"Better Son/Daughter" poll

"Better Son/Daughter" poll

Submitted by shorts on July 13th, 2011 at 2:42 AM

OK, so I'm the one who made the video last year. This one (I've forgotten how to embed):


I just finished a horiffically busy All-Star week here in Phoenix (as some of you know, I work for a major sports media organization here), so I just got a chance to see the thread asking about the 2011 hype video.

My plan was to change it up this year -- since the RichRod era is done and gone, I was thinking it'd be a good time for a new song, something fresh to signal a change and new philosophy and whatnot. But before I start working on something, let's take an informal poll.

Should there be another "Better Son/Daughter" hype video this year, for tradition's sake?

I don't feel like setting up a Survey Monkey or anything, so let's just take it here in this thread. Yes or no? And if no, do you have any particular suggestions for a song for this year's hype video? I have a song in mind but am not totally sure it's the right one.


UPDATE: After about 100 comments, my rough count has things at about 60-40 in favor of a new song. So ... that's pretty close. Maybe I can find time to do one of each. And thanks for the song suggestions -- there are some pretty good options there, and I've still gotta listen to a few of them. Feel free to keep those coming.