Book Reports: Three and Out part I

Book Reports: Three and Out part I

Submitted by 909Dewey on October 25th, 2011 at 11:32 PM

I picked up a copy of Three and Out at lunch today and have been reading non stop since getting home from work.  So far I am through 167 pages.  The next chapter begins with the freep article.

I plan on writing a book report here.  I will start by addressing my own questions from the 9/20 mgoblog request for crowd questions.  These are my initial observations, I will update with details later.  What I have learned so far:

1-Prior to being contacted by the UM AD, did Rich Rodriguez have any kind of opinions regarding the state of Michigan, the University of Michigan, or UofM football? What were those opinions?

Yes and no.  The book does mention in general terms RR having some knowledge about Michigan football and some of the tradition associated with it.  However, there isn’t any explicit mention of specifially Nehlen imparting to RR what exactly Michigan represented.

2-Did Bill Martin and RR have any kind of an agreement regarding on-field expectations in the first few years? What did RR expect? What did Martin expect? Did RR receive some kind of "ok" to lose in year one?

RR mentions Bobby Bowden’s timeline for building a program – first you lose by a lot, then you lose by a little, then you win by a little, then you win by a lot – implying a four year, or at least a four stage process.  RR also meets with Mary Sue and Martin after being hired but before the first season starts and mentions the rebuilding project may take more time than originally thought, more than three years according to RR.  Their response is that he may have to remind them again later, in case they forget.  Obviously expectations and how reasonable they may have been was a fundamental theme in this saga.

3-When Brandon was hired did he give RR any kind of ultimatum regarding on field progress?

Not there yet.

4-When RR did the Groban thing, was he somehow trying to force the athletic department to terminate his employment? Would he have welcomed that result at that time?

Not there yet.

5-During the last few Carr years, there was much speculation that he was on the way out soon - his announcement should not have been a surprise. Yet the coaching search seemed haphazard. Did Martin have any kind of transition plan to speak of? Was it executed during the coaching search? Was there internal strife regarding the plan? Does Dave Brandon have a transition plan now?

Martin insists Carr’s retirement was basically a surprise.  Martin did not have any kind of pre-existing transition plan to speak of.

6-The relationship between RR and John Beilein, both coming from WVU and then at UM together, never seemed anything but strained or even non-existent - what was that relationship really like? Did Beilein ever "go to bat" for RR?

           No mention of Beilein, other than in passing, so far