1971 Big Ten Big Time Football Highlights, Bill Fleming narrates

1971 Big Ten Big Time Football Highlights, Bill Fleming narrates

Submitted by markusr2007 on May 24th, 2016 at 6:28 PM

New video posted today is a must see for fans of classic Michigan football, and affords viewers an interesting snapshot in time of what Big Ten football was like in the early 1970s.

This was Bo Schembechler's 3rd team, and his first outright Big Ten title (8-0, 11-1) as Michigan coach. Bo would not win another outright title until 1980, but would sharing the Big 10 crown multiple times in between with Ohio State or Michigan State..

Some interesting footage as well of Michigan players like WR Bo Rather that I had not seen before.

There's some interesting sideline reactions and banter from BigTen coaches as well, like the old NFL films. Indiana's John Pont complaining about player mistakes, etc.

Michigan grad Bill Fleming adds the voice and Purdue's band adds the music.

I can't embed, so here's the link below.





Help remembering 1971 unusual Bo Rather touchdown

Help remembering 1971 unusual Bo Rather touchdown

Submitted by Bleedin9Blue on November 22nd, 2012 at 10:11 PM

Fellow MGoBloggers, I'm enjoying Thanksgiving with my family and, naturally, reminiscing about Michigan football.  My mother, a Michigan grad swears that she remembers Bo Rather scoring a very unique touchdown.  I'd like some help verifying her story.

In a September or October game in 1971, Michigan kicked off after scoring a touchdown whereupon all of the opposing players stood around the ball which stopped in the end zone, but did not touch it (treating it like a punt).  Bo Rather ran down and, according to my mother, touched the ball with one finger and thereby scored a touchdown with no time running off the clock.

I am trying to find documentation of this but my Google-fu has failed me.  Does anyone else remember this touchdown?  Even better, does someone know who this was against and if there's video of it?  It was in the student's endzone on a "warm sunny day" of 1971.

Any help would be appreciated.  Happy Thanksgiving and Go Blue!

Edit: Thanks to Yeoman and k.o.k.Law who both remembered something like this happening against Virginia in 1971.  It sounds like Elliot recovered the ball in the endzone after a kickoff for a TD... but her memory of Bo Rather touching the ball with one finger could've happened before or after the TD was called.

Thanks to MGoBlog for being an amazing resource for Michigan history.