This Week in College Hockey

This Week in College Hockey

Submitted by Canadian on February 24th, 2015 at 12:51 PM

With Three weeks remaining in Michigan's regular season the playoff picture hasn't really cleared up, in fact the loss last Friday night was thought to be a knockout punch when in reality it just made the road a little rougher.
A diary posted by Wolverine in Exile on Monday asked the question if the at-large bid was dead or not, well I'm going to show here that it is in fact not dead and still a very possible goal. I will save this for the end though and provide updates from around the country last week and a quick look at some big games this weekend.

Last Week:
Michigan suffered an upsetting loss on Friday night thanks to some sloppy play in their own zone (sound at all familiar???).and came back with a win on Sunday on home Ice. Sunday's game featured some great passing in the offensive zone (Larkin showing he is the best player on the ice) but still had some horrendous defensive zone play. The first period in particular featured some awful breakout passes that led to scoring opportunities which forced Racine to step up and play one of his better games this season.
Around the B1G: The standings remain the same! Minnesota splits at Pegula winning 2-1 Friday night and dropping a 4-3 overtime contest Saturday. Michigan State splits out at Kohl losing 2-1 Friday night and a 3-0 bounce back victory Saturday.
Our Non-conference opponents: RPI goes 0-1-1 on the road at Cornell and at Colgate. UMass-Lowell picked up a road tie at Boston College in their only game of the weekend. BC had the tie and an overtime victory in the Beanpot 3rd place game over Harvard. Boston University had a 1-1-1 weekend with a 0-1-1 home series with Notre Dame and the overtime win in the Beanpot Final over Northeastern. New Hampshire swept Connecticut in a home and home series. Ferris State swept Alabama-Huntsville on the road.

This Week:
Michigan (#19) hosts Wisconsin (#55) for a two game series Friday (7:30 FSD+) and Saturday (4:00 BTN). Obviously a MUST SWEEP SERIES. Wisconsin is entering the series as the #55 team (out of 59 teams) in the country and sit dead last in the B1G standings.
Around the B1G: Michigan State (t#33) goes on the road again this time out to Minnesota (#10) for a Thursday (9:00 BTN) and Friday night (9:00 BTN) series. State needs to pick up some points if they want to keep themselves close to the top teams in conference and potentially grab a bye to the second day of the B1G tournament. Penn State (t#25) goes down to Columbus for a Friday (6:30 BTN) and Saturday (7:00) series against Ohio State (#43) and they need to win both to keep their conference title hopes strong.
Non-conference foes: American International (#58) has a home and home series with Army (#57), RPI (#48) welcomes Clarkson (#38) in on Friday night and St. Lawrence (#20) Saturday night. BC (#9) goes on the road to South Bend for a rivalry series with Notre Dame (#32) Friday and Saturday. BU (#6) has a home and home series with Northeastern (#t#21) (the same team that they beat 4-3 in overtime Monday night). Lowell (#16) stays at home to take on Vermont (t#17) in a series of top 20 teams who are fighting for a chance at an at-large bid. New Hampshire (#35) hosts Merrimack (t#29) for a two game series Friday and Saturday. Ferris State (#37) hosts Bemidji State (t#25) for 2. Michigan Tech (#5) goes on the road with a solid chance to help Michigan's RPI as they travel to Mankato to take on the #1 team Minnesota State for two games.
Other games of note: Harvard (t#17) hosts Quinnipiac (t#11) Friday. Yale (#15) hosts Colgate (t#21) Friday and Cornell (31) Saturday. Miami (#4) travels to Denver (#7) for two games. Nebraska-Omaha (#8) travels up north to take on Minnesota-Duluth (#3) twice.

1. Michigan           27pts 9-5-0-0
2. Minnesota         27pts 8-3-3-0
3. Michigan State  25pts 7-5-2-2
4. Penn State        25pts 8-5-1-0
5. Ohio State         12pts 4-10-0-0
6. Wisconsin          10pts 2-10-2-2

1. Minnesota State
2. North Dakota
3. Minnesota-Duluth
4. Miami
5. Michigan Tech
6. Boston university
7. Denver
8. Nebraska-Omaha
9. Boston College
t11 Quinnipiac
t11 Providence
13. Bowling Green
14. St.Cloud State
15. Yale
16. UMass-Lowell
t17 Vermont
t17 Harvard
20. St. Lawrence
35. New Hampshire
37. Ferris State
48. Rensselaer
58. American International

Stats Update:
Points (B1G rank)
t3   (1) Zach Hyman 43
t11 (2) Dylan Larkin 38
t11 (2) Zach Hyman 18
t6   (2) Dylan Larkin 26
t10 (3) Zach Hyman 25
Team Offense #1 (1) 3.96 Goals per Game
Team Defense #40 (4) 3.00 Goals per Game
Power Play #5 (2) 23.23%
Penalty Kill t#33 (2) 81.9%


Looking Forward:
I ran some tests on a Pairwise simulator and if Michigan sweeps Wisconsin it looks like worst case scenario (non-conference opponents lose, teams around Michigan win) Michigan remains #19 and one of the better case scenarios (with help of some reasonable upsets and favourable outcomes from non-conference opponents and teams around Michigan) the Wolverines could move up into the 15th spot. A reasonable outcome this weekend would leave Michigan a couple spots shy and rank #17 before next weeks series at Penn State. The hopes for an at-large ARE NOT DEAD!

This Week in College Hockey

This Week in College Hockey

Submitted by Canadian on February 13th, 2015 at 5:58 PM

I want to start with a quick apology for missing last week. I was on afternoons, ticked about losing the game at the Joe and PISSED abouit the fiasco that was scheduled for last Saturday.

On with the show. Week 21:

Froday February 13

6:30 #55 Wisconsin @ #38 Ohio State
7:00 #20 Penn State @ #36 Michigan State
7:00 #15 UMass-Lowell @ #44 Mass
7:00 #54 Brown @ #42 RPI
7:00 #40 New Hampshire @ #3 Boston College
7:00 #8 Bowling Green @ #41 Ferris State
7:00 #21 Colgate @ #16 Harvard
7:00 #17 St. Lawrence @ #13 Quinnipiac
7:30 #19 Vermont @ #11 Boston College
7:30 #10 Providence @ #35 Notre Dame
8:00 #21 St. Cloud State @ #5 Minnesota-Duluth
8:30 #9 Denver @ #2 North Dakota
8:30 #25 Western Michigan @ #4 Nebraska-Omaha
9:00 #12 Michigan @ #13 Minnesota
9:00 #58 American International @ #51 Air Force
9:30 #7 Miami @ #48 Colorado College
11:00 #6 Michigan Tech @ #49 Alaska-Anchorage
11:00 #1 Minnesota State @ #32 Alaska

Key Games:
- Penn State travels to East Lansing trying to hold onto their Top 2 spot in the B1G standings (Top two seeds get first round bye in Tournament). Both teams play a defensive style of hockey with Penn State throwing anything and everything at the net in the offensive zone. Hildebrand will be in for a tough matchup against one of the top scoring players in the country (Casey Bailey). PSU should win both of these games this weekend and pick up 5 to 6 points but as we all know from the Duel in the D MSU just needs to block shots and play their crappy style of hockey and get lucky offensively.
- UMass-Lowell needs to rebound from a very tough stretch of games and keep themselves in the tournament picture. Lowell winning helps Michigan marginally as Michigan has played and beaten them this season.
- New Hampshire (a team Michigan holds a winning record against) goes on the road against a top five team in Boston University (a team that holds a winning record over Michigan). The odds of NHU pulling off this upset aren't good but if it were to happen  it would help Michigan's RPI.
- Denver at North Dakota provides us with a top 10 matchup that could lead to Denver falling enough that Michigan could leapfrog them if everything goes our way (UND and Michigan sweep)
- Michigan @ Minnesota is the top series in the B1G. It is a matchup of top 15 teams (in the Pairwise rankings). Michigan needs to win at least one to boost their ranking back into the range where they are competing for a favorable seed in the tournament (being swept will hurt chances of at-large bid so much so that I think they'd need to win out). My prediciton for this series is that Michigan picks up 4 points (a win and shootout loss that counts as a tie in NCAA's eyes).
- 2 top ranked teams travel out to Alaska for series this weekend which always causes me a little concern.

Saturday February 14

6:00 #20 Penn State @ #36 Michigan State
7:00 #55 Wisconsin @ #38 Ohio State
7:00 #44 Mass @ #15 UMass-Lowell
7:00 #3 Boston University @ #40 New Hampshire
7:00 #18 Yale @ #42 RPI
7:00 #19 Vermont @ #11 Boston College
7:00 #8 Bowling Green @ #41 Ferris State
7:00 #33 Clarkson @ #13 Quinnipiac
7:00 #27 Cornell @ #16 Harvard
8:00 #12 Michigan @ #13 Minnesota
8:00 #9 Denver @ #2 North Dakota
8:00 #10 Providence @ #35 Notre Dame
8:00 #21 St. Cloud State @ #5 Minnesota-Duluth
8:00 #25 Western Michigan @ #4 Nebraska-Omaha
9:00 #58 American International @ #51 Air Force
9:00 #7 Miami @ #48 Colorado College
11:00 #6 MIchigan Tech @ #49 Alaska-Anchorage
11:00 # 1 Minnesota State @ #32 Alaska

Other Key Games:
- Wisconsin travels to Columbus in a matchup of the bottom 2 teams in the conference. Ohio State winning would be better for Michigan as we still have a road game down there and the B1G can't afford to have another team drop in the rankings. Wisconsin being so bad means its actually best for the conference if they lose out as they can't really climb in the Pairwise enough to help anyone.
- Ferris State has two shots to knock off a Top 10 team at home which would help Michigan's RPI.
- Boston College, who is currently ranked one spot ahead of Michigan hosts a hungry Vermont squad who are sitting just outside of the top 16. Vermont winning a game or sweeping will result in a great chance for Michigan to jump into the top 10 if they take care of business.

3 Things Michigan "NEEDS"
- A split on the road at Minnesota is crucial for a shot at a 2 seed going forward and obviously a help in the B1G standings
- Ohio State needs to sweep Wisconsin on home ice
- UMass-Lowell sweeping Mass and getting their season back together.

This Week in College Hockey

This Week in College Hockey

Submitted by Canadian on January 30th, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Michigan may only play one game this weekend but there is a ton of other great games for college hockey fans to keep their eyes on. I am on afternoons this week so I won't be able to have the board posts I had last week. I will however be watching tonights Michigan game via Slingbox on my tablet (Technology and stuff)

Week 19:

Friday January 30

7:00 #54 Sacred Heart @ #58 American International
7:00 #40 Rensselaer @ #33 Dartmouth
7:00 #15 UMass-Lowell @ #17 Merrimack
7:00 #45 Alabama-Huntsville @ #10 Michigan Tech
7:00 #19 Quinnipiac @ #53 Brown
7:00 #31 Cornell @ #17 Colgate
7:00 #29 Union @ #3 Harvard
7:00 #56 Princeton @ #16 Yale
7:30 #12 Michigan vs #36 Michigan State (FYS)
7:30 #9 Providence @ #13 Boston College
7:30 #48 Massachusetts @ #3 Boston University
7:30 #41 New Hampshire @ #34 Notre Dame
8:30 #39 Ferris State @ #1 Minnesota State
8:30 #2 NOrth Dakota @ #3 Nebraska-Omaha
9:00 #20 Minnesota @ #55 Wisconsin
9:30 #7 Minnesota-Duluth @ #11 Denver

Key Games:
- UMass-Lowell has another chance this weekend to help themselves and help Michigan. THey start off the weekend on the road against a team sitting just outside of the PWR top 16.
- There is a top 15 matchup in Chestnut Hill as Boston College is hosting Providence. A Boston College win would improve the RPI of Michigan it should cause Michigan to get passed by BC as thye currently sit only one spot below Michigan.
- The Duel in the D is previewed on the front page (Thanks Brian MOAR Hockey Content please...
- North Dakota takes their #2 ranking on the road to face #3 Nebraska-Omaha. Both teams should remain highly ranked but if North Dakota were to win both games on the road this weekend you could see Neb-Omaha fall down into a range that Michigan could be fighting with them for seed and region ccome NCAA tournament time.
- Ferris State could help Michigan's RPI with a road win in Mancato but C.J. Motte will need to stand on his head to knock off the #1 team in the country on the road.
- Minnesota NEEDS to beat lowly Wisconsin as they are currently sitting 4 spots out of top 16.

Saturday January 31

1:00 #14 Vermont vs #22 Penn State
6:30 #41 New Hampshire @ #34 Notre Dame
7:00 #54 Sacred Heart @ #58 American International
7:00 #45 Alabama Huntsville @ #10 Michigan Tech
7:00 #17 Merrimack @ #15 UMass-Lowell
7:00 #7 Minnesota-Duluth @ #11 Denver
7:00 #8 Miami @ #21 Western Michigan
8:00 #39 Ferris State @ #1 Minnesota State
8:00 #20 Minnesota @ #55 Wisconsin
8:00 #2 North Dakota @ #3 Nebraska-Omaha
8:00 #6 Bowling Green @ #28 Bemidji State

Key Games:
- Penn State hosts a team ranked a couple spots below Michigan in Vermont in their only game of the weekend. A non-conference win would be nice for PSU and the B1G.
- New Hampshire winning two games at a higher ranked Notre Dame would be a nice little bump in Michigan's RPI.
- the only conference matchup is the second game of the Minnesota Wisconsin series at Kohl. it is very important for Minnesota to sweep both of these games.

Monday February 2

5:00 #3 Harvard vs #3 Boston University
8:00 #13 Boston College vs #24 Northeastern

Wednesday February 4

7:00 #9 Providence @ #36 Connecticut

Key Games:

- The best tournament in the country get started Monday night. The first round of the Beanpot matches the two top teams, Harvard and Boston University, in the early game and a BU win helps Michigan''s RPI slightly.

3 Things Michigan "needs"
- all 3 points against Michigan State
- Minnesota to take all 6 points from Wisconsin
- UMass-Lowell winning the home and home series.

The Week that was in College Hockey

The Week that was in College Hockey

Submitted by Canadian on January 29th, 2015 at 1:51 PM

unfortunately I have been having computer issues the past couple of days and have written this Diary entry 2 times in full already without being able to post so todays recap is going to be VERY short. Expect the Preview of this weeks action out around the same time Friday.

Friday January 23 (all rankings are pairwise as of 1/22)

#29 Ohio State 1 @ 4 #41 Michigan State
#27 Northern Michigan 4 @ 5 #22 Penn State
#8 Boston University 4 @ 2 #12 Vermont
#36 New Hampshire 4 @ 6 #49 Maine
#36 Dartmouth 2 @ 2 #16 Colgate
#7 Harvard 2 @ 3 #30 Cornell
#10 Yale 2 @ 3 #23 St. Lawrence
#50 Mass. 4 @ 4 #16 Merrimack
#53 Lake Superior 3 @ 1 #3 Bowling Green
#14 Providence 7 @ 3 #9 UMass-Lowell
#12 Denver 3 @ 1 #6 Miami
#1 Minnesota State 4 @ 2 #19 Minnesota
#15 Michigan 7 @ 4 #54 Wisconsin

Recap of Key Games:
- Penn State fell behind 4-1 15 minutes into 2nd period before pulling Skoff and charging back to win 5-4 in regulation.
- UMass-Lowell gave up the first 3 goals of the game and didn't mount much of a comeback losing on home ice by the score of 7-3 to the team ranked one spot above Michigan.
-  Michigan State won 4-1 thanks to 2 goals in the second and 2 in the third (agiainst one Buckeye 3rd oeriod tally)
- Minnesota and Minnesota State exchanged goals in the 1st and again in the first 10 minutes of the second.before Minnesota State pulled away with 2 goals in the second half of the 2nd period. HTe 4-2 Minnesota Loss didn't really hurt them but a win wouldv'e been much more beneficial.
- Michigan opened up horribly but turned it around in the second and poured it on in the 3rd.
First peroiod in Madison just under 3 minutes into the game Joseph LaBate scored a power play goal to take the lead. Justin Selmon scored a power play marker to tie the game up with 6:13 left in the period (assists to Kile and Werenski). just 26 seconds later Grant Besse answered for the Badgers to re-establish the 1 goal home team advantage. With just 1:19 to go in the period Joseph LaBate scored another power play goal. Wsiconsin's total season goals in the 1st heading into this game was 2.
Second Period saw another early Badger goal, on Michigan's 2nd goalie of the night  as Nagelvoort replaced Racine after the intermission, Jedd Soleway scored the Badgers 3rd PPG of the game giving the Badgers a 4-1 lead on home ice. 1:11 later Justin Selman scored his 2nd goal of the game (assists to Hyman and Larkin) to pull within 2. With just over 5 minuted to play in the period Captain (and Hockey God) Andrew Copp scored on the Power Play (assists to Downing and Compher) to cut the lead to 4-3 heading into the 3rd (Michigan was 0-6 when trailing after 2). Michigan outshot Wisconsin 13-2 in the middle frame
Third Period started off slow in terms of goal scoring. Zach (HOBEY) Hyman got things started back up again 9:19 into the final regulation period scoring in his 6th straight game (assists to Selman and De Jong). 1:01 later Alex Kile found the back of the net (assists to Shuart and Downing) to give the Wolverines their first lead of the game. 1:02 after the Kile goal Justin Selmon completed the Hat Trick (assists to Larkin and Hyman). That was 3 goals in 2:03 of game time. Andrew Copp added the empty netter with just over a minute to play for his second goal of the game (assist to Motte).
Racine started and gave up 3 goals on 8 shots in the first period
Nagelvoort came in at the start of second and allowed 1 goal on 2 shots in the period before stopping all 10 shots he faced in the 3rd.

Saturday January 24

#27 Northern Michigan 5 @ 5 #22 Penn State
#19 Minnesota 1 vs 2 #5 MInnesota-Duluth
#29 Ohio State 0 @ 2 #41 Michigan State
#9 UMass-Lowell 1 @ 4 #14 Providence
#8 Boston University 2 @ 1 #12 Vermont
#7 Harvard 6 @ 1 #16 Colgate
#12 Denver 1 @ 4 # 6 Miami
#39 Rensselaer 3 @ 8 #33 Union
#15 Michigan 6 @ 0 #54 Wisconsin

Recap of Key Games
- UMass-Lowell is swept by Providence
- RPI is crushed by Union. only positive is the game was on the road.
- Minnesota drops their second game of the weekend to another top  team in Minnesota-Dultuh.
- Michigan State completes the sweep of Ohio State with the 2-0 shutout
- Penn State ties Notrthern to go 1-0-1 on the weekend.
- fresh off the 7-4 come-from-behind win Michigan scored early and often in this game that was a rout from the get go.
First Period Dylan Larkin got things going EARLY, 1:12 into the the game to be exact (assists to Selman and Hyman). just 51 seconds later Michigan's top line scored again this time it was Zach Hyman with the goal (assists to Larkin and Selman). Things quieted down on the goal front until there was 4:14 to go in the period when Tony Calderone scored (assists to Copp and Serville). Zach Werenski added a beautiful goal (assists to Sinelli and Copp) with just 1:00 to go in the first.
Second Period saw just 1 goal. Zach Hyman scored 1:16 into the period (unassisted) to make it 5-0 in the first 21:16 of action
Third Period had only one goal as well and it was DMan Zach Werenski getting his second one the game (assists to Motte and Calderone)
Nagelvoort was given the start after his recen t relief efforts and stopped all 17 shots fired his way for the Shutout.

Sunday January 25
#16 Merrimack 1 @ 4 # 50 Mass. (Game was rescheduled from Saturday)

Tuesday January 27
#16 Merrimack @ #34 Connecticut was rescheduled

3 Things
- Penn State defending home ice. They went 1-0-1 against non conference opponent NMU
- Minnesota going no worse than 1-1. They went 0-2 didn't hurt as much as it couldv'e as they ended up playing the two best teams in the tournament.
- Michigan 6 point sweep. CHECK

Pairwise Update (Top 20 and Non conference opponents(*), BIG in all caps)

1) Minnesota State
2) North Dakota
t3) Boston University*
t3) Nebraska-Omaha
t3) Harvard
6) Bowling Green
7) Minnesota-Duluth
8) Miami
9) Providence
10) Michigan Tech*
11) Denver
13) Boston College*
14) Vermont
15) UMass-Lowell*
16) Yale
t17) Colgate
t17) Merrimack
19) Quinnipiac

39) Ferris State*
40) Rensselaer*
t41) New Hampshire*
58) American International*

B1G Standings
1) Michigan 21pts 7-1-0-0
2) Penn State 16pts 5-2-1-0
3) Michigan State 13pts 3-3-2-2
4) Minnesota 8pts 2-2-2-0
5) Ohio State 6pts 2-6-0-0
6) Wisconsin 2pts 0-5-1-1

Individual Stats Update
- Zach Hyman ranks 4th Nationally in points.
- Dylan Larkin ranks 12th Nationally in points (2nd to only Jack Eichel amongst Freshmen).
- Zach Hyman ranks 3rd Nationally in points per game.
- Dylan Larkin ranks 6th Nationally in points per game (2nd to Eichel amongst Freshmen).
- Zach Hyman ranks 5th Nationally 2nd in B1G in Goals.
- Andrew Copp ranks 27th Nationally 3rd in B1G in Goals.
- Alex Kile is 6th ranks B1G in Goals.
- Dylan Larkin ranks 7th Nationally in Assists 1st in B1G
- Zach Hyman ranks 10th Nationally in Assists 3rd in B1G
- Tyler Motte ranks 25th Nationally in Assists 5th in B1G
- Zach Nagelvoort ranks 43rd in GAA 3rd in B1G

Team Stats Update
- Offense leads the nation in Goals per game at 4.36. 2nd place Robert Morris sits at 3.73.
- Defense ranks 44th nationally allowing 3.00 goals per game. Ohio State and Wisconsin are only B1G schools ranked lower
- Michigan's Power Play ranks 2nd in the Nation and Conference behind Minnesota (24.69% and 25.58% respectively)
- Michigan's Penalty Kill ranks 43rd in the nation and only ahead of Ohio State and Wisconsin in conference


I'm planning on starting the preview tonight after i get home from work and will try to get it out around noon on Friday.

and thanks to another Michigan sweep I leave you with one simple statement "1, 2 YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO...."



This Week in College Hockey

This Week in College Hockey

Submitted by Canadian on January 22nd, 2015 at 6:49 PM

I am hoping to turn this into a regular series of posts including a recap post earlier in the week. I just hope to make this into something college hockey fans on this site can turn to and be updated and slightly informed on what is going on around the country. In the preview posts I will list out all games involving the pairwise top 20, B1G games, and Michigan Opponents (past and future).

Lets try this out:

Week 18:

Friday, January 23 (all rankings are Pairwise ranks as of 1/22 and all times in EST)

5:00 #5 Minnesota-Duluth  vs  #38 Bemidji State
7:00 #29 Ohio State @  #41 Michigan State
7:00 #27 Northern Michigan @  #22 Penn State
7:00 #50 Air Force @  #58 American International
7:00 #26 Alaska @  #11 Michigan Tech
7:00 #8 Boston University @  #12 Vermont
7:00 #36 New Hampshire @  #49 Maine
7:00 #36 Dartmouth @ #16 Colgate
7:00 #7 Harvard @  #30 Cornell
7:00 #10 Yale @ #23 St. Lawrence
7:00 #50 Massachusetts @ #16 Merrimack
7:00 #53 Lake Superior @ #3 Bowling Green
7:15 #14 Providence @ #9 UMass-Lowell
7:30 #12 Denver @ #6 Miami
8:00 #1 Minnesota State vs #19 Minnesota
8:00 #42 Colorado College @ #4 North Dakota
9:00 #15 Michigan @ #54 Wisconsin

Key Games:
- Penn State steps out of conference play to host a top 30 opponent at Pegula with the chance to help out their conference members RPI marginally.
- UMass-Lowell (a top 10 team Michigan beat on the road earlier this season) has a chance to knock off a top15 opponent at home.
- Ohio State travels to East Lansing in a matchup of middle of the road B1G teams.
- Michigan travels out to Madison and NEEDS to sweep all 6 points to keep their at-large bid hopes alive if they were to falter at the B1G Tournament. Wisconsin goaltender Joel Rumpel will provide a tough test for Michigan's high powered offense but the key to this series is Michigan playing solid defense.
- Huge Tournament taking place in St. Paul Minnesota. It is known as the North Star College Cup and features 3 teams in the top 20 of the Pairwise rankings heading into the weekend. For Michigan fans we should be rooting for Minnesota to win the tournament for the 2nd consecutive year (just started last year) and the first step to do that is beating the #1 team in the nation Friday night. The setup is just like the GLI in that you play one game and then the losers play in a 3rd place game and the winners meet up in a championship game; so it is possible Minnesota could pick up 2 Top 5 wins this weekend which would be a help for not only their resume but help Michigan's too.

Saturday January 24

4:30 #27 Northern Michigan @ #22 Penn State
5:00 North Star College Cup 3rd Place Game
7:00 #29 Ohio State @ #41 Michigan State
7:00 #9 UMass-Lowell @ #14 Providence
7:00 #26 Alaska @ #11 Michigan Tech
7:00 #50 Air Force @ #58 American International
7:00 #8 Boston University @ #12 Vermont
7:00 #7 Harvard @ #16 Colgate
7:00 #16 Merrimack @ #50 Massachusetts
7:00 #12 Denver @ #6 Miami
7:00 #53 Lake Superior @ #3 Bowling Green
7:30 #39 Rensselaer @ #33 Union
8:00 North Star College Cup Championship Game
8:00 #15 Michigan @ #54 Wisconsin
8:00 #42 Colorado College @ #4 North Dakota

New Key Games:
- UMass-Lowell flips around for the second half of the home and home with #14 Providence and a road win for a team that Michigan beat is helpful
- Air Force travels and faces #58 American International. hey Michigan beat AIT and why not hope they can win a game against a fellow bottom 10 team??
- RPI goes on the road for a one game weekend against a slightly higher ranked Union squad. For Michigan fans it will be a nice gift for RPI to pick up the road win. GO ENGINEERS!
- Hopefully Minnesota is in the championship of the North Star College Cup and facing #5 Minnesota-Duluth. It is important for Minnesota to win at least one game this weekend and to do so they will need to beat a top 5 opponent or Bemidji State (#38) if they meet up in 3rd place game. Obviously Top 5 win(s) for a team Michigan holds a 2-0-0 record against would be a boost for the RPIs of B1G teams (most importantly Michigan).

Tuesday January 27

7:00 #16 Merrimack @ #34 Connecticut

any relevance??
yes. While the RPI difference between Michigan and Merrimack is small the record among common opponents leans Michigan's way which at worst would leave them in a 1-1 tie (1 point for RPI in Merrimack's favor and 1 point for common opponents in Michigan's favor) leaving it impossible for Merrimack to pass Michigan in the Pairwise rankings (they could be tied with Merrimack holding tiebreaker (RPI)). GO UCONN!!

3 things Michigan "needs"
- Penn State defending home ice
- Minnesota going no worse than 1-1
- Michigan 6 point sweep.


link to pairwise rankings