Chris Rock - Post Visit Update

Chris Rock - Post Visit Update

Submitted by TomVH on March 14th, 2010 at 8:07 PM
011 DE Chris Rock is fresh off his visit to Michigan for the Night of Champions. Rock is from Ohio, and is one of the higher regarded defensive lineman on Michigan's board. Here's his highlight video, and what he had to say about the visit.

TOM: What were you expecting to get out of this visit?

CHRIS: I was really just expecting a tour, to see the facilities, and everything. I wasn’t expecting a lot, but it was a lot more than that. I got to see the academic side more, which I hadn’t seen yet. The competitions with the players were fun, too.

TOM: How did the events go? Was it pretty relaxed?

CHRIS: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. The players obviously like competing with each other. We go to watch them compete in a bunch of different events, so it was pretty cool. I was impressed; they all seemed really strong and really fast. When they ran the 40 yard dash, it was pretty close.

TOM: Besides the events, did you get a chance to talk with the coaches?

CHRIS: I stayed overnight with my brother, so I got to see a little more. My parents left at night, but we all got a chance to ask the coaches some questions and talk with them. Before my parents left, coach Rodriguez talked to us for a while. He was just talking about how good of a school Michigan is, and where they’re at with the football program. My parents were previously Ohio State fans, but they were very impressed with everything. They came away the same way I did, and really liked everything they saw.

TOM: What else did Coach Rodriguez talk to you about?

CHRIS: We didn’t really talk about the depth chart, or anything like that. We both just wanted to get to know each other better, and build a relationship more. It was good to just talk with him. Coach Rodriguez just seems like a normal guy who happens to be good at coaching football. It’s weird, he’s the head coach, and I was just standing there talking to him. It was good.

TOM: After this visit where are you headed next, and what’s your timeline look like?

CHRIS: I’m going to Notre Dame’s junior day next weekend, and I might go to some other spring practices. I haven’t really planned a lot out yet. I don’t have a time line, it’s just going to be when I feel it’s right.  I haven’t come up with a top list, because I haven’t seen enough schools, but my interest in Michigan is very high. I really like what they have to offer.