Report: Chris Sabo to Be Named U-M Baseball Coach (update2)

Report: Chris Sabo to Be Named U-M Baseball Coach (update2)

Submitted by Raoul on June 23rd, 2012 at 6:30 PM

It looks like it'll be a Michigan Man after all. Per Skippers Dugout:

Hearing reports Chris Sabo will be named new HC at #Michigan. Several reports today on this story. Something's up.Stay posted.

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 23, 2012

Update: Matt Slovin of the Michigan Daily recently tweeted this:

Michigan asst. baseball coach Wayne Welton told me earlier today that Twitter is the only place he has heard Chris Sabo will be new HC.

— Matt Slovin (@MattSlovin) June 24, 2012

Update2: Skippers Dugout posted a series of tweets last night about his supposed "scoop." Here there are in the order in which he posted them:

FYI:lots of people blowing us up on Sabo to #Michigan.We got three emails from people in the game tipping us off on this. We just (cont)

We said we were hearing reports of this. Not us coming out saying this. We just pass on scoop of what we here. We try to confirm (cont)

Only person that probably knows about this job is Brandon. We r working our connections but like we always said this is tight to the vest.

We know the people that tipped this story to us. Connected in baseball and connected to #Michigan felt was worthy of throwing it out there.

We r interested 2 see if the "reports" end up being true. Take it for what it's worth. We guess whoever is hired should b this week.

Rumored Coaching Candidates for Michigan Baseball

Rumored Coaching Candidates for Michigan Baseball

Submitted by Raoul on June 20th, 2012 at 11:57 PM

I stumbled across what looks to be a pretty good source for college baseball coaching rumors—a Twitter account called Skippers Dugout. Whoever is behind this account has tweeted a number of times about the Michigan job, with some interesting rumors that I haven't seen posted here before. On June 12, there was this one:

Hearing #Michigan has possible interest in former legend Chris Sabo. Been told AD Brandon wants "Michigan Man".

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 12, 2012

Also on June 12:

Also heard from sources one current head skipper at an #ACC school has interviewed at #Michigan.

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 12, 2012

This is likely a reference to Erik Bakich, current head coach at Maryland, given this tweet two days later:

Sources tell us #Maryland HC has been talking w #Michigan.Still hearing former Red and UM alum Chris Sabo as well. Will Sabo wear the specs?

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 14, 2012

Bakich looks like a pretty good option. His Maryland profile says this about him:

Bakich, who is the youngest head coach at any BCS school, has a remarkable record of recruiting and developing elite talent. In the last 10 years he has coached 73 players that have been selected in the MLB draft, including 25 in the first five rounds and nine first-round picks. 

I've seen many people advocating for Kent State head coach Scott Stricklin to get the Michigan job, but Skippers Dugout posted this on June 14:

Hearing Scott Stricklin has told #Michigan he is not interested.#collegebaseball

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 14, 2012

One other name mentioned recently is current Michigan pitching coach Steve Merriman:

Hearing Steve Merriman is still in the hunt at #Michigan#collegebaseball

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 18, 2012

UPDATE: Perhaps Stricklin is still a possibility. Skippers Dugout just posted this:

#Michigan not moving yet tells me someone still in the #CWS is gonna have to turn down some serious cash. Heard Strick is top target.

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 21, 2012

A couple of side notes:

  • Someone asked in a previous thread what other openings there are in college baseball. From BaseballAmerica's 2012 College Coaching Carousel, it appears that Michigan has the only current opening among BCS schools.
  • Skippers Dugout has tweeted a number of times about Rich Maloney, indicating that he may be headed back to Ball State:

Source tells us Rich Maloney and wife were on campus last week at #BallState. Look 4 him 2 end up @ #BallState. Hearing $$ is only hurdle.

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 14, 2012

UPDATE2: Rich Maloney's return to Ball State is now official, and he'll be (re)introduced at a press conference tomorrow morning. See Rich Maloney Named Ball State's Head Baseball Coach.

Also, Kent State was eliminated from the College World Series earlier today, so if Stricklin is in fact interested in the Michigan job, he's now free to pursue it.