PreSpring Football updates from Sam Webb

PreSpring Football updates from Sam Webb

Submitted by AZBlue on March 23rd, 2018 at 3:46 PM

For those who don't listen regularly to WTKA or the podcasts, Sam Webb has been playing FB coach interviews in segments over the past few weeks - (I believe more is available behind the paywall.)

Lots of interesting stuff - particularly on the Defense where most of the coaches have worked with the players before.  I made list of the things I found interesting below:

D-Line -- Starters appear to (currently) be Chase, Aubrey/Brian, Dwumfor, and #98..some guy named Gary.  Sounds like backups are Paye, loser of Aubrey/Brian, Lo Marshall, and Kemp.  Others and notes - - Kemp working some a 3-tech (his request) up to 276,  Paye up to 256 from 225-230 coming in - from 2 separate comments.."He is STRONG".- D-I-Bey over 300 and looking good.  Jeter pushing 300 and coming back from the injury a bit stil.  Luigi back but stil recovering from his injury and surgery (news to me on the surgery part).  New kid (name?) can really run but is relatively new to football so this spring is all about learning for him.  Brian has been losing weight and GMat is on him to build his speed back to where it was post injury.  Paea was mentioned when Sam asked - he is up to around 280.

LBs - Don Brown sounded almost giddy when talking about this.  I believe the quote was "I am going to just sit back grinning like a Cheshire cat watching the competition.  Has never had a group like this.  Depth chart sounds like MLB - Bush, Anthony, Singleton WLB - Gil/Ross battle and Singleton.  Viper - Hudson and Glasgow with Furbush and Uche in the more traditional SAM role.  Singleton (as seen above) will get time at MLB and WLB to find him a place on the field.

CBs - Starters talked up then Watson ("last chance to show out to earn NFL looks") with Ambry and Ben St-J coming along.  Spyder Sims is Loooooong - whichwas a focus in the recruiting board based on the D they prefer to play.

D-In General -- Will add even more D-line wrinkles/play calls going into 2018.  Don wants to cut big pass plays (18-20 last year but stil very good in his words) by 7-8.  Feels biggest room for improvement is cutting explosive run plays.


Much less on Offense as WR, TE, and OL coaches haven't practiced with team yet.

OL - Not a ton but several coaches mentioned Hudson by name.

RB - Top 2 are clearly that going into Spring.  Kareem and O'Maury mentioned by both Harbaughs and sounds like they will battle for the 3rd RB spot.

QBs - JH noted that all 3 guys will be competing for the job and he likes them all.

General - Don Brown particulary noted the major use of analytics the staff is using.

Just thought I would share for those who haven't been listening in.  

WTKA Spring Preview

WTKA Spring Preview

Submitted by Caesar on March 20th, 2018 at 9:21 AM

By and large there's some coachspeak, but I have found them interesting. I was particularly looking forward to Warinner, though I didn't feel like I learnt a great deal about his evaluation of the kids and new o-line philosophy. There was a bit about making complex ideas simple, so here's to hoping that works out. 

What has stuck out to me so far were the Partridge and Jay Harbaugh installments. Partridge spoke on his recruiting philosophy and how much time it takes with his recruiting style--something like 2-3 years for a coach to build up relationships. From Jay's interview there was a brief glimpse into last year's problems with the offense from a coaching standpoint, with Jay talking about arrogance getting in the way of results and working relationships--a not-so-subtle reference to Drevno's time on staff. 

Anything you've found interesting?