so we are not allowed to be critical of Hoke/ Borges on this site? [MOD ED: It's been real]

so we are not allowed to be critical of Hoke/ Borges on this site? [MOD ED: It's been real]

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on November 11th, 2012 at 2:49 PM

what is going on on this board?

I just had another M Go Board post  taken down, though they are not duplicates, off topic, or containing obscenity/threats.

post a comment that is critical of Hoke, and it seems to  get taken down.

but here goes any way:

Can you imagine the fireworks this board would have provided if RichRod had no backup ready for his injury prone QB in a big game?

Now that we have seen Gardner play QB, can you believe they didnt have him ready when needed?  Apparently, he had gone weeks without any QB reps in practice.

And with UMass and Illiinois blowouts, Hoke/ Boprges could have gotten someone (Even Bellomy) some  real work, not just handing off for RB auditions, so that suddelny against Nebraska they would not have had had to play for the first time (Ok, Bellomy had about 8 snaps propr)

With Denard's track record, this was almost certain to happen at some point,

Is there any doubt this sloppy coaching cost us a spot in the Big Ten Championship game.  If we had beaten Nebraska (as we would have had Gardner been ready to step in) we could lose to OSU and still go to the Championship Game.  Now, we can beat OSU and not go to the Championship Game.

Where is the outrage at such sloppy coaching?  It cost us a shot at the title and Rose Bowl. 


[ED:BiSB - Peace out. I've enjoyed most of you]

Please avoid NSFW or home pics in posts

Please avoid NSFW or home pics in posts

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 11th, 2010 at 8:45 PM

A simple request, to allow my continued readership at mgoblog. Please don't post large NSFW pics at any time. My wife was not happy this morning as she walked in behind me with a pic posted in the "pimp hand" post. I am on a short leash, so to speak. I also have 9 year old twins, boy and a girl, and they don't need to see this stuff. It's inappropriate, and not funny. And my office would be just as bad or worse (to see this kind of post.)  I'm not complaining on my own behalf, but because of my family. I'm not suggesting censorship, but much more of this and I'll just be dropping out of visiting mgoblog in the future. I suppose, if some of you want me to leave the blog for good, you can keep at it. Whatever. But those of you in high school and college and your 20's and 30's who are single guys with your tongues hanging out, remember that some of us have families.

I think the mods used to get after this stuff, but there are now too many posts.


[PaulVB] I thought it was fairly common knowledge that mgoblog is better than a bunch of guys posting cheesecake pictures and talking about how women should be in the kitchen because all they're good for is making sandwiches. If you're thinking "Maybe I should say this is NSFW," maybe it's not something you should be posting on a Michigan sports blog [/PaulVB]