Calvin Anderson- Grad OT target- latest statements

Calvin Anderson- Grad OT target- latest statements

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Since this is a position of great need, and as the recruiting services aren't showing Crystal Balls for grad transfers like Calvin Anderson, I put together a few recent quotes from him. I'm not going to post the earlier info Brian did a great job of running through on MgoBlog, nor am I trying to cherry pick. So far Anderson has taken visits to Texas, Auburn and Michigan. Hopefully this gives people an idea of (at least what he is communicating as) his thought process. Caveat: recruits generally talk up every school they visit, so you may have to read between the lines some.

On his decision to transfer in general, Anderson stated that after his redshirt junior season in Houston, he talked his possible NFL future over with his father. The two agreed he had legitimate NFL dreams that could best reach their potential at a Power 5 institution.

I am trying to go to the best place for seven months to get prepared the best.

On his thoughts about Auburn

“I think they helped themselves greatly. I already thought pretty highly of Auburn and I didn’t know much about it, and now that I know a lot more than I did, I think they went from being great to more great,” Anderson said. “For placements and all that, I got to think through it, but I think they certainly — it’s certainly pluses. So, how many pluses, I’ll figure out, but certainly pluses.”...
“A lot of it speaks for itself. Obviously SEC football is the biggest football you can play at the collegiate level.”

On his thoughts about Texas:

“Proximity to home is not really much of a factor, because I am trying to go to the best place for seven months to get prepared the best. So it’s great to be at home. All that’s great. But that’s not really weighing into this decision, because it’s a business decision,” Anderson said. “So I’m taking into account what can help me be better, and I don’t think proximity to home has anything to do with that.”

On his thoughts about Michigan:

“The thing that sets Michigan apart, other than how much I like [Michigan director of recruiting Matt] Dudek and coach [Tim] Drevno, is the opportunity to play against Ohio State and Nick Bosa,” Anderson said. “That’s a huge deal to me because it’s a high-profile game and gives any high-level tackle a chance to boost their stock. Also, the importance of the alumni bases is a big benefit. “He’s the best defensive end in the country, so I would love the opportunity to display my talents against him. I love the chance to play against big-time defensive ends.”

As  much as I would willingly argue with Anderson on that last point, he also explained that going up against Rashan Gary in practice on a daily basis is another benefit to choosing Michigan. (I've also included the paywalled site interview regarding Michigan for those who have 247, but have only posted public info).

Any and all other wildcard information out there: 

Anderson's father was just promoted to "full bird" Colonel in the army. That's a big mark that few career officers attain. Michigan and Texas both sent him congratulatory letters. Not so much the other schools. That appears to not have been lost on Anderson, either. 

Today my dad had the honor of being promoted to the rank of full bird Colonel in the army! I’m incredibly proud of his dedication to not only our family, but to our country. Thank you @UMichFootball and @TexasFootball for the tributes to him as well! #HookEm #Michigan

— Calvin Anderson (@THE_CONDA25) February 3, 2018

He stated he plans on making a decision by March 25th.

SIAP- Two articles: Calvin Anderson & Jude Stamper

SIAP- Two articles: Calvin Anderson & Jude Stamper

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Both of these are at The Athletic, for which most content is behind a paywall. But I believe they have "freed" the Stamper article due to its popularity.

Calvin Anderson - No clear indication on his choice here (because, one supposes, he has yet to make it), but it does seem like (A) he's down to Texas and Michigan and (B) he had a great visit at Texas last week. The article certainly paints him as having the character of a Michigan Man , but the staff have their work cut out for them this weekend.…

“I think moving on to the NFL is a dream come true, obviously, so we talked about it,” he said. “My dad was telling me I have the unique opportunity to go and try to play another year at a better program, on a bigger stage with more visibility, which would probably increase my draft stock and all that. We were being strategic about it.”

Jude Stamper - Thorough profile of 12-year-old teammate of MBB, and of course further evidence that John Beilein is an excellent human being.…

Soon after, in late August, Beilein hired Chinedu Nwachukwu as Michigan basketball's new director of program personnel. Beilein told him one of his first tasks was to contact Team IMPACT and get the ball rolling. Nwachukwu called McGeehan and, just like that, an alliance was formed and lives were changed. “Oh, I have just the kid for you,” McGeehan burst when Nwachukwu reached out.