Open Field Runners vs Between the Tackles

Open Field Runners vs Between the Tackles

Submitted by Blazefire on May 3rd, 2013 at 4:07 PM

This is not meant to be a deeply researched post. This is just a discussion. (The post may come later in a diary. We'll see). Anyhow, I'm just wondering, after watching a bunch of recruit's highlight videos, how we come down, as a forum, on the issue of Open Field runners vs Between the Tackle guys.

Obviously, you want both. But lets say you can't have both. You have to chose one. I'm wondering, specifically, this:

Do you feel a, shifty, open field runner who breaks ankles is more or less valuable to a football team than a bowling ball made of knives who is the living embodiment of Leroy Hoard?


Personally, I love, love LOVE watching an open field runner freeze a linebacker like SubZero, BUT, I ascribe to the notion that there's only one way to score on the 50 yard line, and it's not possible on gamedays.

We all got excited when Mike Hart did show the ability to shift in the open field, but that wasn't what made him great. It was his ability to be indistinguishable from a tiny bulldozer on many occasions.

Mike Hart in his Natural Habitat

*Mike Hart in his natural habitat

If you made me choose, I would have to go with Between the Tackles. That is NOT to say a guy can't do both. Just if you have to choose one.