ESPN college hockey rivalries article

ESPN college hockey rivalries article

Submitted by Mr. Elbel on March 25th, 2018 at 9:22 AM… Interesting read from a bunch of different perspectives. They interview players from 11 different programs who now play in the NHL, including Copp. He gets some good jabs in, though I wish he would have been more enthusiastic about our chances this year over random programs he knows kids at.

OT: Good college hockey blogs?

OT: Good college hockey blogs?

Submitted by Yostbound and Down on December 14th, 2015 at 2:09 PM

As a now-rabid Child of Yost, I'm trying to find some good college hockey blogs/sites to follow to stay current with news and analysis (not just Big Ten.) Looking to expand my knowledge beyond the links on the side on this website.

Does the MGoBoard have any recommendations? I have read Puck Daddy's coverage once the Frozen Four started in the past, and I know SBNation has a college hockey blog, but if there are other good sources you use for info, please share! 

More Milford Men Than Michigan Men: Comparing the 11-12 and 12-13 Hockey Teams

More Milford Men Than Michigan Men: Comparing the 11-12 and 12-13 Hockey Teams

Submitted by Adam Schnepp on May 18th, 2013 at 12:52 AM

Michigan men represent excellence academically and athletically. At least that's what they represent if you believe the two statues above the doors to the Union. Milford men, on the other hand, are adept at being neither seen nor heard. Buster Bluth was a Milford man. The 2012-13 Michigan hockey team played like one.

The 2012-13 Michigan Wolverines took the ice in October ranked #3 in the country by and USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine. That preseason poll was the highlight of the season. Things went downhill quickly, and if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll remember that this team didn't do much to endear itself to the Michigan faithful. Now that we've had time to let the healing power of the basketball team's run to the title game and football recruiting goodness to soak in I think it's time to go back and try to figure out what went wrong for the team that broke The Streak™.

For comparison, let's look at the stats of the 2011-12 Wolverines versus those of the 2012-13 squad. This idea was inspired by Ron Utah's excellent post comparing the 2011 and 2012 football teams. The 11-12 hockey team lost in the first round, so we aren't exactly starting with high expectations for success here. Shawn Hunwick, Luke Glendening and David Wohlberg were the most significant departures from the 11-12 team.

2011-12 Michigan Hockey: 24-13-4 overall. 15-9-4 conference

Home: 15-5-1, Away: 4-6-3. Neutral: 5-2-0

Team Statistics MICH OPP
Goals-Shot attempts 132-1376 89-1242
Shot Pct. .096 .072
Goals/Game 3.2 2.2
Shots/Game 33.6 30.3
Assists 233 147
Goals-Powerplays 23-156 27-171
Conversion Percent .147 .158
Shot Attempts 189 232
Shot Percent .122 .116
Total Goals 132 89
Power Play 23 27
Short-handed 4 1
Empty Net 7 2
Penalty 0 0
Unassisted 4 5
Overtime 6 1
Shootout 0 0
Delayed Penalty 0 0
Number 219 210
Minutes 521 549
Penalties/Game 5.3 5.1
Pen minutes/Game 12.7 13.4
Minor 203 187
Major 9 11
10-minute Misconduct 2 1
Game Minsconduct 3 7
Gross Misconduct 0 0
Match 2 4
FACEOFFS (W-L) 1299-1314 1314-1299
Faceoff W-L Pct. .497 .503
SHOOTOUTS (Made-Att) 2-14 4-12

2012-13 Michigan Hockey: 18-19-3 overall, 10-15-3 conference

Home: 10-8-1. Away: 5-8-2, Neutral: 3-3-0

Team Statistics MICH OPP
Goals-Shot attempts 129-1344 130-1126
Shot pct. .096 .115
Goals/Game 3.2 3.2
Shots/Game 33.6 28.1
Assists 209 198
Goals-Powerplays 31-164 24-162
Conversion Percent .189 .148
Shot Attempts 244 183
Shot Percent .127 .131
Total Goals 129 130
Power Play 31 24
Short-handed 7 6
Empty Net 4 3
Penalty 1 1
Unassisted 10 11
Overtime 0 1
Shootout - -
Delayed Penalty - -
Number 209 212
Minutes 470 451
Penalties/Game 5.2 5.3
Pen minutes/Game 11.8 11.3
Minor 200 208
Major 4 1
10-minute Misconduct 1 2
Game Misconduct 3 1
Gross Misconduct 0 0
Match 1 0
FACEOFFS (W-L) 1302-1229 1229-1302
Faceoff W-L Pct. .514 .486
SHOOTOUTS (Made-Att) - -

What happened?

I highlighted the things that really stood out to me. Everything is open for interpretation, but let's start with the basics. The 11-12 team scored 43 more goals than they allowed, while the 12-13 team scored one fewer goal than they allowed. Ouch. If you're wondering how shot volume impacted things, it doesn't get any prettier. Michigan had very similar offensive output in 11-12 and 12-13; their total shots were about the same and their scoring percentage was an identical 9.6%. The real fluctuation from year-to-year occurs when you look at the opponent's shots; 1242 allowed in 11-12 versus 1126 in 12-13. Even though the 11-12 team allowed more shots opponents only scored on 7.2% of them, compared with 11.5% in 12-13.

Special teams can't be used to explain away the year-to-year differences. Michigan actually scored more power play goals in 12-13 (31) than they did in 11-12 (23). Looking at it from the perspective of the penatly kill, MIchigan allowed fewer power play goals in 12-13 (24) than they did in 11-12 (27). Michigan spent less time on the penalty kill in 12-13, but they also spent almost two minutes less per game on the power play that season. It appears as though Michigan was outmatched at even strength throughout the 12-13 season, so much so that they missed the tournament and won six fewer games. 

What does it mean for next season?

I wish I knew. Steven Racine established himself as the starter going into 2013-14, and that's more than you can say for the 12-13 team. There are some good prospects coming in (highlighted by former US NTDP forward JT Compher), but is that enough to replace the mass exodus of point scoring that Michigan will suffer this offseason? It doesn't seem likely. Michigan loses AJ Treais' 31 points, Jacob Trouba's 29 points, and Kevin Lynch's 27 points. Those were three of Michigan's top six pointgetters in 12-13. On the other hand, Michigan's problem in 12-13 was clearly one of defense and not offense so anything is possible. All it takes are guys who are willing and able to forecheck and backcheck, and as a sport hockey still lacks the sophisticated statistics that are able to capture the more esoteric elements of the game.

Excellent Grantland article on College Hockey

Excellent Grantland article on College Hockey

Submitted by JeepinBen on November 28th, 2012 at 4:55 PM

Katie Baker, Grantland's hockey writer, headed to the Twin Cities to take in Minnesota vs. Wisconsin. She talks about a lot of stuff, and it's a good (long) read.

Michigan is barely mentioned, but she does discuss B1G hockey and how NCAA hockey is on the rise in general.


When the Big Ten announced in March 2011 that it would be formally adding hockey to its slate of conference-sponsored sports beginning in 2013-14, the news triggered a seismic shift in a historic, if increasingly precarious, landscape. Gone from the storied WCHA next year will be the two teams I traveled to see: Minnesota, one of its founding members, and Wisconsin, one of its most successful. The Gophers and the Badgers will no longer share an intraconference rivalry with heated rival North Dakota.9 Instead, they'll be doing battle against traditional football foes like Michigan, which has a storied hockey history to rival their own — as well as Penn State, whose D-I hockey program, funded to the tune of over $100 million by PSU alum and Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula, just made its debut this fall.

ND's Riley Sheahan going pro (for the Wings)

ND's Riley Sheahan going pro (for the Wings)

Submitted by ChasingRabbits on March 21st, 2012 at 8:17 AM

And so starts the defection watch for college hockey players.  hopefully the UM watch does not start for a couple weeks.

Sheahan will start out in Grand Rapids while a contract is being ironed out with the wings.

Seems like a kid that can help the wings pretty soon.  Wings lack size up front, he does not.…


Shawn Hunwick: Hobey Baker Finalist

Shawn Hunwick: Hobey Baker Finalist

Submitted by CleverMichigan… on March 15th, 2012 at 7:57 PM


It's official, Shawn Hunwick is in the top 10! The only other goalie is Troy Grosenick from Union, and the other CCHA finalists are Reilly Smith (Miami) and Torey Krug (FYS aka MSU). Wisconsin's Justin Schultz is also a finalist.

In other news, Ferris State must be demanding a recount since their first-team all-CCHA goalie didn't make it. 

Also, for the trivia buffs, only 2 goalies have won the Hobey Baker award. In 1988 Robb Stauber won it, followed by Ryan Miller in 2001. 

UPDATE: And news from the CCHA Awards is Knapp has been named Goaltender of the Year. Apparently it's "based on a formula." 

UPDATE UPDATE: Vote for Shawn! Right now he's at 3rd behind Spencer Abbott and Austin Smith.

Help Fund Two New Giant Flags at Yost!

Help Fund Two New Giant Flags at Yost!

Submitted by CleverMichigan… on February 15th, 2012 at 12:39 PM

EDIT:  Thanks to our amazing donors, including a generous Mr. Aaron Ward, our goal has been reached! Thanks to everyone who contributed, we will keep you posted on the status of the flags!

If you've been to Yost Ice Arena for a Michigan hockey game in the past two years, you're probably familiar with the student sections' giant Swedish and Texan flags. Next season, we plan on adding two more giant flags to our arsenal, and we would greatly appreciate your support in our fundraising efforts. 

Because we are not, and never will be, a University-sponsored student group, we cannot seek funds through the Student Activities Fund. We are very grateful to the Eckert family, who handmade the Swedish flag and donated the Texas flag, but now we seek support from the entire Michigan family for these next two flags. 

Below (in the first comment) is a link to our Paypal account. Our fundraising goal is $600, which will cover both flags (one of which will be a custom design) and shipping. We had issues setting up on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so we're just going to keep it simple with a Paypal account. We'll keep you posted on our progress via @ChildrenOfYost on the Twitters. 

Thank you, and Go Blue!


Merrill, Trouba on Team USA for World Juniors

Merrill, Trouba on Team USA for World Juniors

Submitted by mfan_in_ohio on December 22nd, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Jon Merrill was again named to the World Juniors roster for Team USA, which is great, because he hadn't exactly been playing for Michigan.  Hopefully he will soon finish doing what he has to in order to be reinstated to the team, but in the meantime this is a great way for him to get some highly competitive ice time. Also on the roster is Michigan recruit Jacob Trouba, a member of the NTDP Under 18 team, and the youngest player on the roster.  Both goaltenders (Jack Campbell and John Gibson) are former M recruits.  The best news is that Michigan doesn't lose any current players for the GLI, while Michigan's first GLI opponent, BC, loses forward Bill Arnold, who has 11 goals and 9 assists so far this year, more points than any Michigan player.