C.J. Lee on Beilein, Michigan Experience

C.J. Lee on Beilein, Michigan Experience

Submitted by Everyone Murders on July 18th, 2014 at 12:26 PM

We learned earlier in the week that C.J. Lee would leave his position as Director of Program Personnel to join (Beilein protégé) Mike Maker at Marist, as Maker's assistant coach.  C.J. Lee was in the unique position of watching the program rise from the doldrums of the post-Amaker/Ed Martin era to its current stature.

Today we have an ARTICLE from Brendan Quinn replete with C.J. Lee insights on the program and on Beilein in particular.  It's worth your time to read, but here's a quote to whet your appetite, relaying Lee's observations on how Beilein has changed over the years:

“There isn’t a noticeable difference in him, but he says it to me in personal conversations all the time, ‘I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been willing to change and listen to others,’” Lee replied. “That’s what stands out. He keeps learning and continues to develop, which is crazy. I mean, he’s 61 years old and keeps getting better.”

It will surprise very few here that Beilein was instrumental in getting C.J. in front of Maker for this opportunity.

Effect of losing a PG (no, he's not pro yet)

Effect of losing a PG (no, he's not pro yet)

Submitted by tasnyder01 on May 1st, 2011 at 8:27 PM

First of all, this is not to proclaim that D-Mo WILL go pro, only to state what the effects MIGHT BE IF HE DOES.  This is an analytical approach to what next year might look like without D-Mo IF he chooses the NBA.


We all know the effects of losing average PGs.  We lost three two years ago (Merritt, Lee, and Grady) and our offense went down in flames.  Most noticably, our 3PT% went down.  Our team chemistry seemed to go down the toilet too.  So, three areas of effect: 3PT%, chemistry, and overall offense.


Merritt was over 40% for his career, but shot only 51 3PTs.

Lee was at 36% his senior season, and shot 52 attempts that year.

The team total in 08-09 was 920 3PAs, and in 09-10: 760 3PAs.


Team clearly got fewer 3PAs the following year.  The team also went down in shooting percentage.  Correlation, but I believe this stems from causation.  We lost ~100 attempts, which were falling at a 37% clip.  That's about 100 points.  Those points could have been made up by higher averages from other players, but we went from 67 to 64 PPG.  That, over 33 games, makes 100 points of difference.  So, in all those close games, the team lost points by missing the above average 3 point shooting of the PGs.


Luckily, this doesn't really matter in terms of D-Mos RAW shooting numbers.  He doesn't shoot the three very well.  But, he does set up the 3 for others very well.


I'll be back next time to look at the other aspects.  (This took more time than I thought to write up...)

C.J. Lee Spotted in Commercial - Life After Basketball

C.J. Lee Spotted in Commercial - Life After Basketball

Submitted by mgokev on October 13th, 2010 at 10:00 PM

If anyone was watching ESPN in Michigan tonight, C.J. Lee was featured in a "Rick Snyder for Governor" commercial as the 2010 Ann Arbor SPARK Manager.  He was not mentioned as a former Michigan basketball player (only as the SPARK Manager).  He was always a dedicated student and earned his Master's degree from the Ford School of Public Policy.

Anyway, leaving the politics of it aside, it's always good to see former athletes making progress and using their Michigan education and leadership from athletics to accomplish great things outside of sports.  Take note recruits, there really is a "Michigan Difference".

SPARK profile of C.J. Lee can be found here.