OT: IU Compliance Drops the Ball on DB's Eligibility

OT: IU Compliance Drops the Ball on DB's Eligibility

Submitted by Bando Calrissian on August 20th, 2017 at 5:48 PM

Weird story in Bloomington. IU's compliance office apparently didn't propertly track the courses freshman DB Bryant Fitzgerald took in high school, and the NCAA has ruled him ineligible for this season. He didn't take the required courses to meet the NCAA benchmarks, and IU didn't bother to make sure when there was still something that could be done about it. 

IU's saying the NCAA should have granted a waiver. The kid is getting punished, but as bad as the NCAA is, what is the NCAA really supposed to do when compliance basically didn't do their job?


IU's statement:

About Greg Sankey, SEC Commissioner:

About Greg Sankey, SEC Commissioner:

Submitted by M and M Boys on February 12th, 2016 at 9:01 PM

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is from New York.

He graduated from the State University of New York College @ Cortland

His masters degree in Education is from Syracuse University.

He was the Director of Intramural Sports at Utica College (NY).

He originally moved to the south to become Director of Compliance at Northwestern State University.  He also coached the Golf Team there (two years).

He was commissioner of the Southland Conference before joining the SEC in 2002.

He likes to run marathons.

He is currently the chairman of the NCAA's Division I Committee on Infractions.

Sankey bolted onto the MGOBLOG in a jetstream fashion for his anti-opinions of the IMG Camp (and future camps like it for a variety of developing reasons). His background (above) might be helpful to those of you who did not know him last week at this time.

According the CBSSports.com, "Sankey does not want to dive into a war of words with Michigan's coach."

"I'm not going to reduce what is an important convesation to some childhood use of Twitter,"

he said.  "This is an important issue".


OT: Trent Richardson Booster Trouble Article by SbB

OT: Trent Richardson Booster Trouble Article by SbB

Submitted by SchrodingersCat on September 27th, 2011 at 5:59 PM

Found this article on SbB regarding Trent Richardson and his supposedly cozy relationship with (now) estranged booster Tom Al-betar:


There are also a couple of articles regarding tickets T. Richardson received in a couple of very pricey vehicles of which he is listed as the owner:




Does this impact the game we play with Alabama? Given the evidence presented by SbB is it possible for Alabama to state ignorance (pull an ohio) and get off with little or no punishment? What possible sanctions would impact the 2012 Michigan-Alabama game? I ask because I have very little knowledge with regard to compliance and I know Mgoblog has recently become very well versed thanks to our love of ohio Schadenfreude. SIAP I searched and found nothing, including Mgoboard and other media outlets!

COLUMNIST: Michigan's jersey giveaway sets dangerous precedent

COLUMNIST: Michigan's jersey giveaway sets dangerous precedent

Submitted by The Barwis Effect on September 15th, 2011 at 1:13 AM

Stumbled across this while perusing the interwebs this morning.  Any merit to what this guy is saying?

Say it isn't so.

Please say that after what happened at Ohio State, the University of Michigan isn't letting its football players keep the throwback jerseys worn in the Wolverines' last-second victory over Notre Dame.

No athletic director who pays attention to the world, and conference, around him would say "yes" to such a request.

And yet, Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon, after checking with his NCAA compliance officer, acceded to the players' wishes. They get to keep the jerseys.

While this is not a violation of NCAA rules, it is a violation of common sense.

Don't people learn?

The mess at Ohio State, which cost football coach Jim Tressel his job and seems likely to put the Buckeyes on probation, began with players trading memorabilia for tattoos.

Several Michigan players say nothing untoward is going to happen, that they will keep the jerseys forever in order to preserve the memory of their victory.

OK. That's a nice thought. But why put temptation in front of players?

Does anyone think well-heeled Wolverines boosters will resist the urge to line players' pockets with cash while getting a "legacy" jersey to frame and hang on their den walls?

Even if you believe players have the right to sell whatever they are given, the NCAA disagrees. If you want players to avoid violating rules by selling jerseys, don't give them jerseys to sell.

Click HERE to read the rest of the column. 

NCAA Recruiting - Obligation to Report?

NCAA Recruiting - Obligation to Report?

Submitted by profitgoblue on August 5th, 2011 at 2:02 PM

This is a random question for you NCAA recruiting experts out there:

I got to thinking about the situation where a recruit tries to commit to a school that has learned something negative in their research on the kid and thus refuses to accept the committment.

QUERY: If a school uncovers something really significant that does not appear on a criminal record (I can't think of a good example), does that school have an obligation to inform other schools about this fact? For example, if Notre Dame is recruiting a kid and finds out that he did something that is maybe not criminal but extremely immoral or whatever, do they have some sort of obligation to inform Michigan or some other school they know is recruiting him?

The answer is likely found in the NCAA Bylaws as it is really a legal "duty to report" question. I'm just curious if anyone knows off the top of their heads. Thanks in advance.


OSU Compliance About to Get Overhauled in Operation "Maximum Objectivity"

OSU Compliance About to Get Overhauled in Operation "Maximum Objectivity"

Submitted by markusr2007 on June 23rd, 2011 at 6:39 PM

Ohio State compliance about to get overhauled.

"Perhaps consider moving towards a more centralized function for compliance while developing more checks and reporting within the system that ensure and promote maximum objectivity," Schottenstein said.

I don't know about "centralized".  The location is part of the problem. How do you hire anyone who is an Ohio native to live near Columbus and demonstrate maximum objectivity with respect to compliance and investigations?  Very hard to maintain objectivity with people making arson and death threats if you don't see things a certain way. Having an OSU degree, being a former player, or a fan does not exempt you (Herbstreit, Spielman) from such threats.

In this case, since "maximum objectivity" is the desired outcome, I think it's best to have the entire Ohio State compliance department fired and re-staffed with Nepalese Ghurkas.  They swear loyalty to no one but the government of Nepal and the Queen of England. They would be virtually impervious to bribery, free car deals, extortion, tats and local threats of violence.  The Ghurkas have a tough, physical consititution, they're great at all kinds of guerilla warfare and secret ops, and can live off of "things that would make a billy goat puke". 

OT: UNC Football players don't know how to park...

OT: UNC Football players don't know how to park...

Submitted by bigmc6000 on June 16th, 2011 at 4:58 PM

Well it seems that UNC has it's own issues with players getting parking violations but they make tOSU's look like child's play...



North Carolina has released documents showing a group of North Carolina Tar Heels football players accumulated more than $13,000 in parking citations over a 3½-year period.


WTF?!?! 13 grand!!!!



Maybe this is one reason why DB is waiting until early January

Maybe this is one reason why DB is waiting until early January

Submitted by Don on December 1st, 2010 at 10:08 AM

A comment about RR and WVU on another thread prompted me to do some quick digging on the WVU/NCAA situation, and I came across this:


"A closer look at the NCAA report on West Virginia shows that in violation 5(a) “Prior to the 2005-06 academic year through the fall semester of the 2007-08 academic year, the [WVU] compliance staff communicated concerns to the football staff regarding various individuals with interactions with football student-athletes during practice and game-day activities. However, individuals who were considered to be noncoaching sport-specific staff members continued to engage in impermissible activities… subsequent to the discussions.”

In layman’s terms, West Virginia’s compliance staff told Rodriguez he was breaking the rules and he ignored them.... When West Virginia faces the NCAA in December, it is likely Rodriguez will very much be a man of interest."

Assuming this article is accurate, then it provides another possible reason for Brandon to delay a decision until very late in December or early January. Even though the NCAA did find that the transgressions in the Michigan program were far, far less serious than the Freep alleged, the fact that we are going to be penalized at all is certainly a black mark in the eyes of many at UM. Brandon can't simply laugh it off in his capacity as AD, even if he thinks privately that the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. However, the WVU case is more serious for RR, since WVU is apparently alleging that RR and staff ignored complaints and concerns of the WVU compliance dept. It's difficult for him to maintain that he did nothing knowingly wrong at WVU when there is evidence that problems were brought to his attention.

I don't know what the nature of WVU's December appearance before the NCAA will be. The problem for Brandon is that he can't risk giving a public endorsement to RR's continuation as Michigan's head coach prior to the hearing, when there is a chance, however slight, that RR could find himself in hot water with the NCAA all over again. At this point, the issue of the seriousness of the infractions at WVU—practice time and impermissible coaching—is secondary to the issue of whether or not RR ignored the complaints from the WVU compliance people, which would indicate an attempt to knowingly flout the rules, however picayune they may be in our eyes.

If anybody here has more recent info that would eliminate all this as a concern for DB, by all means go ahead and post.

Compliance Department is on the ball

Compliance Department is on the ball

Submitted by Chuck Harbaugh on October 4th, 2010 at 9:55 PM

I found this website(http://he16man.spreadshirt.com/) through a facebook ad tonight.  Based on the whole mgoshirt inventory purge of a couple weeks ago, I narced on this site to the Compliance Department with a cc to Judy Van Horn.  Six minutes later (8:36 p.m. EDT), I got a personal reply from JVH.

I know, "cool story, brah." Sorry. I was just impressed with the speed and the personal touch.  The only people who get responses that quick from me are old guys in black robes who hold my career in their hands. 

New Michigan Athletic Department Spokesman Outlines Football Program's Defense

New Michigan Athletic Department Spokesman Outlines Football Program's Defense

Submitted by NickUmich on February 24th, 2010 at 4:54 PM

In a sign that the Michigan Athletic Department knew the details of the allegations that the NCAA would level at the football program over the alleged practice time and compliance violations well before the announcement yesterday, the new spokesperson for the Athletic Department outlined the gist of the defense it will employ at the upcoming NCAA hearing on infractions. It's a ballsy defense that doesn't beat around the bush...and it employs a familiar face with a lot of star power to make it for them:

Despite the genius idea of hiring Allen Iverson as the new spokesperson for the Athletic Department (Dave Brandon, you are earning your salary!), it's a risky move by Michigan...some might even say it's stupid. But hey, USC just said "fuck you" to the the NCAA by hiring Lane Kiffin while under serious investigation for the violations that he spearheaded. So the "Fuck You" defense is not unprecedented. It usually doesn't work. But hey, since Bo Schembechler died right before the Game of the Century, Michigan has gone from 11-0 and on its way to the National Championship in 2006 to losing to Appalachian St in the biggest upset in college football history, getting embarrassed by Oregon at the Big House, one of the worst coaching transitions in the history of time, a 3-9 season with a loss to Toledo, followed by another 5-7 season, an additional 4 straight losses to hated rival Ohio State, fan outrage and scandals galore...so, the "Fuck You" defense may not be the smart thing to do, but God-damnit, it feels good!