OT: Henne leads Jags to comeback win over Browns

OT: Henne leads Jags to comeback win over Browns

Submitted by Mitch Cumstein on December 1st, 2013 at 4:23 PM

The Jaguars just beat the Browns at Cleveland to make it 3 of the last 4.  Henne had a solid day with 195 yards and 2 TDs (1 int).  He also lead the Jags down the field with a 3:15 drive that ended in the game winning TD pass with 40 seconds left.  

I'm happy for Chad Henne and hopefully he can keep the solid play going and earn the starting QB spot for next year.  



More Braylon being Braylon

More Braylon being Braylon

Submitted by Undefeated dre… on January 7th, 2010 at 6:23 PM

First, a disclaimer: I love the Browns almost as much as I love the Wolverines. I know, I know.

Second, Braylon's endowment of scholarships at U-M is a wonderful thing.

Third, he still has a habit of talking when he probably shouldn't: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=jc-edwardsescape010710

I'll be the first to admit the Browns were, and probably will continue to be, a mess. But when your current team is in the playoffs, it's probably best to talk only about them and nobody else.

Stuff you're probably better off not saying:

“I wasn’t into being there. It was a situation where, what am I supposed to do?” the Detroit native and University of Michigan alum asked rhetorically. “What am I supposed to say? ‘Damn, I got drafted here and I don’t want to play here’? It was a situation where you play the [political] game. Nobody says they don’t want to get drafted somewhere, in a situation like that. Bernie Kosar was the only one.”

Edwards’ assessment of the Browns quarterback situation is even bleaker. Asked if anyone could succeed at that spot in Cleveland, he said: “No, not at all. Brady Quinn and I are real good friends and I wish the best for him. But no.”

OK, yeah, sure, I'm stuck rooting for Brady Quinn. It might get worse -- I may have to root for Clausen next year.

One good note -- the article stresses how awesome Braylon is at blocking. Walter Smith would be proud!