On Chad and Us

On Chad and Us

Submitted by CR on November 24th, 2015 at 3:59 PM

I met Tammi Carr once, briefly, at a fund raiser, before Chad was born. She was warm and engaging, the sort of person who makes you feel better about yourself for the interaction.

I have known Lloyd Carr for more than 10 years. He breaks all stereotypes. Coach Carr is passionate about passion. He is more interested in his former players, their lives, than what they accomplished on the field. He is more interested in literature than sports; more interested in ideas and the obstacles that others have overcome than his own achievements. The coach has helped me in ways that he does not acknowledge or, perhaps, even understand, but I will be grateful until my last breath for what he has done for me. And, as time has proven, between the interests of Michigan and his own personal interests, he will choose and has chosen Michigan. I have never been a believer in the notion of a “Michigan Man.” The construct seems both too limited and too broad. But, if there is such a thing, I think Coach Carr embodies it as much as any person I know.

I never met Chad Carr though I feel as if I have, and I think many who have posted here feel the same way. I know he was handsome and tough and lived for longer than any of his doctors projected or thought possible. More than this, I think Chad has given all of us the gift of his struggle, the gift of allowing us the opportunity to be empathic and to care about him. And, perhaps, to be caring about others, even those we don’t know. I am crying while I write this, was crying while I read Seth’s lovely note and the passionate and thoughtful notes of others on this board. I don’t want to leave it for today; for only today, that is. I want his passing to help me to be more forgiving, to be more thoughtful and generous towards others. Maybe, Chad’s life, and our response to his tragedy, can make us all better and that’s a legacy of monument.

To Lose a Boy

To Lose a Boy

Submitted by Seth on November 24th, 2015 at 10:23 AM

Chad Carr died too young to be a firefighter, or a father, or anything but a boy with the potential to be anything.

Photo via the ChadTough Foundation.
To support pediatric brain tumor research and studies nationwide, visit ChadTough.org

A boy is born with the potential to be everything. He comes out a squealing, reddened, water-logged thing for whom virtually every plot on the vast human distribution chart is plausibly attainable. Whom he's handed to and where will narrow that down some, and within a few years of that handoff a personality will start to emerge that might suggest a direction.

But it takes a lifetime, sometimes many lifetimes, to know what a boy will turn into. There's one boy who two thousand years hence has his name uttered by a third of the world when they want to represent the astounding extent of the human capacity for goodness.

Another boy, 70 years after his initial squall, would in the far smaller world of college football, come to represent the traits of intelligence, integrity, and loyalty. The boy, Lloyd Carr, was born exactly a week before a bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped on Hiroshima. He played a sport where boys flung their bodies at other boys for a kind of fleeting, mostly useless greatness. He began coaching said sport when/because boys of his age and nation were being thrown indiscriminately at a barely understood war.

Through that sport Lloyd got to have a hand in shaping the distribution of hundreds of boys. I know boys born in places that would in most likelihoods see them either destroyed or shaped into destroyers of other boys, to people who didn't care which. Among Lloyd's accomplishments—and this boy's accomplishments an extreme outlier among men—the greatest are these boys he saved, and who now spend their lives affecting more boys than Lloyd or any man could alone.

It is for the things Lloyd did with his 70 years that all Michigan fans, and many non-Michigan fans, today are joining in mourning the loss of one. Chad Carr was born to Lloyd's boy Jason and Jason's wife Tammi, the third of such boys. It was the kind of start and they were the kind of people who open up the best parts of human capacity in a boy.

Chad died today, after more than the year he was expected to have after doctors learned he had brain cancer, less than a few weeks after he began hospice care, a day after he was no longer able to talk to his parents, and just a few short years after he learned to.

His brothers, his parents, and everyone who loved Lloyd and loved Chad because of it, had to just sit there the whole time, powerlessly, and watch this happen.

The angels have too many of our boys. I don't know how much more potential the human race will lose, or how much money to research DIPG will be wasted on blind pursuits before a stab in this dark finds a way to stop losing boys this way. It is a certainty that all the money and all the being good and all that you can possibly do and pray for won't prevent this from being the last time a man will have to hold the lifeless body of a boy who'll never become a fireman or a football coach or a father.

But here's the link to ChadTough again if you want to take a shot anyway.

OSU and MSU to Honor Chad Carr - Special Helmet Stickers

OSU and MSU to Honor Chad Carr - Special Helmet Stickers

Submitted by Everyone Murders on November 20th, 2015 at 12:57 PM

Both OSU and MSU will be honoring Chad Carr with helmet stickers supporting the ChadTough foundations, per the Detroit News.

A classy gesture by both programs - a tip of the hat to both.



Pray for Chad Carr

Pray for Chad Carr

Submitted by umhero on April 27th, 2015 at 11:38 PM

This was just posted on Facebook:

6 hrs · 

So there's been a lot going on over here the past few days. Was going to wait to post until we really knew what was going on but we decided that from the beginning I said I would be open about our journey...plus we could really use
Some extra prayers right now. We met with chads surgeon while at the DIPG symposium. He had a chance to look a little bit further into his MRI. There is some swelling and some shading. Now his surgeon is actually optimistic that this is tumor death but unfortunately there also a chance that it is progression. At the same time, chad has been showing a few symptoms but those could be attributed to either. So for now we wait and watch. If the symptoms go away then we have our answer...if they get worse, well then we will also unfortunately have an answer. It's very difficult because Jason and I are watching his every move and wondering. We know this is completely out of our control and in God's hands....but it is not easy. Please just pray that we can stay strong and that the symptoms subside. Thank you friends!!

Semi-OT: Favorite article of Michigan Clothing?

Semi-OT: Favorite article of Michigan Clothing?

Submitted by ChampionsofThe… on March 2nd, 2015 at 7:54 PM

People are always making posts about hats (specifically the Bo hat) and "uniformz" on this blog, so i wanted to know; what are all your favorite articles of Michigan clothing?

sorry i couldn't post pictures, i don't know how, but

My favorite Michigan Clothes are

-Twin City Socks

-Adidas Sideline Transition Jacket

-Bo hat

-Classic New Agenda Michigan shirt

-UTL 1 Denard Jersey

-Game Used and autographed Devin Gardner Jersey

-Tearaway Anthony Carter home Jersey

-Tshimanga Biakabutuka nike jersey

-Chad Carr Wristbands- i haven't taken them off in months


Great News: Chad Carr's tumor is 90% gone

Great News: Chad Carr's tumor is 90% gone

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on December 1st, 2014 at 2:08 PM

According to Chad's mom:

Praise God! Chad's tumor is 90 % gone. Drs said they have never seen a better scan at this pt. still work to do but miracle close #chadtough

— Tammi Carr (@tamcarr21) December 1, 2014

He still definitely has a long road ahead, but this is obviously some really great news.  Here's to you Chad! The whole Michigan community is behind you!