Game Day Experience at The New Big House

Game Day Experience at The New Big House

Submitted by jdfogel on September 7th, 2009 at 4:55 PM

As an alum living in Tampa, I'm curious to hear mgonation's account of its experience at The New Big House (TNBH) from Saturday.

I understand that construction is not yet completed, but figure that most of us will probably never take in a game from a luxury box anyway.  Accordingly, now is a good time to compare experiences from years past, which are still fresh in our heads, to those at TNBH.

Of course, all experiences from TNBH are welcomed/encouraged, but a few questions on which I'd be interested to hear feedback are as follows:

  • How was the flow of fans around the exterior of the stadium with the new towers in place?
  • Is it any easier/harder to get into your gate?
  • Is it any easier to get to/through concession lines?
  • Is it any quicker to get through the bathroom lines?
  • Aesthetically, how do the towers look in person from inside and outside of the stadium?
  • Do the towers make the stadium look more imposing, or do they look at all too big and/or out of place?
  • And most importantly, was there a noticable difference in volume inside the stadium?  It sounded pretty loud on TV, but of course the fans had more to cheer about at this game than most games from last year.  If you were positioned at or near field level, I am particularly interested to hear your feedback.

Thanks.  Go Blue!