Boren, Lost Linemen, and a Staff to be Proud of

Boren, Lost Linemen, and a Staff to be Proud of

Submitted by A_Maize_Zing on July 17th, 2009 at 1:44 PM

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Having had breakfast with Coach Frey and "BIG" Dusty earlier in the year he wrapped up the Boren situation in a very easy way.

1. Boren wanted to go home whenever he need to help his dad with his snow plow business. He abused that excuse.
2. He had always wanted to go to Ohio State to be closer to home and his dad bribed him to go to Michigan, hoping he would grow to love it.
3. He wanted to do "his workout not Mike's"
4. He just simply "hated to run". Coach Frey jokingly told the linemen they had to run sprints at the end of practice before a holiday break (I think Easter Break). The intent was to have them line up and then surprise them with "I'm just kidding you don't have to run any sprints today". Instead of lining up Boren walked out of practice. 
 5.  Even with all of that the staff wanted to make it work and get him on board...there is no doubt he is a talented player.  After he left practice before the sprints Coach Frey confronted him about his actions.  Even though he hated running he admitted that he was in the best shape of his life from Barwis "forcing" him to workout.  Why the staff finally quit on him was when he talked about the new guys being "scrubs".  By "new guys" I mean the current linemen not the new recruits. 

If this is all true and I believe every word of it...then it really gives me a new level of respect for the way the staff handled it in the media...they could have trashed this kid but decided to concentrate on the players they were working with currently...can you imagine Lane Kiffen taking the high road like this?

Players like Boren are not good for a  program no matter what culture it is...I'm glad the coaches now weed out these guys that would have coasted during the Carr years.

I'm not saying Wermers or O'niell is that guy but having talked to most of the staff and having watched a half dozen practices up close I will tell you this...Coach Frey is a really nice guy to sit and talk with socially, he will talk to you about anything in the papers about the program, he is straight forward and will give you "real answers". That being said he does not even begin to take one ounce of shit from his players. He teaches very aggressively and that’s just his style. I can see why guys who don't want to work or don't fit in want to leave on the offensive line. He is much more vocal and demanding then a guy like Coach could probably go four years without him ever taking your head off the way Coach Frey will.

In football no matter the level you have to build a foundation.  Sometimes the best laid foundations come from subtracting materials instead of adding them.  I truly believe Boren is a good player, I also believe that if we would of had a strong senior class last season he would have straightened out over time and been a strong player.  Since we had little senior leadership a guy like Boren...or O'neill...or Wermers can become a cancer to young a team and effect them for years.  That attitude must be wiped out from a team that is struggling.  It’s hard enough to turnaround a struggling program without having to pull guys who don't want to go.  Coach Rodriguez has said many times before that when you lose you have two options...New Players or New Coaches.  I'm glad to see its the players that are going (besides Shafer) and not this staff.  I really believe these are the guys to take UofM to the next level.

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