OSU RB Brionte Dunn charged with possession of marijuana

OSU RB Brionte Dunn charged with possession of marijuana

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Been a tough summer for Hoke and Urban Meyer. It will be interesting to see how Meyer handles this considering starting RB Jordan Hall is out at least another 6 weeks with injury.


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From Eleven Warriors:


UPDATE 7:58pm: An Alliance Police Department report shows Dunn was arrested on June 2 for "Failure to Control." He appeared in court June 6, plead guilty and paid $35 and court costs, a total of $110.

There is no listing of Bri'onte Dunn being arrested July 28 or July 29 on the Alliance Police Department's online listing of arrests.

ESPN Radio couldn't have jumped the gun, right?

Update to the update: Eleven Warriors is now saying there is a new arrest. No new details yet.

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The arrest is not related to the June incident.

More from Eleven Warriors:

UPDATE 9:06pm: Dustin Fox confirms Dunn was arrested this weekend:

Confirmed the Dunn arrest.. I have some more information but don't want to put it out there right now. I'm sure OSU will release a statement

UPDATE 8:37pm: Former Ohio State punter Jon Thoma weighs in:

Heard from someone back home that the Dunn weekend arrest is real. Couldn't say anything else, but doesn't look like the June arrest is all.

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CantonRep.com is reporting Dunn was found with drug paraphernalia possession and a seat belt violation, both misdemeanors. They report he was not arrested or booked into jail.


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CantonRep.com is now reporting Dunn was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was charged with a total of 4 misdemeanors and actually looks like he got off pretty lightly considering the potential DUI/reckless driving (already has a prior failure to control) and close to half a pound of marijuana in the police report:

Police observed Dunn driving on E. Broadway Street when he almost ran the blinking red light at Arch Avenue, traveled over the crosswalk and almost struck a patrol car, according to a police report.

Police stopped Dunn for the violation and he and his passenger were found to have a wooden pipe used for smoking marijuana, along with less than 200 grams of marijuana on the seat cushions and floor boards where he was seated. A small amount of marijuana was also found in the driver’s door pocket, according to the police report.


Multiple Sources: Dunn Sticking With OSU

Multiple Sources: Dunn Sticking With OSU

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Just to clear this up, as I'm sure the question about Bri'onte Dunn potentially opening back up will be asked several times:

Dunn and Pittman both say they're sticking with OSU.

— Bill Greene (@BillBankGreene) December 20, 2011

That's OSU's main guy on Scout. Other sources are saying the same thing.

Brionte / Recruiting Thread

Brionte / Recruiting Thread

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Haven't seen a thread about recruiting today, which is my biggest interest from now until the bowl game.  Here is a LINK which quotes Brionte as saying he does not want to play in a spread offense.  Not exactly new news but it is the first quote I've seen directly from him.

Any other recruiting updates?