First Day of Spring! Balsamic Vinegar! Yay!

First Day of Spring! Balsamic Vinegar! Yay!

Submitted by MeanJoe07 on March 20th, 2015 at 2:35 PM

Hello MgoBrethren!

It's about that time of the year guys!


Also today I decided I am going to come out with my own line of balsamic vinegars.  However, I need your help with the name of my company.  I've outlined some options below.  If you could give me your favorite or any suggestions that would be just terrific.  Also, In honor of Jim Harbaugh and the scourge of Harbaughs that have been visiting "Ann Harbaur" my first batch will be called  "Baughsalmic Vinegar #4".

Company Name Options:

1.  Mean Joe's Balsamic

2. Joe's Koality Balsamic

3. Rhonda Who? Balsamics

4.  Hairy Balsamics

5. Taste my Balsamic

6. Joe's Sweet and Salty Balsamic


as always . . . DISCUSS!



Michigan #92 on America's Best Colleges

Michigan #92 on America's Best Colleges

Submitted by TXWolverine44 on August 12th, 2010 at 1:07 PM

I feel this ranking is pretty low also considering that Notre Dame, University of Chicago (since they have a Big Ten relation), and Northwestern are ranked higher at 33, 20, and 18, respectively.

Only three Ohio schools ranked higher than Michigan, being, Denison University at 77, Oberlin at 51, and Kenyon College at 32

Other Big Ten schools that were ranked were:

Illinois at 97, Penn State at 192,Wisconsin at 212, Indiana at 222, Ohio State at 246, Michigan State at 282, Iowa at 315, Purdue at 362, Minny at 418, and, finally, Nebraska (since they are now family) at 442

Here's the link for the full list: