Cool story bro! Asst. Coach Billy Donlon x Uber

Cool story bro! Asst. Coach Billy Donlon x Uber

Submitted by PaperWolverine on September 9th, 2016 at 10:39 PM

First thread ever created by me and probably the last, might as well be a "cool story bro".

[TL;DR ver. at the bottom.]


I am a part-time Uber/Lyft driver in the DMV(DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and just got finished with a long and ardous drive with a passenger who felt the need to vent her whole life problems to me. As I ended the ride I immediately received another request and the pick up was at Paul VI, which is a basketball powerhouse in town. My first thought was that this was probably going to be some sweaty smelly teen who just got done with football practice and now wants a ride home. [I am getting there] I pull into the parking lot only to find no one outside the normal pickup zone. I wait and make a couple of calls but no answer, so after some time I am ready to cancel the ride, right? No, I wait some more and then get a call saying the rider was on the other side of the school and was making his way to me. As he approaches the first thing I notice was the Michigan Jordan apparel and then some light luggage. 


At first I think nothing of it, he gets in, verifies that I am his driver and then we proceed. I small talk and ask if he is a coach at the school, all the while not bringing up his Michigan gear...yet and his answer is that he was just 'checking out some of the kids' there and the he is from 'Michigan'. I instantly get a sinking feeling of excitement in my chest but my focus is on the road, as it should be, and give a calm "...okay that's nice." It's football season and the name he was using on the Uber, William, didn't register in my brain so I am assume this is football related but I should have known when he didn't recognize their football field when he described where he was during the call. So I throw out a mentioning of the beat down of those rainbow warriors and he said, "no, basketball" and because of ignoring the aforementioned clue of the football field identity crisis, Paul VI, basketball powerhouse, full jumpsuit despite 103 degree heat and etc. I then understood he was with bball side of things. 


We begin the chat about the area, recruiting(nothing major or ground breaking nor did I probe), local DC sports and Uber vs Lyft and a little bit about myself. I asked how recruiting was when he coached at American U in DC and to compare it to Michigan, came away with how it is important to recruit locally but even more of importance to be able to recruit nationally and so on. I then asked how he sees Michigan's success and general success in recruiting and we agreed it isn't always about landing that "top 5" guy as long as you can get that under appreciated guy who develops in a year or two and contributes. I then threw out the Trey Burke example, he agreed and then we moved on. Oh and about some of the lost battles, he backed up Mr. Beilein's integrity and said he would never play foul to win like some of the others, I agreed and that was that. He also really likes the guys they have for the 2017 so far. Talked about his very busy itinerary, laughed about my Redskins and our false sense of revitalized hope every season and completed an excellent, safe Uber experience. 40+ min drive and that's about it.


TL;DR Version.

  • Picked up Asst. Coach Billy Donlon in my Uber at Paul VI, basketball powerhouse. Northern VA.
  • Talked about crootin' and stuff. 
  • Ride was safe.
  • Didn't have subs but still was awesome.
  • The end.


What would you like to see in a O-Line-to-perfomance diary?

What would you like to see in a O-Line-to-perfomance diary?

Submitted by tasnyder01 on November 18th, 2013 at 4:19 PM

We've already seen multiple attempts at Diary entries w/r/t the O-line and it's predictive performance.  Yet, people constantly deride the OPs and say "so-and-so would be a metter metric." My question here is how would YOU like an analysis to be performed?

I'd like to see the correllation between O-line age/recruiting stars/experience vs. offensive performance in a regression with conference strength, last year's record, returning 1000 rusher, returning 2000 yard passer, etc. 

I believe this can be done. Mathlete and Seth keep pretty good records around here, as well as I'm sure a few others do. I'm personally intending to do a diary which addresses the problems in all the previous O-line diaries, but I'd like to know which problems we'd all like rectified. Otherwise, this is a waste of your and my time.



Wallpaper Season (Basketball) - January Schedule

Wallpaper Season (Basketball) - January Schedule

Submitted by jonvalk on December 28th, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Hello, again, MGoBloggers!  It's been an interesting December, full of highs and pitfalls - cliffs, if you will.  One thing has been steady and true - the basketball team continues to win.  To help aid in the process of defining one's life's worth through wins and losses, I've created another "calendar" wallpaper.  This one is for, as the title suggests, the January slate of Michigan basketball.  Before a bunch of curmudgeons (you know who you are) point it out, this is obviously not the whole team being featured.  This is who I believe should be the starting crew the rest of the way.  If you don't like it, well that's, like, your opinion, man.  Anyway, I hope you like it.  As always, constructive criticism and/or requests are welcome, as I'm always looking for new ideas to continue to hone my relatively primitive Adobe skills.


Desktop (16:9)

Mobile (iPhone, etc)

- JonValk


NOTE: Mobile version will come as I get time.  Maybe tonight if I get a bout of insomnia - who knows?

EDIT: I took the easy way out for the mobile version for now.  I'll ask forgiveness later, but it'll do until I can put some real effort into an alternative mobile version.

Watching The Game again on BTN open thread

Watching The Game again on BTN open thread

Submitted by Chunks the Hobo on November 27th, 2011 at 9:31 PM

This is probably a lame excuse to start a thread (OK, "definitely" not "probably"), but I'm still having that postgame warm and fuzzy feeling and hoping to keep it going by re-watching The Game on BTN right now, preferably virtually with other MGoBlog brethren with the same warm fuzzies.

Who's with me?!?!

EDIT: Is the guide lying again? Unfortunately I'm getting Mike Hall talking about basketball instead. Sigh BTN. Neg away, errbody.

EDIT2: As noted, it's on now, at least in Ann Arbor.

Conference Realignment Timeline

Conference Realignment Timeline

Submitted by Hardware Sushi on September 21st, 2011 at 4:11 AM

Conference realignment: Of course you're so freakin' excited to see another post breaking it down. Luckily for you, I've lost interest in how it ends up and would rather look backwards at what has transpired. So WTF has happened?

In a nutshell: Professional reporters turn into self-proclaimed Nostradami. People that don't even like college football argue about whose conference has a better USNWR ranking. ND and Texas act like ND and Texas. Basically, everyone looks like dickheads. IT'S AWESOME.

A majority of the most exciting news has happened in the last few weeks so I put together a conversational timeline (or a one act play, I suppose) to help you follow along. Warning: some rough language

Texas A&M, deep in it's own basement, stews over the indignities it has suffered at the horns of their evil overlord, Texas. The Longhorn Network has recently proposed to add high school games to their schedule...

Texas: We'll do anything we want to on the LHN, including your mom. And never call her back.

 Obvi, we're with Texas - though Gloria Oklahoma is a saint. A SAINT.

 FUUUUUUU UT. A-heading to the SEC. Chig-ga-roo-gar-em! Chig-ga-roo-gar-em! Rough! Tough! That's the stuff. Men in uniform: can't get enough!

Nice man-cheerleaders.

 They're yell leaders.

 Whatever, feed me rednecks to satisfy PAWLLLL.

Big 12:
 That's my girl, dog. Not cool.

 Who, me? I never talked to your girlfriend.

 Sorry Big 12, it's you not me. Sign here.

 F that noise. Get rich or die tryin'.

A&M: You're a dirty whore Baylor.

 So not saying we even want A&M because we are totally stoked at 12 because it is basically perfect but like, you know if something happens and in the course of changes to the landscape we have a situation where we have to look at more schools, that may happen, just saying. Les, can you come clarify this for us?

Les Miles: 
The play that we are getting from our defense is specific in my mind to the play that we are getting from the participants.

Yeah, talk to Les. Heh.

We're sick of you too Texass. Oklahoma out.

 Say what?

 Blah blah windfarm /pretend I'm not senile/ derpty derp.

Larry Scott:
 Muahaha my evil plan to get schools where the fans care is almost complete. ULTRA-PAC-ATRON ASSSSEEEEMMMMBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEE!!!!!1

 ZOMG we're going to make it.

 I thought I left the Big 12? Where am I?

Anyone interested - $10 for an HJ, $20 for a BJ, $40 for a ZJ, $300mil for an LHN. If you have to ask about the ZJ, you don't want it. Anyone?

We so want the B12 to survive COUGH ess eee see COUGH big ten COUGH COUGH

Jim Delany:
 Harumph and so forth. Big Ten likes twelve members. You will receive my condescension and be grateful, peasants.

Fake Dan Beebe: 
Follow me Dan Beebe on twitter at @danbeebe #Beebeliever #DannyDanJuice

 Our regents say peace out - B12 down.

Oklahoma Jr.  State:

Big 12: 
What the hell guys?

 Fine...Pac...whatever...but we're keeping this network.

 Hi I'm here, too, fellas.

 Swoop. Hello Pitt. Hello Cuse.

 What the what?

: Hey Delany, Slive, Scott - check out how big mine is. (beams proudly)

 What does a horseshoe do? Are there horsesocks? Is anyone listening to me?

Publish token shame article. Rabble rabble.

Publish ND + PSU + ACC > rustbelt meme. Rabble rabble.

 So Larry, uh, this is all a formality, right?

Larry Scott: 
Psha, no doubt bro. Cool as a cucumber.

Helloooo ess eee s....

 Lemme stop you right there, Larry, it's turning into fucking grapes of wrath up in here. OK State? Might as well take Boise if we're looking for community colleges with good wrestling teams and overrated football teams.

 And Lubbock man, so harsh.

 You guys are such pussies.

 Input: 2/3 Big 12 South. Semi-Pac-atron: Error. Output: screw. that.

Larry Scott:
 The funny thing is we were always really happy with 12 members. Don't know where these 'expansion' rumors came from.

 The funny thing is, we always loved you Texas. Maybe we can keep the Big 12 together after all...

Fake Dan Beebe:
 DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! Dan Beebe Big 12 Survival Plan 2011:  1. Retain Dan  2. ?  3. Profit.

 ...As long as we get rid of Dan...


Fake Dan Beebe:

Utah: God this is awesome...

Awesome Stuff...

Awesome Stuff...

Submitted by clarkiefromcanada on October 11th, 2010 at 9:04 PM

Hello Friends,

Without understatement, I will say it was a somewhat difficult weekend for all of us who support the program. But, what is done is done and it's time to move ahead to Iowa. On Saturday, after the unfortunate result against the 'little brother' I found myself having a few beers and looking at another blog I enjoy called 1000 Awesome Things. Check it out, it's pretty cool

Anyway, I got to running the same premise for Michigan Football through my mind and I was digging the concept. So here are a few examples I came up with...

  • Walking into the stadium - Every single time you walk in and the light hits you as you exit the tunnel. Awesome.
  • Denard  in the RichRod offense - It's like any play could work out and something great could happen. Awesome.
  • Capital One Bowl v. Florida 2008. Lloyd. Spread freaking offense. Redemption. St. Tim Tebow destruction. jamar. Awesome.

I could go on but I feel great about the upcoming weekend already...feel free to weigh in.