Harbaugh vs. Meyer: a comparison

Harbaugh vs. Meyer: a comparison

Submitted by michelin on December 29th, 2014 at 9:50 PM

Given that many posters are getting trash talk from Ohio and MSU people, I thought it would be useful to give you some ammunition.  So, I compiled a comparison of Meyer vs. Harbaugh (you will quickly see why Dantonio does not belong here).

Meyer ranks #10 in college win pct; Harbaugh ranks #5 all time in the NFL.


Meyer won college coach of the year twice in 30 years of coaching

Harbaugh won both college and NFL coach of the year in 11 years.


Meyers’ teams finished #1 nationally twice in 30 years. 

Harbaugh won AFC* and NFC titles and went to 3 NFC title games and a Super Bowl in 6 years.


The team that won Meyer's titles (Fla) had previously finished #1 in the nation under another coach (Steve Spurrier, who also compiled a higher win pct there than Meyer)

Harbaugh’s Stanford team had never in history finished #1 in AP or UPI/coaches’ polls, but Harbaugh took their (recently 16-40 team) to their highest rank in 75 years (#4)

Meyer spent 15 years coaching college kids as an assistant.  Harbaugh spent 14 years as an NFL QB, going to the Pro Bowl and winning the AFC player of the year.

*as QB coach

Are "we" better than OSU right now?

Are "we" better than OSU right now?

Submitted by 1464 on October 29th, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Less than a month away from the Game, I think a lot of MSM personalities are writing us off. 


I'm a subscriber to the notion of buy low, sell high.  Perception of our team is WAY lower than it should be.  We lost to an NFL team in Texas, should have beaten a top 5 team South Bend, and had our only 'bad' loss to a solid team in Nebraska at night (without our star performer).  Our defense has solidified in tough situations.  Our offense is slumping, but very dangerous. 

OSU is flying to high to the sun right now.  9-0, but one of the ugliest 9-0 teams I've seen.  Almost lost to Indiana, among other weak opponents.  Looked very sloppy out of conference.  Defense is a sieve.

Granted, three losses will drive the perception that we are not on their level.  So will the shallow topical commentary by media members.  But I think that our team will be able to drive on their defense, and I don't think can match our point production. 

My opinion is that we are a better football team this year.

SDSU 2010. A Season In Video

SDSU 2010. A Season In Video

Submitted by jhackney on January 12th, 2011 at 11:40 PM

Background Information


First video is early 2008. Interview with SDSU athletics department.



Pump up video at the beginning of Hoke's first season. If you don't come away wanting to punch a sack of kittens and have an odd urge to joing the communist army because of the music, then you aren't alive.

The Season

Nicholls State(I-AA): Couldn't find

9/11/10 @New Mexico State W 41-21

9/18/10 @ Missouri L 24-27

09/25/10 vs. Utah State W 41-7

10/09/10 @ BYU L 21-24

10/16/10 vs. Air Force W 27-25

10/23/10 @ New Mexico W 30-20

10/20/10 @ Wyoming W 48-38

11/06/10 vs. Colorado State W 24-19

11/13/10 @ TCU L 35-40

11/20/10  vs. Utah L 34-38

11/27/10 vs UNLV W 48-14

12/23/10 Poinsettia Bowl vs. Navy W 35-14