MGoWallpaper - Beat Ohio

MGoWallpaper - Beat Ohio

Submitted by beangoblue on November 24th, 2015 at 8:10 PM

MGoWallpaper - Beat Ohio

Beat Ohio 2015 - 1920 x 1080 (click for full size)


MGoWallpaper - Beat Ohio 2015 - square

Beat Ohio 2015 - square (click for full size)


Here's another one. May do some more and post them all in a diary or something. Until then, enjoy!

Photo cred: Patrick Barron via MGoFilckr

Go Blue! Beat Ohio!

PS: shoutout to all the mgodesigners out there. Love all the creativity this week. Keep it up!

Beat OSU

Beat OSU

Submitted by JeepinBen on January 13th, 2015 at 9:57 AM

Following up after Mr. Yost's posts, we got ourselves a game tonight. Let's go Blue. Need another big game from Ricky Doyle, need Caris and Irvin to step up, and hopefully Walton's toe has healed so that he can get some lift. Let's shut up those buckeyes.

The Return of GBGA, The Retirement of Corsi Charting, And Michigan Hockey's First B1G Win

The Return of GBGA, The Retirement of Corsi Charting, And Michigan Hockey's First B1G Win

Submitted by Adam Schnepp on November 30th, 2013 at 4:47 PM

If you’re looking for the weekly Corsi charts, you’ve come to the right place. Incidentally, they aren’t here, so you’re also in the wrong place. It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve been busy finishing up work on my thesis, an additional research paper, and other assorted family things (hence the gap between posts), but I haven’t been completely ignoring hockey. I try to find as much to read about advanced hockey statistics as possible, and I ran across an article on the Maple Leafs’ SBN blog that caused something of a crisis of conscience.

The last two columns are the r-value for even strength Corsi and the R2 value as it relates to winning percentage. The first column to the right of 5v5CF% is the R^2 value over six years of statistics that the folks at Pension Plan Puppets collected. Their analysis indicated that Corsi is both highly replicable and relatively highly correlated with winning percentage.

Visualizing r^2, via BMG Lab Tech

Having said that, I’ve decided to shelve the Corsi project for now. It may be true that Corsi is related to winning percentage, but B1G hockey is starting and I wrote back in my first Corsi post that I’d start doing goal-by-goal analysis posts again at this point. I decided to stop tracking Corsi data because I only have a limited amount of free time to pour into this each week, and if I’m going to spend 5-8 hours a week analyzing Michigan hockey then I think most people would rather see GBGA than something that may be highly correlated with winning but has very little aesthetic appeal. If you’ve been using my Corsi posts in place of Ambien then I’m glad I had the opportunity to both inform you and put you to sleep. I’ll try and get back to Corsi at some point, but I can’t make any promises.


If you’re now wondering what GBGA is then I think I’d describe it as a Picture Pages/UFR hybrid. I break down every goal for and against, hoping to explain what happened in a sport where important things happen in tenths of seconds and add something entertaining/informative to the world of Michigan hockey.

1st Period

2:51- OSU 0 Michigan 1: Lynch from Kile & Allen

Michigan gets the puck in deep and Lynch goes to carry it behind the net. The two OSU defensemen should follow the routes drawn out on the screen shot; as one goes to cover Lynch on the wraparound, the other should go to the front of the net.

Instead, the right defenseman follows Lynch behind the net. This vacates the front of the net, which comes into play later. The left D has no choice but to leave Lynch and follow the pass to Kile.

A simple pass from Kile to Lynch puts the puck in a dangerous spot for OSU. Since the right D followed Lynch behind the net there’s no one to protect the net-front area. Lynch is going to get an easy wrap around shot. Look at how deep the OSU goaltender is in his net. He’ got the post locked down, but he’s still standing when Lynch gets the puck on his stick and you can see how open to five hole area is. Lynch puts this one away for Michigan’s first B1G conference goal.

15:46- OSU 1 Michigan 1: PPG Dzingel from McCormick & Szczechura

Michigan’s box is shifted far left. You can see that OSU has three players in the frame, which means that two are off screen and essentially undefended.

Motte makes a mistake and tries to block the shot in the slot. This really could fall to the defender in the front of the net, as Motte’s assignment is to cover the far right (where the arrow’s pointing, naturally).

Pretty obvious that this mistake leads to a really, really wide open shot. The goal itself was soft, as it just sort of rolls over Nagelvoort’s glove but the defensive breakdown is still key to this goal.

2nd Period

6:41- OSU 1 Michigan 2: PPG Compher from Moffatt & Guptill

The key here is that the top of OSU’s box has sagged down into the slot instead of staying high to cover the point. This allows Michigan to pass across the zone from the boards.

Moffatt takes the shot that’s there for him. It’s not a bad shot, but it’s not exactly a high percentage shot. The best case scenario is what happens, which is a big, uncleared rebound in front. The beauty of the power play is that Compher (circled above) is going to be undefended if the low defensemen doesn’t get there in time.

While it doesn’t quite work out the way I noted above, it still works out. The Michigan player essentially sets a pick, leaving Compher to backhand the puck into the really, really open half of the net. Also, OSU’s goalie Logan Davis is like whoa slow laterally.


14:26- OSU 2 Michigan 2: PPG McCormick from Szczechura & Fritz

DeBlois takes away the passing lane to the blueline, so OSU works the puck down low.

Bennett tries to take away the pass to the slot but is about a half second too late, and the puck gets tipped through Nagelvoort’s legs.

19:43- OSU 2 Michigan 3: Guptill from Compher

Compher wins the faceoff, which is huge. Even more important, however, is that DeBlois is able to tie his man up. This allows a clean tap across from Compher to Guptill…

...and a very, very clean shot from Guptill. He lifts the puck perfectly, hitting the top corner before Davis knows what (didn’t) hit him.

3rd Period

16:47- OSU 3 Michigan 3: Greco from Fritz

Credit where credit’s due, OSU’s forechecking creates this goal. Michigan makes a bad decision to play the puck back, and there’s no Michigan skater to collect the weak pass. OSU gets there first and gains possession.

No one notices the skater in the slot until it’s too late; Downing was behind the net and doesn’t cover the front fast enough, Motte can’t catch him either, and Nagelvoort (who was locking down the post) can’t stop the wide-open slot.

Michigan’s offense-turned-defense on this play.


3:38- OSU 3 Michigan 4: Copp from Bennett & De Jong

Mac Bennett, man. He sees a huge passing lane and puts a perfect pass….

…on the stick of Andrew Copp.

He gathers, shoots, scores, and then this.

Beat Ohio. Get to Yost

Beat Ohio. Get to Yost

Submitted by JeepinBen on November 26th, 2013 at 3:09 PM

Man there's a lot of angst in the Michigan internet today. Enough of that. This Friday official B1G hockey resumes (check this great Gordon Berenson diary on its history with your top-5 Wolverines facing off against Ohio. The real one. Not the one that thinks its from Florida. Tickets are only $25 and available - no PSLs needed.

Get to Yost. Go Blue. Beat Ohio.

What was your favorite memory of The Game?

What was your favorite memory of The Game?

Submitted by Hello_Heisman on November 25th, 2013 at 5:01 PM

We're all in a shitty mood about the 2013 team and the very low likelihood of victory on Saturday.  I get it.  So in the hopes of generating some kind of positive conversation, I thought we could at least talk about some of the good times in this rivalry.  It's not going to change Saturday's outcome, but it's sure more fun to talk about than Al Borges's gameplans. 

My favorite memory was the 1997 game.  Senior year, huge season after 3 straight years of mediocrity and another in a line of great OSU teams from the mid-late 90's waiting in the final game of the season.  Besides the obvious (Woodson's punt return and INT, the D-Line playing out of its mind in the 4th quarter, celebrating all night afterwards), one idiotic memory will always stick with me from that day.

I  got to the game 3 hours early with two of my friends just to get seats in the front row of the student section (right around the 10 yard line).  We then inexplicably gave our tickets away to a complete stranger 90 minutes before kickoff - a random dude on the field who said he was a former Michigan captain looking to get a couple of his buddies into the stadium and that he would bring the tickets right back 

We never got the tickets back (shocking, I know) and proceeded to sit through the entire game nervous about both the outcome and whether the ushers would kick us out of the stadium (not sure what they're like today, but during my senior year especially, the ushers in the student section were anal as hell).  We spent the whole game in someone else's assigned seats even after giving our tickets away, and we did so at the biggest home game since 1969.  To this day I still don't know how we didn't get kicked out.  Instead, we had a front row seat for a classic game and were among the first to rush the field after it was over. 

If you've got some good stories to share, please do so.  Anything beats another post about the misery of this season right now.