UM hoops vs Binghamton Tuesday 7PM Crisler Center BTN

UM hoops vs Binghamton Tuesday 7PM Crisler Center BTN

Submitted by ClearEyesFullHart on December 11th, 2012 at 1:16 AM
  Binghamton head coach Mark Macon was (edit: Macon was fired in April. He was replaced by some guy named Tommy Dempsey. I have a position open in the fact checking department. It pays nothing, but the hours are good.) in the middle of a cleanup job. His predecessor, Kevin Broadus, was a win at all cost type of guy. An “invent your grades” type of guy. In 2009, after Broadus’s termination, Macon was tasked with the job of cleaning up his mess. He had to kick Malik Alvin, Corey Chandler, Paul Crosby, David Fine, Derrick Rivera and finally Emanuel Mayben off the team for offenses ranging from transcript fraud to selling cocaine.

Forward Miladin Kovacevic was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months in Serbian prison for beating another Binghamton student into a coma.

More recently, 6-9 forward Ben Dickinson took his 14 points, 6 boards and 3 assists to Loyola Marymount. In the wake of this mess the Binghamton bearcats roll into the Crisler Center

having already equalled their 2011-2012 win total at 2-8…and…well…they aren’t good at basketball.


6-4 freshman shooting guard Jordan Reed paces the bearcats with 18 points per game. He also paces them with 10 rebounds, shooting 46% from the field. Truth be told, stop him and you’ve beaten Binghamton.

6ft senior point guard Jimmy Gray leads the team in assists with 4/game, and is second in scoring at 10 points per game, shooting 33% from the field and 27% from deep(8 attempts/game).

6-1 junior guard Rayner Moquete chips in with 7 points shooting 36% from the field and 34% from deep(4 attempts/game).

6-1 junior guard KJ Brown contributes 5 points on 30% shooting, 21% from deep(2 attempts/game).

6-7 senior forward Taylor Johnston leads the frontcourt scoring an efficient 7 points/game and pulls down 4 boards shooting 54% from the field and a scorching 54% from deep(3 attempts/game). 



6-8 junior forward Ronald Brown is also a major contributor in the post, adding 8 points and 5 boards, shooting 50% from the field.

6-8 junior forward Alex Ogundadegbe( Oh gun Dad! Egg be! )

(M R Piders M R. C D E D B D I’s.) will drop 4 points and 3 rebounds on you in a heartbeat…or in a game, shooting 45%, but whatevs.

That’s basically the rotation.

Let’s take a look at their last 5 games. Binghamton lost to Bryant 78-56. They were outrebounded by 9 and outshot by 12%. Monmouth beat them 77-65 by hitting on 10% more of their attempts. Mt. St. Mary’s squeaked out a 71-70 win when Binghamton lost the turnover battle by 12(yeah, Binghamton turns over the ball a lot…not good at basketball remains the general theme). Binghamton lost to Pennsylvania 65-54 despite grabbing 10 more boards than the quakers. Penn went 10-25 from deep(40%).

Binghamton beat Marywood of the Colonial States Athletic Conference 76-51, outrebounding them by 20 and outshooting the pacers by 14%.  

So what does this mean for Michigan?  Well...Binghamton is going to turn over the ball...a lot.  Michigan is going to outrebound Binghamton...but not by a ton.  Michigan is going to outshoot Binghamton by about 15%.

I've got Michigan 95-55.  This should not be a challenge.