OT: Baseball Books (edited to include top recommendations)

OT: Baseball Books (edited to include top recommendations)

Submitted by LLG on May 6th, 2018 at 3:26 PM

I've become more interested in baseball this year, and I was wondering (for those people on the Board who are fans of baseball), what are your 2 or 3 favorite baseball books?

Also, when your teams is out of the running for the playoffs, what maintains your interest in the game?  Do you follow individual players or have teams that you cheer for in the top tier?  Or do you just somewhat stop watching all together until it gets closer to the playoffs?

Edit -- here are your top recommendations

Ball Four: My Life and Hard Times Throwing the Knuckleball In the Big Leagues by Jim Bouton and Leonard Shecter

The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn

Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball by George Will

The Glory of Their Times: The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It by Lawrence S Ritter

You Gotta Have Wa by Robert Whiting

Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life in the Minor Leagues of Baseball by John Feinstein

Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty by Charles Leerhsen

Only the Ball Was White: A History of Legendary Black Players and All-Black Professional Teams by Robert Peterson

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (Fiction)

OT: John U. Bacon Book Launch TONIGHT, Rackham 7PM

OT: John U. Bacon Book Launch TONIGHT, Rackham 7PM

Submitted by Bando Calrissian on November 7th, 2017 at 10:04 AM

I had the opportunity to attend John U. Bacon's pre-launch book talk for the U of M Club of Greater Chicago last night, and wanted everyone to make sure to head to the official launch tonight, Tuesday, November 7th, at the Rackham Auditorium at 7PM.

Bacon's new book, The Great Halifax Explosion, is the story of what was the largest man-made explosion in human history until the detonation of the first atomic bomb, the massive, accidental detonation of over 3000 tons of explosives, airplane fuel, and the ship that carried it all in the port at Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 6th, 1917. The disaster killed some 2000 people, injured over 9000, and left much of one of Canada's major shipping centers in ruins. The sheer scope of this thing was off the charts. 

What makes this story so extraordinary is the response, both immediate and long-lasting, to one of the world's most significant disasters to date. The book emphasizes the speedy response from Boston with manpower and relief supplies, as well as the outpouring of support, material goods, and manpower from across the United States and Canada that streamed into Halifax in the days and weeks that followed the explosion--this is a story just as much about the world's first mushroom cloud (really!) as it is the human capacity for empathy and selflessness. And there's a bonus Michigan connection to all of this, which all of us fans of Michigan Hockey will all appreciate.

Information on the talk can be found here.

Hope everyone can come out tonight to enjoy one of our university's greatest storytellers, and to celebrate an all-around good guy who does great work in the classroom, in the community, and over the airwaves for this Michigan of ours.

OT: What are you reading?

OT: What are you reading?

Submitted by Cranky Dave on May 20th, 2017 at 8:10 PM
After not reading books for a few months I decided recently to get back into non-fiction. Just finished A World Undone:The Story of the Great War by G. J. Meyer. My first WW1history. At the other end of the spectrum I'm re reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Quite a contrast... What are you reading at the moment?

OT- Book Learnin

OT- Book Learnin

Submitted by FatGuyTouchdown on July 5th, 2016 at 10:12 PM

We're in peak offseason, so I figure now is a good time to catch up on some reading. Specifically books as they relate to College Football. What's some suggestions for the hardcore fan?

Some of mine: 

1. 4th and Long- John U Bacon

2. The Meat Market- Bruce Feldman

3. The System- Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian.



1. That horseshit book Rosenberg published. 


Anyone else have any favorites? 

OT: Recommended reading on coaching philosophies

OT: Recommended reading on coaching philosophies

Submitted by lakeside on April 22nd, 2015 at 10:04 AM

MGoBoard, please recommend your favorite text on the topic of coaching/leadership philosophies. I volunteer coach youth (ages 5-7) sports and would like to instill a few ideals of growth, competition, sportmanship, etc. This is difficult if you yourself have a lot to learn on the subject! I could see recommendations in a few areas:

- Simplified stories for youths to read that demonstrate leadership, etc

- Reading for adults on the topic of teaching youth about leadership, competition, etc.

- General reading for adults on philosphies of leadership, competition, etc.

[EDIT - and here is a mostly compiled list. I am going to start with the first two books

- Brian McKormick's 'The 21st Century Basketball Practice'
- Inch and MIles was written for children and written BY John Wooden
- "The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership" by Bill Walsh
- Work Rules' by Laszlo Bock (HR VP at Google
- Matt Christopher books
- The Power of Negative Thinking - Bob Knight
- "Knight"  by Bobby Knight.
- "Tribal Leadership"
- "Wooden: A lifetime of observation and reflections on and off the court"
- Quiet Strength  - Tony Dungy
- Blue Book and 'The Inner Game of Tennis' by John Wooden
- Managing Magnetball
- "Competitive Leadership: Twelve Principles for Success" By Brian Billick.
- "The Education of a Coach".
- "A Season of Life" by Jeffrey Marx
- The Basketball Philosophy of Pete Carril


Recommended reading for new Wolverines

Recommended reading for new Wolverines

Submitted by bdsisme on January 14th, 2011 at 9:40 AM

I have to admit that I am a not a lifelong Michigan fan.  I grew up in upstate New York (like Mike Hart!), and that's where I attended my undergraduate school.  I watched a lot of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Penn State football, and Syracuse was "my" basketball team (due to proximity).

I came to Michigan for my PhD, and have been here for a little over 3 years (I outlasted RR!).  In this time, I have quickly become a die-hard UM fan, visiting MGoBlog a dozen times a day and attending every athletic event possible (while still progressing on my degree, of course).

My question is: for someone who is not that familiar with the intricacies of the Michigan football legacy, what books are "the best"?  I've been browsing Amazon and have seen a ton of books, but I'm not sure what lifelong Michigan fans think is the truest (as opposed to a lot of the reviews written by not-as-knowledgeable folk).  I've heard good things about Jon Falk's book -- would it be a good starting point?

OT - "A Dog's Purpose": A Must-Read Book

OT - "A Dog's Purpose": A Must-Read Book

Submitted by UMAmaizinBlue on August 23rd, 2010 at 7:11 PM

In between reading MGoBlog and staring at my calendar hoping it'll move closer to Sept. 4th simply under the power of my thoughts, I found time to read the book, A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron (apparently the author of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter).


I've noticed many people on the blog have dogs or are dog people in general (pics, videos, MGoStalking), and having just finished the book I must say that if you love dogs, you have to read this book. 


I won't ruin it by saying too much, but it's a view of the world from a dog's perspective through his/her various rebirths, as well as the search for his/her purpose in life. It will make you laugh, but be warned: it also has the power to many even the manliest of men (not claiming that I am, but hey...) cry. If anyone else has read this book, feel free to chime in.



OT: Know any good books on college football?

OT: Know any good books on college football?

Submitted by Adamantium on August 12th, 2010 at 3:18 AM

My sister will be going into the hospital no later than Friday to give birth to her first child, which will also be the first kid between all of my sibliings. Finally I will be Uncle Adamantium, and Uncle Adamantium comes bearing gifts:

She lives in central Ohio near her in-laws, who are all Buckeyes to the bone, so that should go over well.

Anyway, I'm making the trip from Chicago to Canton so I can witness all of the hubbub, and I need some reading material to pass what may turn out to be many hours of waiting. Seeing how I tend to break out in violent tremors and generally just go all Mr. Hyde on everyone when I don't get my daily college football fix, I'm looking for some literature on our nation's greatest sport.

I'm opening the floor to any college football books, on any team, any period, any coach, whatever. As long as you liked it, I wanna hear about it. Let's do this.