More MGo beer on game day

More MGo beer on game day

Submitted by MGoPatio on October 1st, 2016 at 10:58 AM
Were you one of the many MGo patrons at the charity beer garden last week? More than 800 fans dropped in and at least 20-30 members of the MGo community took advantage of the drink discount (mentio MGoBlog for 2 beers for $10 (instead of $6 each). The media noticed, too:… Food and beer start flowing at noon. Who else will be there today?

OT: Closest beer to the Big House, discounted for MGoBlog, DRINK FOR CHARITY

OT: Closest beer to the Big House, discounted for MGoBlog, DRINK FOR CHARITY

Submitted by MGoPatio on September 23rd, 2016 at 8:43 PM

Before, during or after the PSU game on Saturday, stop by the Cancer Support Community's Charity Beer Garden and save on a pint of craft beer flowing from 10 taps. You can also grab some Slows Bar BQ and a seat out of the sun and in front of a big screen. 

Mention MGoBlog a the ID/ticket table and your $6 craft beer is $5.

Find it at 327 E. Hoover Ave., adjacent to Elbel Field, immediately east of the railroad tracks (used to be Purchase Radio Supply) and kitty-corner from the MMB's Revelli Hall 

This and every game day, you'll find:

  • 10 taps with local craft beers (plus bottled water, Coke/Diet/Sprite)
  • indoor seating in the warehouse
  • two big screen TV's for GameDay, pe-game, the game, post-game, 
  • family-friendly--bring your kids
  • cash or credit cards
  • bathrooms

...and 100% of beer sales benefit the charity!

Thanks, in advance, for the support of the MGoBlog community.


OT: Slows Bar BQ & Charity Beer Garden: anybody been there yet?

OT: Slows Bar BQ & Charity Beer Garden: anybody been there yet?

Submitted by MGoPatio on September 20th, 2016 at 10:55 PM

We all have our gameday routines, right, but what do you do when you're already on your way to the Big House and you feel a sudden urge for great barbeque or a cold pint? Head to the south end of Elbel Field and visit Detroit's own Slows Bar BQ food truck and a Charity Beer Garden hosted by the local Cancer Support Community (100% of beer revenue goes to the CSC).

Closest beer to the Big House...and for a great cause!

Find it at 327 E. Hoover Ave., adjacent to Elbel Field and immediately east of the railroad tracks.

What to expect when you arrive:

  • Slows Bar BQ, a Detroit destination, parked a block from the Big House
  • 10 taps flowing with local craft beers (bottled water if you need a non-alcoholic thirst quencher)
  • indoor seating in a warehouse converted into a yard bar: LED string lights, ceiling fans, community know the deal
  • two big screen TV's showing College GameDay, the early game, the Michigan game, and the late game 
  • an atmosphere welcoming to home and visiting fans
  • family-friendly--yes you can bring your kids
  • don't want to carry too much cash--yes, you can use credit cards
  • open before, during and after the game
  • and yes...bathrooms

Eat and drink for charity!

OT: MGoBBQ Thread - Share your secrets

OT: MGoBBQ Thread - Share your secrets

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on July 1st, 2016 at 9:22 AM

Like many of you I'll be spending at least part of the weekend manning the grill / smoker.  I've decided on making ribs since they don't require much attention and everyone loves them.

I soak them in a mix of apple cider and lemon juice for about 6 hours in the fridge.  Then dry them off and put the dry rub on (homemade, none of that store bought BS).  The rub is mostly brown sugar, paprika, hickory salt, celery seeds, and a few other spices.

I set the grill up for indirect grilling and use applewood chips for the smoke.  I use a rib rack to make things even easier.  


What are you making this weekend?  

Michigan Recruiting Article from Sam Webb

Michigan Recruiting Article from Sam Webb

Submitted by StephenRKass on July 31st, 2014 at 8:14 AM

There is an extensive article this morning from Sam Webb covering the BBQ at the Big House. Ace did a great writeup already, and covered much of the material in his Monday piece here at Mgoblog (

Here's the link to Webb's article at the News:

For those of you who are recruiting junkies, there is never too much material, and I think Sam Webb is one of the best in his connections with recruits. He covers the good news of cornerback recruit Marcus Lewis decommitting from Florida, RB Mike Weber taking a redeye back from USC to make the BBQ, and DE Darian Roseboro making his last scheduled trip to UM before his Aug. 29 announcement date.

There was info, however, on one recruit I haven't personally read much about: OLB Jalen Bates. Here's what Webb had to say on him:

The Wolverines have seen their stock improve almost as much with Kaplan (La.) outside linebacker/tight end Jalen Bates on the heels of his time in Ann Arbor. The buzz on 6-5, 235-pounder has gotten louder in recent weeks thanks to a Texas A&M offer and an exemplary camp performance at LSU. As was the case with Lewis, the Maize & Blue were sitting outside his top five. Since the barbecue, that is no longer the case.

“(Michigan is in) the top five right now for sure,“ said Bates. “(The barbecue) was fun. It was one of the (most fun) times I’ve had. They treated me like family. All the coaches, they all treated me like they have been recruiting all their life. They all kind of flocked to me and they treated me like I was a celebrity. I liked the way they treated my family — all the coaches’ wives and their kids.”

“(Michigan assistant Fred Jackson) was like one of my uncles. It was like he missed me. We hung out almost the whole time. It was like I was out here visiting family, and I haven’t even met some of these people. It was cool.”

Bates found himself just as awestruck by the school itself.

“It was cool,” he said. “I liked the facilities and the stadium. The biggest part was everything was original and historic, and that was the best point for me. Overall, it was one of my best experiences ever. It was almost like going to a historical place. You can’t beat that.”

Michigan is joined atop Bates’ list by Arizona State, Mississippi State, Texas Tech, and Louisiana Lafayette. With a Sept. 19 decision date already set, there is a good chance he won’t be able to officially visit all of those schools before his announcement. The Wolverines’ ace in the hole could be the support of Bates’ cousin, former Michigan linebacker standout Jonas Mouton.

Lastly, there are snippets on a bunch of great 2016 recruits, including OG Ben Bredeson, WR Cameron Chambers, RB Elijah Holyfield, DL Mike Onwenu, OT Clark Yarbrough, and others. What was striking to me was how many of these recruits have also been offered by Ohio State, Alabama, as well as other major schools. These are mostly 4 star recruits. Michigan clearly is holding it's own on the recruiting trail.

BBQ at big house

BBQ at big house

Submitted by R_mahorn1974 on May 30th, 2009 at 11:21 PM

Summing up rivals article:

Might get a committment in a LB, Ken Wilkins. Thoughts on a committing but is talking it over with the fam.

Gardner said it was real fun and chilled with the players, playing video games.

Austin White really liked the BBQ. I've heard Austin wants to come to Michigan(heard it through the grapevine). But kind of wants to go out of state.

Lots of other players attended. It wasn't set up for giving out offers, just to meet the coaches in a laid back atmosphere.

Illinois reciever Kyle Prater (no.19 nationally), said his interest in michigan is VERY HIGH, he spent a lot of time with the coaches. Also spent lots of time with the godfather, Rich Rod.

Apparently Gardner and Prater hit it off well. After the BBQ they threw the ball around."He has a very nice arm" says prater.

Prater is 6'5 by the way. RR wants him to be X reciever(playmaker).