Win Stuff: Utaugh Results

Win Stuff: Utaugh Results

Submitted by MGoNukeE on September 4th, 2015 at 11:17 AM

I went through the comments section of the Guess the Score, Win Stuff: Utaugh contest. 24-17 was a pretty popular score to predict, and would have won had Rudock simply connected on the long TD pass instead of the pick-six. As it turns out, only two people correctly guessed the 17-24 final score. Those people were 'jblaze' and 'GoBlue96'. An additional three people guessed 17-23, being off by only one point. Those people were 'Trebor', 'Above and Beyond', and 'Ellerbe is Yoda'. No one predicted a 16-24 or 18-24 result because they're not writing the preview for the main page, so these three are runner-ups.

According to the rules, only the two people that picked the correct score win. However, since we have five award-winners this week, I would be in favor of amending the rule and allowing the off-by-one guessers to also win. Others may selfishly disagree, preferring to screw the runner-ups and add the three books to next week; given I've already ordered the book I don't care.

FreeRoll, the MGoFantasy Game: EVERYBODY STAUSKAS Edition

FreeRoll, the MGoFantasy Game: EVERYBODY STAUSKAS Edition

Submitted by Seth on February 1st, 2013 at 5:32 AM


If you haven't played our free fantasy game yet on DraftStreet yet, this is the Saturday to try it. There's Michigan-Indiana. Florida-Ole Miss. Duke-FSU. Syracuse-Pitt. Kansas against a Big XII something or other. NC State vs. Miami. Lafayette vs. Ameri…say whaaaaa?


Okay so we're not adding the American and Lafayette rosters to this thing because there are already ALL THE ROSTERS (from the BCS teams) to make your teams. But seriously UNC-Virginia Tech. Arizona State at Washington. Otto Porter versus Saint John's.

And you will want every Otto, because there's $300 smackaroos we're giving out among the winners. Also if enough people sign up we get smackaroos. Also it costs you zero smackaroos. Also fun is had. And learning done.

How it Works

It's fantasy except instead of drafting one team at the beginning of the season they've broken it up into quick-hitting night leagues. Enrollment in our pool is free for MGoReaders, and there's $300 in the pool paid out among the Top 12 finishers as soon as the contest ends.

The contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 3 forwards, 3 guards, and 2 utility players. Each CBB player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance. You can adjust your roster up until the contest starts this Saturday at 11:00am EST, at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

Note: you can't be eligible for prize money, even though entry is free, if you're from Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, or Puerto Rico.


You're not allowed to make a team of all Wolverines.


Wherefore art thou Horford?

Smart Picks

Stauskas is only $9,336. UNC goes up against Virginia Tech's awful defense and Dexter Strickland ($9,498) has been getting high usage of late, with P.J. Hairston doubtful with a concussion. SirDominic Pointer, a Detroit boy, has been on a tear for St. Johns's but remains cheap--that's probably because they face Georgetown's D. Lafayette's chili is way thicker and meatier. Sorry America, I'm a Lafayette man.

CLICK HERE to register for this week's league.

Dad Vail Regatta Facebook Contest

Dad Vail Regatta Facebook Contest

Submitted by Aamoldini on April 21st, 2011 at 12:53 AM

Hey guys! The Michigan Men's Rowing Team will be competing at Dad Vail in May. The team has had a very good showing in recent years, winning the 2009 Men's Points Trophy and 2 points shy of winning the Overall (Mens+Womens) Trophy with just a Men's team. They are three time defending ACRA National Champions and they accomplish all this on very little funding from the University (they are a club varsity team). Much of the team's expenses are covered by team dues and work by the rowers and coxswains themselves.

If you can please help us out a little (and are Facebook-inclined) , go to this page, like it, go to discussions, then contest, and reply with "University of Michigan" to help us get our regatta expenses paid for. Thank You!



CONTEST: dupe Deadspin

CONTEST: dupe Deadspin

Submitted by Brian on July 14th, 2010 at 1:07 PM

This is totally classy and awesome:…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to craft a fake "dumbest student athlete" entry, get it posted on Deadspin, and then send me the email correspondence. Any winner gets to direct the design of an MGoShirt and three shirts.

OT: More Votes for Pinchers

OT: More Votes for Pinchers

Submitted by Zone Left on April 4th, 2010 at 8:09 PM

It's coming down to the wire. As of 8:07 Eastern, Pincher's is winning 53-47 with 5951 votes cast.

I've got it on good authority (don't bother checking) that the Anna Marie Oyster Bar is a truck stop/MSU Alumni Bar. The RCMB is attempting to spike this thing for the bad guys.