Visitor Update (Defense!)

Visitor Update (Defense!)

Submitted by Zvornik Bosna on October 15th, 2010 at 6:52 PM

I posted this in Tom VH's diary post on visitors for this weekend but since it is buried in the diary section I thought I would post it here as well to quiet down some of you who are asking for more defensive recruits. Scout is reporting that Ohio DE/TE Austin Traylor will also be in attendance this weekend for an official visit. He is a three star #77 DE in the country according to scout ( and for rivals he is a four star (#214 in the country), 9th ranked weak side DE, and top 10 in Ohio (

TomVH: Weekly Update: Prince Holloway, Anthony Zettel, Dallas Crawford, 2012

TomVH: Weekly Update: Prince Holloway, Anthony Zettel, Dallas Crawford, 2012

Submitted by TomVH on August 9th, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Prince HollowayPrince Holloway

5'9", 155 lbs.


Cape Coral, Florida

Prince is an athlete fit for Rich Rodriguez' system, and could fill a spot as a slot in the offense very nicely. Holloway is from Florida, but says he has no problem with distance. As for what schools stand out to him right now, he had this to say:

There's still some other schools I'm looking at, but West Virginia and Michigan are the top two schools right now. I'll most likely take an official visit to Michigan, I'm just not sure when.

I don't think he'll have a good grasp for where he wants to go until he takes his visits. I think West Virginia might have a slight edge right now, but like I said the visits will change a lot of what he's thinking. He would be a nice addition to the offense and return game. [Ed: If Michigan has room. Slot is not a big priority in this class.]

Anthony Zettel

6'4", 247 lbs.

Defensive End

West Branch, Michigan

As everyone knows Anthony is one of Michigan's top priorities for this class. At first it seemed as if it would be a quick and painless courtship, and now it's likely to drag out to the end of the season. Zettel just came back from a visit to Penn State, and had a great time. As far as how his season will pan out, he said this:

I probably won't take officials to Michigan or MSU, because I've been there so many times already. I will most likely take official visits to Penn State and Iowa, though. I'll be at a couple Michigan games during the season, just not officials.

I understand his logic behind not taking official visits to either in state school, but I think it gives Penn State and Iowa a slight advantage, at least relative to where they were before. On an official visit the recruits get to spend the night and hang out with the players, go out at night, and really experience what it's like to be up there. He may have already done that at Michigan, but coming to a game doesn't give that same experience. I am still on the optimistic side though, and I think Michigan is still in prime position. He won't be making his decision any time soon:

My parents and I think it's best to wait until after the season to make a decision.

If Michigan wins, we're golden. If not, it will be a dogfight, or a lot of questions will need to be answered.

Dallas Crawford

5'10", 185 lbs.


Fort Meyers, Florida

Crawford was up at Michigan for the spring game with wide receiver Sammy Watkins, his teammate. It was their first time up to Michigan, and it left a lasting impression for a few reasons:

When we went up for the spring game, it exceeded my expectations. I've heard about the great tradition at Michigan, but being up there and seeing it is a great thing. The campus, everything is great. I had the best hamburger I've ever had at the Brown Jug.

Good food on campus is a plus for Dallas. With the season approaching, it's almost time to start thinking about who's going to make the cut, and what schools are left.

My list right now is LSU, Michigan, Wake Forest, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Miami. I think I'll take all of my official visits. One of those schools I'll have to drop, so I'll drop it down first. I think Michigan has a very, very, very realistic chance with me.

The weather has been mentioned with Dallas, as it sometimes is with Florida kids, and possibly going to the same school as his teammate Sammy.

Weather doesn't really matter to me. It was 30 degrees at the spring game at Michigan, and that would probably be around the coldest game I would play in. Eventually you'd have to play someone up north, so that's no big deal. With Sammy, if it happens it happens. I don't know if it will, we gotta do what's best for us.

It should be noted that Dallas holds a 3.52 GPA, and said he's qualified with the clearinghouse. I haven't confirmed this, but there are rumors that Watkins may have grade issues that could prevent him from choosing certain schools.

Coach Frey has made a great impression on Dallas, and has developed a nice relationship as well. Crawford's high school coach is a Michigan fan, and believes that the Michigan coaches would treat him well, too. He appears to be a reason that the coaches have put LA CB Daren Kitchen on the back burner for now—Michigan is in great position with Crawford.

Dallas is probably going to wait to make his decision, but said it will also most likely be before signing day.

2012 Notes:

  • Tommy Schutt - Tommy is a big defensive tackle (6'3", 300 lbs.) from Glenbard West in Illinois. If you feel like that school sounds familiar it's because that's the same school of 2011 OL recruit Jordan Walsh. Not only are they teammates, but they're good friends, too. Michigan will be one of the top schools that Tommy looks at, and his coach had some good news for the future:

    My coach told me that Michigan will be offering me on September first. I know Jordan is very interested in Michigan, and if he went there it would have an effect on my decision.

    September 1st is the first day that 2012 recruits can get written offers. A name to keep an eye on for sure, as he already has verbal offers from Illinois and Iowa.

  • Vin Ascolese - Vin is an outside linebacker (6'2", 196 lbs.) from New Jersey. Ascolese was an attendee at the spring game this year, and has also taken visits to Penn State, Boston College, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma. Everything is still fresh in his mind, and he said the spring game was very energetic. The Michigan coaches say they like his size and athleticism, and are going to keep in contact with him. You can take a look at his sophomore highlights here.


  • As I mentioned the other day, DE/LB Austin Traylor out of Ohio narrowed his list down this weekend. The list consists of (in no order) Michigan, Minnesota, MSU, Cincinnati, Colorado, Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Kentucky. A pretty broad narrowed down list, if you ask me. We'll see if Michigan decides to show him enough interest, they may wait to see how some other prospects pan out first. 
  • Don't expect OL Chris Bryant to make his decision in the near future. He loves Michigan, but told me he will be waiting to make his decision at least a few games into the season. He wants to see how everyone's season starts off before deciding. 

TomVH: DE/LB Austin Traylor Update

TomVH: DE/LB Austin Traylor Update

Submitted by TomVH on August 4th, 2010 at 5:04 PM


Everyone's a little bitter about Ed Davis committing to MSU, which is fine. This isn't one of those, "I didn't want him anyway" posts, because the coaches don't care who we want and they did want him. This is just more of a "hey we have other options, so don't worry" post. 

A recruit that hasn't been mentioned much is Austin Traylor out of Columbus, Ohio. Before you start groaning about where he's from, he doesn't have an OSU offer, and they have plenty of defensive ends.

Traylor is a 4 star on Rivals, and the 9th best weakside defensive end. He's stayed relatively quiet, and hasn't updated much about where he's at. He's always maintained that Michigan is in it for him, and he did the same when I spoke with him today.

Michigan is in it, yeah. They say they want me for defensive end, or outside linebacker. I haven't narrowed my list down yet, but I'll take all my official visits, and maybe some unofficial ones too, then make my choice.

Traylor is 6-foot-4, and only 210-pounds, which is what he told me he weighs today. Oddly enough, he's roughly the same size as Davis. A little light for a defensive end, and he actually lines up as a tight end on offense, too. It sounds like he might be better suited for outside linebacker. 

The other offers Austin holds are Arizona, Boston College, Cincinnati, MSU, NC State, West Virginia, and Wisconsin among others. Like I said, he's been quiet, but we will know more in a few days.

I'm going to sit down these next two days and figure out my list. I'll be able to tell you what it is by Saturday. I'll have everything narrowed down by then.

Considering the fact that he knows I write for a Michigan site, and he's going to tell me his list, that's usually a good sign that Michigan will be somewhere on that list. It's not a guarantee, but it's a good sign nonetheless. 

Traylor seems to be a good option at the outside linebacker spot, and don't forget about Kris Frost, who could most likely end up on defense, as well. With the commitment from MLB Kellen Jones, if we could land Traylor and Frost, we would be in pretty good shape. 

TomVH: Three New Offers in Ohio

TomVH: Three New Offers in Ohio

Submitted by TomVH on May 21st, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Michigan passed out three new offers recently, and they were all from the state of Ohio. The two featured in the previous link are ATH Austin Traylor, and Nick Vannett. First up, Traylor.

Austin Traylor

Defensive End, Tight End

6'4, 215 lbs.

Columbus, Ohio

Traylor has been rising up a lot of lists lately, and now holds offers from Michigan, Arizona, Boston College, Cincinnati, Kansas, MSU, West Virginia, and Wisconsin among others. Considered an athlete, Michigan is recruiting him for defensive end/outside linebacker.

I haven't narrowed down my list yet, but I'm definitely interested in Michigan. I plan on trying to make it up there this summer. - Austin Traylor

Being from Columbus scares me, so we'll have to see how this pans out. His highlight tape is pretty impressive, or else I guess it wouldn't be a highlight tape.

Nick Vannett

Tight End

6'6, 230 lbs.

Westerville, Ohio

Vannett has over 30 offers, so just trust me that his list is impressive. He's a junior tight end that's 6-feet-6 inches, and 230-pounds, so it seems pretty natural that he has so much interest. The fact that he's that big, and boasts a 4.8 forty time is pretty impressive. 

There have been rumblings that he already committed to Ohio State, which he denies. Sometimes where there's smoke, there's fire, so I wouldn't get too excited about this one. His highlight tape is here

Ryan KellyRyan Kelly

Offensive Line/Center

6'5, 270 lbs.

West Chester, Ohio

Kelly is a national recruit, and has a really nice offer list, headlined by Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, and Michigan among others. 

Kelly's offer from Michigan just came in recently, as you can see by the tweet below.

Michigan has offered Lakota West junior OL Ryan Kellyless than a minute ago via web

Kelly also recently accepted an offer to play in the Under Armour All American game. If I might add, the UA game has gotten a lot of really good athletes to accept an offer to the game this year. They're creeping up on the Army game as far as talent goes, especially this year. I can't figure out if this is an early roster list, or not. If it's not, a lot of those names have committed to play in the game, as well. Anyway, Kelly's highlight video is right here.