SEC Championship to Decide Blue's Bowl??

SEC Championship to Decide Blue's Bowl??

Submitted by Nick Sparks on December 3rd, 2010 at 5:49 PM

I could be completely mistaken here and missing something glaringly obvious, and if that is the case I sincerely apologize to everyone, but here's what crossed my mind:

It looks like Auburn is going to beat South Carolina, propelling Bama up to the Cotton bowl and pitting Spurrier vs. Jopa in a retirement home grudge match that is sure to draw the ratings.

Blue goes to the Gator, as per the evidence Brian just wrote about.

Now, what happens in the unlikely even that Spurrier pulls off the upset against Auburn? It seems that Alabama would drop down to the Outback bowl, and I'm not too sure how many people would want to see Saban beat Penn State's ass again (admittedly, the weakest part of my logic).

It's been shown that dilithium is sexier than withering corn. The question is, does a South Carolina victory put us in the Outback bowl?

Even if that's the case. I'm still pretty sure I'm rooting for the war eagles/tigers.