TerBush Bulletin Board Material

TerBush Bulletin Board Material

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on October 4th, 2012 at 1:06 PM

The Indianopolis Star has an article on Purdue's chances of making it to the B1G championship game in Indy.  At the end, there is an interesting quote from Purdue QB Caleb TerBush that seems to be perfectly made as bulletin board material for the Michigan locker room:

 "We don't want to get caught up in looking ahead, and then you miss those games you should win," quarterback Caleb TerBush said. "We have to stay focused on the task ahead, and that's Michigan."




Now I don't think Michigan needs any extra incentive to play hard on Saturday; the poor play against ND and taking the first step toward winning the B1G should be enough.  And I don't blame TerBush for showing confidence, either, but his sentiment does seem like a stupid thing to say to a reporter because it can so easily be construed as meaning he sees Michigan as a trap game, a game that Purdue should definitely win. Perhaps the only reason Purdue might not win is that they are looking ahead to prepare for better teams later in their schedule.

From the context it appears he's saying something different, talking about defending the home turf, being sure to play strong at home.

Or, maybe in TerBush's eyes Purdue really has arrived and is superior to Michigan.