WLA in the house

WLA in the house

Submitted by wolverine1987 on June 7th, 2009 at 3:40 PM

Here's another June post I wouldn't bother with if anything was happening, but as we know, nothing is happening. And when nothing is happening, given that we're M grads and/or fans, the subject will often turn to our second favorite topic- ourselves and this blog.

So I'm tossing in my opinion on what seems to be a controversial topic with some people- the WLA. Given that anti-WLA references seem to pop up without regard to the subject of a given thread, it seems some here have sort of a simmering grudge on.

Not me. I think this blog is different from others because of, among other reasons, the community here, some of whom contribute intelligence, wit, perspective, a fierce passion without homerism, and humor. And I think the WLA members contribute more than their fair share of that.

Granted, it's high school intelligence, childish wit, marxist perspective, juvenile humor and a certain fascination with space, unicorns and women that speak Klingon, but there's room in the M universe for that.

So welcome WLA, good to see Chitown back, and I hope we get full participation from them here in future.