted me access to the student section. I digress). I made it to the SDSU game this past weekend and, for the first time ever, stayed to watch the band play as people were filing out of the stadium. To my surprise, closing off their post-game show, the band played "Temptation", followed by the announcer saying "...and you can't have one without the other", proceeded by the Hawaiian chant we are so wont to see posted here on MGoBlog after glorious Michigan victories.

This particular bit of diction from the announcer was of course more than familiar to me as a regular MGoFanatic, and caused me to wonder, "Did that announcer just totally rip-off Brian?" If so, that's hilarious and awesome, but I couldn't be sure if he's always done it, and Brian's useage of it is an homage to the announcer. So, which is it? I'm genuinely curious.

My apologies if this is common knowledge or has been previously discussed. As mentioned above, this was my first time staying to listen to the band after the game - I usually just leave.

Cue the New Shirt Design in the MGoStore

Cue the New Shirt Design in the MGoStore

Submitted by Six Zero on May 27th, 2011 at 9:15 AM

Hey, it's been a good couple of months here at MGoBlog.  First we hire this guy Hoke, then he hires this guy Mattison, then they reel in a pretty sweet class.  Next thing we know, Belein gets the team into the Tournament.  Red gets his boys one period away from a national title.  And then the spring game is, well, the spring game.  The Girls Softball Team destroys all competition on its way to the conference title. Brandon recently announces that Lacrosse is going D-1 Team Sport.  Top that off with a ridonkulous string of success in the recruiting department, not to mention the delicious schadenfreude of the media bombing of Columbus and life is just plain old good here at MGoBlog.

And so, we must celebrate.  With a shirt.*

DAAAA, Da da da DAAAAA, Da da da DAAAAA

Now available in all sizes here.  Get yours now because we're sure to see puppet goodness this fall.

*(Note:  Shirt does NOT actually play the Hawaiian War Chant.)