The wholly mediocre defense...

The wholly mediocre defense...

Submitted by pescadero on October 16th, 2014 at 3:57 PM

Ever since the pre-season we've been hearing how the defense is great.

Even after the results of the season up to this point - folks still hold out the defense as being very good and having the potential to approach the elite.


Problem is - the results just don't show anything of the sort. The defense is mediocre.


In Defensive FEI (adjusted for opponent strength) Michigan is #50/128.


We're 11th in the B1G  behind:

Penn St. (#5)

Iowa (#17)

Nebraska (#20)

Rutgers (#23)

Minnesota (#26)

Ohio State (#38)

Michigan St. (#39)

Wisconsin (#44)

Maryland (#45)

Northwestern (#49)


This is a defense starting:

Beyer: SR - 4 star recruit

Clark: SR - 3 star

Glasgow: RS SO - 1 star

Henry: RS SO - 3 star

Ross: JR - 4 star

Ryan: RS SR - 3 star

Bolden: JR - 4 star

Lewis: SO - 4 star

Taylor: SR - 4 star

Wilson: JR - 4 star

Clark: RS SO - 3 star

Countess: RS JR - 4 star


Their backups include: 5 star: Ondre Pipkins, Jabrill Peppers 4 star: RJS, Ben Gedeon, Terry Richardson, Delano Hill, Tom Strobel,Mike Mcray, Taco Charlton, Henry Poggi, Ross Douglas, Dymonte Thomas, Michael Ferns.


They aren't young - Only ONE starter who has been on campus less than 3 years (Lewis). They aren't lacking raw talent- only one starter who was less than a 3 star (Glasgow), and a total roster that includes 21 4 or 5 star recruits. ...but they are a mmediocre B1G defense.


So what is the story here????


...and why in the world do people keep talking about our "good" defense?

Countess, Bryant and Ringer at Outback Bowl.

Countess, Bryant and Ringer at Outback Bowl.

Submitted by Mich1993 on January 11th, 2013 at 7:10 PM

I was at the Outback Bowl, and I saw Countess, Bryant and Ringer.  They were all walking around the field with their position groups with the same jersey as everyone else but with different pants.  They all appeared to be walking around fine with no indication of an injury. 

It doesn't mean much, but I was glad to see them moving around on the field with the team.

I'm also curious.  I didn't notice the other two players who were out all year, Wormley and Poole, but I wasn't looking too closely.  Did anyone else notice if Wormley and Poole were on the field?

Blake's Surgery

Blake's Surgery

Submitted by thereverend on October 5th, 2012 at 9:35 AM

Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 4.48.52 PM.png


Blake tweeted this; #picstitch Thank you all for the prayers and good luck wishes. My surgery went very well @ Kensington Court


We certainly wish him a speedy recovery! I hope that he comes back as last year's Countess next year. It seemed that Woolfolk never returned to 100% after missing a season.


Also, for those a little more familiar with AA, I am a little confused about the "surgery @ Kensington Court" part; I have stayed in the hotel Kensington Court before (it's a pretty great place)--- what exactly is Blake referring to?


BTW, my prediction; next year Countess returns as a beast. He then proceeds to follow his redshirt-sophmore season with a Woodson-esque junior year. (So continues the "we have the next Woodson" hype! I don't quite believe he will make freakish one-handed interceptions, but he should be one of the more solid UM corners we have seen in a while.)