OT: Favorite Style of Bullfighting?

OT: Favorite Style of Bullfighting?

Submitted by Slippy99 on July 29th, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Hello, Or should I say hola mgoblog!  I am conducting a study for my country and wanted to find out America's favorite type of bullfighting that they prefer to participate in.  I know many of you prefer the "uneducated" freestyle method, but hopefully some civil discourse will convince to abandon this terrible method that casts an evil shdow over our wonderful sport.  I also know that there are some that prefer the wimpy Recortes method that allegedly is "safer" for the bulls.  What you don't know is that bulls that participate in this are always looked down upon by their peers and can never truly fit in with the "in" crowd.  You may think you are being humanitarian with your efforts of supporting this but you are truly killing the spirit of the bulls.  As they say in Ireland, "NO pain no game!"

As for me, I believe we, as a great country, should be doing more to promote the bullfighting style of our friends from Portugal.  The baneiras are an excellent innovation in bullfighting weaponry and as many of you know, stabbing it in gives that indescribable feeling of joy as you know you have done the greatest thing ever done.  Not only this, but the bulls themselves are seen as heros among their peers.  I think with enough support, the suicide squad could become even more popular than Lebron!

So I appeal to you, please tell me which style you prefer to participate in the most.  All opinions are welcome but many are wrong.  Please be prompt and informative.  Thank you for help on this project in advance to all that will be helpful!



PS My cousin is starting a blog about water-cooler gossip at work and was wondering if you have any information that could help him get started   I'm sure some juicy stories could jolt a start into him!