East Lansing Roll Call

East Lansing Roll Call

Submitted by EZ Bud on October 20th, 2014 at 3:00 PM

How many brave souls are venturing into East Lansing this weekend to tailgate and/or attend the showdown against MSU? 

In the past, I would have been there in a heartbeat. However, given the state of the program, I'm not sure if I'll attend. I have the following choices:

1. Accept a free ticket to the game in EL. Have fun tailgating and attending the game with my father, uncle, cousin and friends.

2. Enjoy the Fall weather at my wife's cottage. Have fun with extended family and watch the game on TV at a local bar. 

Either of these choices require a five hour drive. Six years ago, this decision would have been a no brainer for me. Now I'm struggling to make a choice. Regardless, BEAT STATE!


Being a young fan

Being a young fan

Submitted by go16blue on March 5th, 2011 at 11:52 AM

Im overflowing with energy for today's game, and I felt like I needed to write something, so here goes.

Im 16, and have been a michigan fan since I was about 10. My earliest football memory was losing to Texas in the Rose Bowl. My most prevalent basketball memory was losing to Kansas in overtime this year (I was there). In all of my years as a michigan fan, we have never beaten osu. Our record in football since ive become a heavy duty fan is terrible. We have never even been relevant in basketball.

Needless to say, im exited about this game. Not only because of what is at stake, but because im fucking sick of losing close games and im fucking sick of not being any good. This is not only a chance for michigan to make the tournament, but this game has a chance to make one of the first positive michigan related memories in my life.


Your Saturday Bubble Watch Rooting Guide and Open Thread

Your Saturday Bubble Watch Rooting Guide and Open Thread

Submitted by Tim on March 5th, 2011 at 9:50 AM

Now part of a recurring series. Check out jamiemac's Diary on the Bracket Matrix for more breakdowns as they specifically relate to Michigan.

Tales from Last Night

Last night went much better for Michigan than did Monday. The relevant results for the Wolverines:

  • Harvard beat Penn 79-64. The Crimson are a past opponent, so we want them to do very well.
  • Princeton beat Dartmouth 77-55. We wanted Princeton to lose because they're Harvard's competition for the Ivy League title and NCAA Tournament bid.

It was a small schedule last night, and everything went as expected.

The Bubble

Looks like The Matrix isn't going to update before tonight's relevant games start, so the table below comes from yesterday's update.

Per the Bracket Matrix:

  Bids Bubble In Bubble Out Change
Big East 11 Marq (10)    
SEC 5 Tenn (9), UGa (10), Bama Bama out.
Big Ten 6 Mich (12), MSU (10), Ill (9) Minn, PSU  
ACC 5 Clemson (12), BC (12), VT (11), FSU (9) Mary  
Big 12 5   Neb, Bay, Colo, OkSt  
Pac-10 3 Wash (9), UCLA (8) USC, Washington St.  
Atlantic 10 3 Richmond (11)    
Mountain West 3 UNLV (8) Colo St  
West Coast 2 Zaga (12), St Mary's (11)    
Colonial 2 George Mason (8), Old Domin (8) VCU  
CUSA 2 Memphis (12), UAB (11) USM, UTEP, Marsh, UCF  
WAC 1 Utah State (9)    
Horizon 1 Butler (12) Cleve St, UW-Mil  
Summit 1 1-bid Oakland (13)    
Ivy 1 1-bid Princeton (13) Harvard  

Chart doesn't include last night's results.

Today's Games

Big day. General rule: cheer against bubble teams, and for past Michigan opponents.

  • Kansas @ Missouri (Noon, CBS). The Jayhawks are a past Michigan opponent, so you want them to win.
  • Virginia Tech @ Clemson (Noon, ESPN2). These are both bubble teams, but Virginia Tech has a stronger resume right now and Clemson is also a past Michigan opponent. Pull HARD for the Tigers.
  • Indiana @ Illinois (Noon, BTN). You want Indiana to stay above the 200 RPI threshold, so Michigan's loss to them isn't as bad. Plus, the Wolverines own a win over Indiana but not Illinois. This game could also hurt the Illini's psyche before a possible first-round BTT matchup with Michigan. HOWEVA, Indiana ain't gon' win, so don't worry about it.
  • Duquesne @ Richmond (Noon). The Spiders are a bubble team, and you want the Dukes to do everything in their power to change that.
  • Georgia @ Alabama (1:30, ESPN3). Both are bubble teams, but the Bulldogs are slightly stronger right now, and you want Alabama to knock them down to their level - especially since the Tide probably lost their main at-large chance against Florida the other night.
  • Iowa State @ Kansas State (1:30, ESPN3). Iowa State has no shot at an at-large bid, so you want them to do as much damage as possible to Kansas State.
  • Oregon @ Arizona (2:00, CBS). Haha, most of you have to watch this instead of a game that more than 8 people care about. CBS hates you.
  • Virginia @ Maryland (2:00, ESPN3). Root for the Hoos to end Maryland's chances to get an at-large.
  • UTEP @ SMU (3:00). Though UTEP is a fellow bubble team, they're a past Michigan opponent so you want them to do well. If the MSU game isn't going so hot, switch allegiances to SMU, I guess.
  • Purdue @ Iowa (4:00, ESPN). You want Iowa to spring the upset and stay in the RPI top 200 (not gonna happen).
  • Tulane @ Memphis (4:00). The Green wave can end Memphis's hopes to pick up an at-large bid by saddling them with a bad loss.
  • Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (4:00, ESPN3). Oklahoma State is on the bubble fringe, but the Sooners can end that on their senior day.
  • UNLV @ Utah (4:00). The Runnin' Rebels are solidly in the tournament, but Utah is a past Michigan opponent.
  • UCLA @ Washington State (5:30). The Bruins are solidly in the tournament, and can knock off Washington State's run.
  • Marquette @ Seton Hall (6:00, ESPN3). Marquette is sliding after Wednesday's loss to Cincinnati, and this could finish them.
  • Princeton @ Harvard (7:00, ESPN3). The Ivy League's website breaks down title scenarios. You are a HUGE Harvard fan in this one (see top section of this post).
  • Southern Utah v. Oakland (7:00). Past Michigan opponent Grizzlies kick off their conference tournament.
  • UCF @ Marshall (7:00). Both teams are on the bubble, so root for UCF because they're a little further behind.
  • East Carolina @ UAB (8:00). UAB is on the bubble, and you want East Carolina to knock them off it.
  • Southern Miss @ Tulsa (8:00). Same goes for this game.
  • Texas @ Baylor (9:00, ESPN). You want Texas to permanently knock Baylor out of the running for a bubble spot.
  • Nebraska @ Colorado (9:00). Both bubble teams, root for the weaker one.
  • Colorado State @ San Diego State (10:00). The Aztecs can knock Colorado State off the bubble.
  • Canisius v. Rider (10:00, ESPN3). Least important game on the docket, since both schools are highly unlikely to get anything other than an autobid. Get good karma by rooting on John Beilein's old team, though.
  • USC @ Washington (10:30). Since USC lost Thursday night, they're going to miss the tournament. Root for them to weaken Washington on their way out.
  • Buffalo @ Bowling Green. The Falcons are a past Michigan opponent, and you want them to end up as respectable as possible.

Tons of games today, but remember that most of them mean nothing unless the maize-and-blue can emerge victorious over MSU.

Go Blue Wear Maize Beat State.