Where is South Detroit?

Where is South Detroit?

Submitted by meddler on August 6th, 2011 at 8:43 PM

Question for the folks out there:

Where is "South Detroit?"

I was born in Detroit and raised in the suburbs. I have never lived more than 30 miles from the Detroit border yet I have never wandered into this elusive part of Detroit. I can easily identify the east side, west side, and the southwest corner of the city. One would suppose from the way thousands of Detroit area fanatics belt out the lyrics from the classic rawk hit that the region is famous or populated or exists.

I hope someone can fill this gap for me. If not, well, I will forever endure the apprehensive shudder that courses through my soul each time the first note of the Journey song pierces the gameday sanctity of Michigan Stadium.

1 + 1 = 2 & Nick Saban & a bunch of other guys

1 + 1 = 2 & Nick Saban & a bunch of other guys

Submitted by EZMIKEP on November 9th, 2009 at 5:27 AM

Ohhh no!! Is this another defend Rich Rod post?!? Could be... Or it could be that a lot of people on here are pointing out common sense points for people to take into their stubborn minds and help them get over the ridiculous negative attitude that they keep trying to implement on everyone & show the blogging community on here why they need patience. So heres another nugget to chew on---

Talent 1st - Coaching 2nd --- I am using this analogy because its just another arrow pointing to common sense, plus in a tiny way it involves Spartans & the bitterness of the Spartans past-

From 1995 - 1999 Nick Saban coached the couch burners in EL. In those years they went 6-5-1 in 95, 6-6 in 96, 7-5 in 97, 6-6 in 98 & 9-2 in 99. They never won a bowl game under Saban. Thats decent for Sparty. And thats the point. Saban left for greener pastures. he went where the talent was. He knew he couldn't recruit against Michigan, OSU & PSU. Saban knew he would always be 4th in line at best if he stayed at Michigan State 90% of the time. Because recruiting is more than half the battle, especially in the modern era where even the small programs are catching up schematically & athletically.

So when he went to LSU his win total increased because his talent level increased. 48-16 in 5 years at LSU compared to 34-24-1 over 5 years at MSU. Then he came back to coach at Alabama and recruited his ass off and the result? Well 28-8 so far.

But Saban like many other good coaches that have had similar success didn't have to go somewhere that was bone dry in the depth dept, or switch a 130 year old program from Pong to PS3 while millions of spoiled OVERLY nostalgic fans who had been bitching about their boredom with pong got their pitchforks out and screamed bloody murder when you took it from them.

Talent wins. Talent with bad coaching doesn't win as much, but it still wins. All the fans on here screaming "WE ARE MICHIGAN didn't cha know?!" keep forgetting that ND, Nebraska & a few other prominent schools thought the same thing. How are they doing now? I am not trying to take a 10-15-20 year vacation from winning. I'll take the lumps now because I know from what I see already that we'll be alright. Unless somehow they don't let Rich do what he do and try to show him the door prematurely. And if i was betting at the casino right now on the odds of that happening or not happening I would definitely be placing a lot of cash on the over. Rodriguez is going to be here. So to the non believers, sorry but 2010 won't be Rich Rods last year.

And I have heard many people on here saying that this is a pro Rich Rod board. No its not. Its simply a board that has a lot of it community contributors on it posting content that makes sense and a lot of that content points positively at Rodriguez long term as well as preaches patience for now. While most of the Rich era detractors on here post stupid, angry & non-factual opinions or flame war bullshit to get their frustration out. But basically those types come off as arrogant pricks and fan-base dividers. I am sure there would be many more if they had anything new to say but realistically they don't. You can only ask for Brian Kelly, be pissed that Lloyd retired, bitch we didn't get Les Miles, so many times.

Just like I can only bitch about the constant losses to college footballs elite, inexcusable losses to some sorry ass team once a year, bowl loss after bowl loss, App State, Lloyd ball. Tressel consistently woopin Lloyd ball, App State some more, Mike Hart to the left, Mike Hart to the left, Mike hart to the left and Mike hart to the left and various other annoying facts about Michigan Football before nobody wants to hear it anymore. But I do think they were listening....

I just wish it was 2012 so I didn't have to see all the negative nellys whine on here so much anymore. The losses are already painful enough. Some of you guys like the King of Belch just get on here to piss people off. King of Belch actually has some damn good points on here sometimes. Too bad 90% of the time he doesn't. Like his "sorry ass fanbase" comment yesterday, BRO you gotta go away with that trash. Since were on this MGOPOINTS system I think we should make it worth something on the negative side. If you go below -3000 you cannot post anything anymore. I think that number means the majority of the community has spoken.

No matter how tiresome of this point many of you are, success will come when the talent gets here. And I will savor it more than most because I know I didn't turn into an arrogant, spoiled prick and I stuck behind my team through it all. And if somehow I am wrong about Rich and they do push him out the door prematurely just remember BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.